Chicken Rice By HN (Europe)

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HN sent this .. chicken rice .. all the way from Europe.  And if you get to know HN .. you will know that she is the sweetest lady ever… with a really cute son.. and i think she is pregnant again.. no..??  Anyhow.. look at all nicely the plate of chicken rice look.  Mine..??  i just dump everything into the plate.. and can’t wait to dive into it.. muahhahaha!!! ya.. i’m that greedy for chicken rice.  And yer know what..?? when “ang moh” was in Asia for 5 weeks.. all he ate was Chicken Rice and Satay.   And guess who sent Prima Taste Satay mix..??  Yes.. Alice..!!! so i told “ang moh” .. that was for him.. he has gotta BBQ the satay in skewer and all on charcoal.. muahahhahaa!!!   Thanks for sharing .. HN..!!

Hey Mamabok, this was what I have eaten last week … Not very pretty looking but also will post about the recipe in my blog soon… Enjoy!

Have a nice week ahead!!!

I hope you enjoy Just Love 2 Preview 2.

25 Random Things About Fiona

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Hey, Fiona,

Thank you for sharing.. sorry i’m so late in posting this up.. but work prevails.. and so does that lil’ brat of mine.. who got beaten up in pre-school today.  But that’s another story for another day.

Yes.. i hate ppl who are two face too.. with a PASSION..!!!  if you know what i mean.  And thank you for your support.  Lina will be contacting you soon eh.. :)


25 Random Things About Me…
1. I love watch TVB dramas, which brought me to Mama Bok’s site, thanks a million! Very grateful for what you done.
2. Absolutely love Japanese food.
3. Love sweets, too bad for health, got to cut that down.
4. I am a coffee junkie, not so crazy about tea except just for one type green tea.
5. Try to eat as healthy as possible, working hard on it.
6. Just like Mama Bok, love fruits — any kind of fruits especially the sour ones, it just wakes you up.
7. I hate people who are “two-face”, you know what I mean.
8. I dislike people who are extremely selfish.
9. I don’t tolerate with people who are rude to me.
10. I love kids, they just have this innocent look, sooo cute!
11. My friends thinks I am an organized freak., I hate things that’s not in place.
12. Spring time is the best of all out of the four seasons.
13. Love gardening, I will try to put more time in it this year.
14. I enjoy reading this blog of course.
15. Huge fan of Leslie Cheung, how sad he is not with us.
16. I learnt my cantonese from watch dramas, and chinese radio.
17. People think I have a funny acent because my mother language is Hokkien.
18. I am not a computer expert, but good enough to search for what I need.
19. I envy people whose good at socializing, I am working on it.
20. Love to read news on the internet.
21. Hopefully my next trip is to HK, visit my relatives and enjoy the food there.
22. Laundry is my least favorite thing to do, thank goodness for my other half.
23. Love my other half, he’s patience is better than mine.
24. I enjoy cooking when I get a chance to do so, especially on the weekend.
25. I like to get together with friends who enjoy the friendship!

In the meantime, here is Hannah Montana The Movie for you or for those who are wanting to watch Orrrr… relax and enjoy a preview of the up and coming Just Love 2.  Enjoy!

Free Coffee From McDonalds

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McDonalds is giving away free coffee for a week or two now.  Did you get yours yet..?? i think it’s only for the breakfast.. if i am not wrong.  Usually I only get to eat Mickey Dees breakfast.. when we send Chloe to school.  I don’t eat it often.. but it was a nice surprised.. that they offered free coffee last week.  But this morning.. even though the sign was up.. they didn’t offer .. but “ang moh” ordered one for me anyways.. not like we are cheap charlies.. and won’t drink it if it wasn’t free right.  But I’ll give up coffee from anywhere.. if i can have a teh tarik from yakun.. anytime.. and anyday.

In the meantime.. i thought you might like some shows to go with your morning coffees.. or evening tea.

Forever Enthralled

Rosy Business Ep 2 & Red Bean Soup

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Rosy Business Ep 2 was really heartwarming and also very interesting.. in fact I missed a heart beat while watching it.  I had just finished eating red bean soup that I had boiled last nite .. and what do one do.. when the “ang moh” bought the wrong kinda orange for your red bean soup..??  well.. like i said.. migration makes one so smart .. with improvision. Can you guess what i did..??   for anyone who can guess right.. i will share a secret with you.


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You gotta love it.. when you are in good terms with the Chinese restaurant owners..  :)  he even gives 10% discount to my friends.. who dine there.  Donch believe me.. ??? ask Lynette.. hehe!!!

Well, Mr Choo from the chinese restaurant called up one day if i wanted some ginger/spring onion crabs… and who refuses food right..?  So I said yes lah..!!!  little did i know he cooked a box of crabs for me.. as you can see .. it was a lot.. and the “ang moh” and the brat donch eat crabs.. so i got to eat it all lah.

Yummy..! yummy..!! “ang moh” asked me.. how come I’m eating the shell.. muahahahhaha!!! the shell is the best part as we all know.. look at all the roes..!!woohoo..!!! the crab was great.. but a wee bit salty.. and by the time i brought them home.. it was kinda fishy smelling.  And like all chinese migrated to “ang moh” land.. we do what we know best – we improvised.

I wanted to use the crab paste that Alice sent to me.. but that would be kinda a waste .. so instead i used the sambal paste that Alice sent .. by Prima Taste too.. but in a smaller package version .. and not the box ones.  So i fried up the sambal first.. and then put the crabs into it.. and here i have a decent pot of crab .. for a few more meals.   Yummy..!!!  thanks to Mr Choo.. this is the first time.. i’ve had crabs.. since coming to Canada.. and I just made him some red bean soup today.

CupCakes From DownUnder

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Charmaine from Australia made these for her daughter’s birthday.  Ain’t they lovely now..??!!!??  i love it..!!! and i’ve always admired mothers who can bake and make awesome cupcakes.  A mother’s love is the greatest.. and a mother like Charmaine, I wished my own mom was this way.  My mom never remembered my birthday .. *sigh*. Charmaine is an awesome person.. and sent me food during Christmas, and her gift brought me so much warmth.. on a cold winter nite.  Thank you again.. Charmaine.

Here’s what I baked for my daughter, Ashleigh’s birthday. She wanted cupcakes.


25 Random Things About Interdance

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The purple rose that Interdance was talking about.  She sent a picture yesterday.

Hey.. Interdance,

Purple rose..?? i’ve never seen one before, yer wanna send a picture of it to me..??  Hows the wedding prep coming along..??  Are you gonna be like jerry..?? having fun wedding favors to give out..??  Thanks for being a sport .. in taking part in this.. :)  I think Lina.. is gonna email you soon.


Hi MamaBok & friends. =)
Okay. Let me give this a try….

1. My name, Interdance, is a made up word of 2 of my greatest passion. The first being my major in college–International Relations and the 2nd is ballroom dancing. Hehe!
2. I have lived in 5 different places for at least 6 months or more. They are Malaysia (when I was a baby), Japan (right after college), New York City (stay there for 5 years working on Wall St.), Chicago (move there after September 11), and Hawaii (that’s home).
3. My favorite flower is the purple rose.
4. I am extremely thankful that I have such wonderful parents who unconditionally support me in whatever crazy decision I have, even if I wanted to move 10,000 miles away to pursue my dream.
5. I can’t cook and envy people that can. I once burn my future-in-laws pots and pans. Yikes!
6. Extremely lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend who is smart, patience and accept me for who I am. I am still a work in process with weakness.
7. Favorite hobby-sleeping.
8. Favorite places- New York City, Hong Kong, Japan and Paris.
9. Dream job- Director of Human Resources or owning my own business.
10. Love Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Korean, Vietnamese, and junk food.
11. Can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
12. Get so frustrated with golf, but still love the sport. Weird ya?
13. When it rains on the weekend, I just sleep in and enjoy a bowl of hot ramen. 3 minutes in the microwave and you’re set.
14. Love watching TVB, comedy show and Korean Drama.
15. Love playing video game.
16. I spend 2-3 hours every day reading the newspaper.
17. I’m a vampire. Stay up all night and sleep in the morning. I do most of my deepest thinking in the wee hours of the morning.
18. Love traveling.
19. Used to hate dogs, but since my boyfriend has a baby shi-tzu. I am in love. That puppy is just so adorable, but it take a lots of work in taking care of him. Love can really changed someone.
20. Cry so many times watching phantom of the opera. It was just too sad.
21. Dislike going to the doctor or dentist office.
22. Hate scary movie.
23. Enjoy playing with kids. They say the most funniest/ interesting things.
24. Hope one day I can speak, read and write Japanese fluently.
25. Getting marry in October of this year. Can’t wait. Yippeee!!

Getting to know you .. is what i am trying to do.  So are you ready to tell me 25 things about yourself..??  keept it coming now..  :)  You can read mine here.

Good Morning, World!

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I saw this youtube on my buddy’s blog – Barb from ChumseyAshley, and thought of you all who had been visiting my blog daily.  So i thought I would share this with you too… to enjoy..!!!  this should perk everyone up. .and brighten your day .. as it did for me today.  Have you done something good.. for someone today..??   If you haven’t .. no worries.. because you still have time to do it, or even tell someone that you appreciate them.   C’mon .. pay it forward.. i’m sure you wanna spread some joy and love around.. after seeing this music/dance.  Do it for, Mama BoK..!! go hug someone now.. and tell them you love them. .and appreciate them.

Some Rice Crispies Square & Basic Love

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It’s the weekend.. and i know you are prolly bored to death.. like i am sometimes.  And shouldn’t weekends be for relaxing.. and eating yourself silly??  well, here are some dessert we had today.. and Basic Love to keep you company.  I know you will enjoy it .. because the quality is awesome.

Rice Crispies that ang moh bought and ate.

I had one of this.. but of course .. being a diabetic.. i have to eat only a little of it at a time. It’s some kinda crunchy chocolate, with coconut and rice crispies thingie.  I also had a cup of coffee from this cafe.. and I think they will be seeing me a lot from now on.

Yummy looking muffins.  I have to try this the next time.

A lovely cafe.  This used to be our store.. we were in this location for 6 yrs.  Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend.. and enjoy BASIC LOVE or GIVE LOVE (Mandarin) .

Fusion Appetitzer @ Li Bai By Alice My Angel

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When Alice sent this picture .. and where she had eaten.. i really wanted to cry.. because Li Bai at the Sheraton Tower back home was my favorite restaurant. I love the Sheraton Hotel ALOT..!!!  and even the coffee house is the best .. i’ve been to back home.  It can be casual yet romantic.. and Li Bai ..yummy yummy cantonese food.  You can bet on that eating spree .. Alice.  For those who donch know Alice.. she was the one who sent me a huge box of food from home.  i still donch know what i can do for Alice.. to return her kindness.

Hi Jan!
Here’s another pic to share. A very “fusion” appetitzer, roast duck and minced prawn ball with mango. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, so we went for dinner, it was a five-course chinese/cantonese dinner at the Li Bai restaurant at the Sheraton Towers. I am sure you remember Li Bai, it is still one of the best in the town.
When you come back to Singapore, let’s go on a “eating” spree. Boy, I just love to eat!
How’s Chloe?  Hope she is in good health and helping you “run” the store.
Cheers!  Take care!
In the meantime, keep those awesome food pictures coming.. and donch forget to tell me where i can eat them. … for i know .. alot of the readers here would love to know.

Quesadilla & Nacho From Babie T

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Babie T sent this about 9 days ago.. and i only got to it today.  Sorry Babie T.  I didn’t forget.. just too busy.

Hi, MB! Today, my sister cooked quesadilla & nacho =) Mmm… it made me so full! Do you like mexican food?

I love Mexican food.. Babie T. , especially the re-fried beans and the churros.  It’s awesome to have sisters who loves cooking and making new food eh.

Wow..!! this is really healthy..!!!   i want some..!

25 Random Things About Chris

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Thank you for sharing.  Looks like you know exactly what you like and dislike.  And good luck with your degree.


1. I am Asian. Born and raised in Sydney,Australia :) YAY!! i think i am the only who actually posted here that lives below the equator =P
2. Currently in uni, studying commerce with a combined degree in psychology
3. Love basketball. It is my sanctuary
4. Wants to travel the United States only to watch NBA games in each of my favourite teams home courts.
5. Part of a few charitable organization with my family. eg. auntie, uncles and etc
6. Currently working in oportos (fast food burger place in Aus). its terrible. buttt i need the money.
7. When i eat spicy foods my ears go red
8. Attention seeker
9. According to my dad my uncle in Singapore who works in the government somewhere used to be school mates with the current Singapore Prime Minister
10. Also according to my dad, my cousin who i think finished his arm services last year was part of the same platoon as the Prime Minister’s son. P.S i am not lying about either of these. really im not
11. Love reading blogs and watching video blogs, but never seem to be able to write or create one that is remotely interesting
12. Love taking long walks at night while bouncing a basketball at the park
13. Have never spent Christmas in the snow. Its depressing
14. Currently sunburnt from playing basketball almost everyday and my skin is peeling
15. Visiting MB blogs have become almost a daily routine for me
16. Watched episode 1-200 of Bleach in 3 days. And only managed to pick up two (technically one) japanese words, ichigo and baka. epic fail ==
17. Love watching TVB with the whole family and then talking about it xD
18. Love scrubs, how i met your mother, psych, the mentalist and house
19. Don’t really speak canto at home. mostly english. and my grandma always tells me off for that
20. Sushi > any other food
21. Entire room is covered in NBA posters, causing the walls to be pretty much black
22. Have an awesome dog called Jaydee. His a japanese spitz =]
23. Recently got out of a tough situation. And lost a very important person in my life (not dead, just cant see her) who i think about everyday.
25. Believes after every tough situation in life, you learn to cherish the things that are important to you

that is all MB :)

25 Random Things About Shirley

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Thank you.. Shirley .. for sharing..  :) and yay..!! to mix marriages.. :)

We sure came a long way from our forefather’s time eh.


1. I’m an Asian, yes still in Malaysia (thinking of migrating to Dubai tho).
2. I’m married to an Indian guy here… yes we did had a lot of public attention back then.
3. Now that we have a 16 months old chindian boy named Kyle, we got even more attention!!!
4. My spouse and I always having problem with the household chores; can’t decide who do what. Ended up me will do them n him playing with kyle most of the time..
5. I used to cook alot for friends n family.. but not anymore coz now with my son around I just have time to do his porridge.
6. I still wake up once or twice in the middle of night to make milk for my son…so I dun really get much sleep, although it’s always exceed 8hours
7. I dun do facials coz I hate the pain of extraction.
8. But I love foot reflexology & pedicure…. anything to do with massaging.
9. I am not a fan of shopping (because thats wat my job is).. i’m a buyer. Warehouse sale is wat I opt for if I were to buy my son’s stuff.
10. Back at home, I dun have time for myself..everything is about Kyle (I cant even take a proper bath plus everything I eat he sure wanna have a share; which makes me have to think twice before geting any meal)
11.I love jap food, but not sushi with seaweed.. lucky my spouse is not so choosy (his family members dun even go near jap rest) ;-)
12. Ice crunching has been my habit ever since before my pregnancy. I actually saw 1 of my fren doin it, which makes me feel interesting to try out).
13. I prefer sandals than high heels.
14. I am too honest to be true most of the time (hence always got people offended).
15. I love TVB dramas (obviously every1 here does) – I dun subscribe to astro WLT or AOD coz my spouse dun watch them, so I can only get to watch the preview channel 302 at home; together with my son
16. My favourite show is Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewife (once a week I get to watch them, while my spouse sleep my son)..
17. I travel to my parent’s house once a week (my son gets to learn his mother’s tounge there)
18. I love my mummy & daddy better after I’ve had my own child.
19. I realise that I feel great everytime I got the chance to repay my parents’s hard work of bringing us to this wonderful world.
20. I like to go on vacations, so far I’ve been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau & China only.. my next destination will be re-visiting HK (to bring my son to Wong Tai Sin temple).
21. My dream is to go Milan, Italy to have their most authentic pastas & pizzas.
22. I’m a big fan of FACEBOOK, Crazy Chinese Woman & Icecubejunkie.
23. My biggest achievement so far is to be able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Hopefully God will bless us with another baby girl when the time comes.
24. At 1 point, I could be very whiny & moody. I could went berserk! haha
25. Everytime I pass by a dead animals, I pray to God to bless them.. Sounds stupid but thats wat I’ve been doin.. ;-)

25 Random Things About Mitch

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Thanks .. Mitch .. for sharing..  :)  and hurray for mothers who raised independent women..!!!


25 Ramdom Things About Me:
1. I am a twenty five years old female.
2. I rather workout than to go on a diet.
3. I love to eat everything and anything.
4. The way to my heart is through my tummy.
5. I am a total tvb drama and game show fanatic.
6. I dislike people who are rude and cuts in line.
7. I spend a majority of my time working with children.
8. I have a teaching credential.
9. I can sit in front of a computer and watch drama series for 10+ hours straight.
10. I put my dog on the treadmill so he can loose some weight.
11. I love reading about gossip.
12. I take it personal when people hurt my family and close friends.
13. I hope to have four children one day.
14. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the Christmas lights and decorations.
15. I love to watch basketball and football games.
16. I can’t sing, but I love to sing.
17. I use my boyfriend to experiment my cooking (there was a time when I gave him a bad stomach ache =X).
18. My mom raised me to be an independent woman.
19. I love shoes, and spend a good amount of time shopping for shoes online.
20. I really want to visit Hong Kong one day.
21. I spent a few years in Chinese school, but has eventually forgotten how to read and write a majority of it.
22. I like to stand up for myself and for what I believe in.
23. I am short and some people would even call me tiny.
24. Sometimes I worry too much.
25. I didn’t learn how to walk in high heels until a couple of years ago.

More Chinese Food From USA

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Blogging friend Anna had been sending food from home to me.  And I can’t thank her enough for thinking not only of me .. but also of Chloe.  The cute snack boxes and bento stuff were sent by Anna to entice chloe to eat.  I received this last week.. but was too busy to post it up.  Thank Anna.. !!!  Yer’re awesome..!!!  I’m gonna have to pay you back for postage at least.   I’m so touched by your generosity .. and all of you have to at least let me pay for postage please.

25 Random Things About M

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Oops..!! i had forgetten to comment on M.  M was the one who sent me food from Vancouver remember..??  Yes..!! and i haven’t cooked my char kway teow yet … M..  :(  so busy.. and sick and all.. you understand right..??  And thanks for being such a sport and taking part in this.  Yer ‘re an awesome friend..!!!!


1. I am Asian, but immigrated to Canada when I was 2.
2. I have a wonderful 4 1/2 year son named William.
3. This part of Canada, we have many types of foods~so blessed. Favourite is Japanese!
4. It rains here more than it snows, but when it snows, its a pain as people don’t know how to drive
5. I volunteer/give to a few charitable organizations
6. My other half thinks I shop too much, but he benefits too!
7. I do contract work for the IT Industry~I do enjoy it, but I would rather spend more time with my son.
8. If I could, I would open up a preschool.
9. I demand a lot from people I work with, and when they tell me they will have it done by this date, I expect it in my hands at that time.
10. I grew up where we played outside until it was dark without adult supervision. Nowadays, my son can’t play on the porch without someone out there with him..
11. I don’t like to be late for appointments/events, and don’t like it if people are late.
12. I can be a real B**** at times..LOL..
13. I have no regrets, as I have done everything I wanted to..
14. I love my monthly relaxing!
15. I love eating junk food, but eat it in moderation as my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.
16. I can tolerate mild spicy foods as I break out if it is too spicy.
17. I grew up having a brother watching hockey all the time~Can’t stand the sport now!
18. Prior to being in the IT industry, I was working in my dad’s Development company. Had its pluses and minuses..
19. I love eating fruits and veggies;so does my son!
20. Sushi anyday~Come visit us Mama Bok, and we will take you to a good sushi place.
21. I am not that sociable, just like to hang out with my close friends.
22. Don’t like it if people are rude or unkind to me~won’t give them the time or day.
23. I love traveling, and want my son to have the same experiences I have so we try to go on vacation at least once a year with him.
24. Same as Mama bok, my son is my life!
25. No one has the right to be rude or arrogant. We are all created by God..

Thanks for sharing MB..

25 Random Things About Mei

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Thank you .. Mei.. for sharing.. and I’ll be sharing something deserving with you too.


:) Done this before and it gets harder to the end…
1. Love CURRY – vegatable curry, chicken curry, Japanese curry… Curry!
2. Love TVB, Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas… And Japanese Dramas
3. Favourite colour – red
4. Drink and eat a lot of Chinese food – my dad’s an ex-chef, but my mum is pretty good too at cooking. :)
5. My late grandfather was a chef and my aunt is one too
6. Go to HK every few years and shop like hell (mostly stationary, bags, clothes… Cute stuff too)
7. Born and bred in London + work here too in hospital admin
8. Have one brother
9. Hobbies: reading, cooking, knitting
10. Love Hello Kitty
11. I’m afraid I have to say I love the winter weather and I love the spring weather too
12. Classical music fan – seeing Yuja Wang (search on YouTube – look for House of Flying Fingers) in May!
13. Don’t like smokers and moany people
14. Addicted to some American programs (Heroes, Ugly Betty, Lost…)
15. Love the Backstreet Boys
16. Just started to like going to musicals – I have only seen The Lion King so far :D Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is next!
17. I have worked in McDs before – it’s hard work. Thankfully I have made a lot of great friends and still keep in touch with them
18. I cry when watching rom-coms. I’m so ashamed when I cry in the cinema
19. I want to travel the world
20. Oh, I love spicy food too.. The only person that hates it in my family is my brother
21. Favourite Chinese dish: crispy noodles with seafood (Tasty House Takeaway version)
22. Started to make sushi rolls this year. It was hard at first, but I’m getting used to it now.
23. I’m a gossip queen (well, used to be). But still love a good gossip
24. I think I’ve mentioned this on another page – my weakness is cake (with a good cup of tea or coffee). I had one yesterday that was home baked, and it was not good :(
25. Need to start learning Mandarin, but find it difficult as I learnt Cantonese first.
Xie Xie MB! ;)

25 Random Things About Mon

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Hey.. Mon,

Thanks for sharing..  and plenty of other blogs to share with you.

What kinda blogs are you interested in.. i have different niches.


25 random things about myself to share with MB :)

1. I am an Asian but currently residing in the UK
2. I came to the UK also for the love reason :P
3. My Mum is the best gift God has given me in this life :)
4. I realised that I love fashion only after graduating from University with a technical degree
5. I can survive on eggs and eggs alone
6. I can spend loads on clothes/shoes, but not on Food (no matter how tasty they are)!
7. I enjoy reading blogs but I cant write one
8. I hate hypocrites!
9. I am blessed with wonderful parents that I never had to do any housework before moving to the UK
10. I wished I have more real/true friends
11. I used to have very low self esteem, but meeting my partner changed it all~
12. I cure ‘homesickness’ by going on holidays as often as I could afford them….
13. I can’t hack people who delay everything in their lives
14. I don’t enjoy cooking, thus, my partner does most of it.
15. I love big dogs, but hate cats
16. I have fear of height, feel dizzy even looking down from a overhead bridge
17. I always hoped for a tall bf, and I got one! He is 6? 3?
18. I wished for a big sister who would share my ups and downs
19. If I could turn back time, I will definitely do a different course at University
20. I am training to enter a charity run
21. I don’t drink coffee or tea, but love milk :)
22. I enjoy shopping alone!
23. Love is all about accepting, and forgiving, love has no boundaries
24. I am bored with work – but no choice, economy crisis is hitting hard – gotta hold on!
25. I spent 25 minutes thinking up 25 random things about myself!

One question for MB – what are your other blogs? Any websites to share?

25 Random Things About Susan

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We are so similar lah..!!!  can die..!!!!


Hi MB,

No one comment yet. So I start ya?
1. I am asian and migrated to Denmark in the name of love.
2. Now my partner and I both want to move somewhere else.
3. In winter when it is very windy, I stand behind tall danish people to keep warm and protected from the wind.
4. I am the only chinese in my WHOLE company.
5. I am an internet, computer, technology freak, love gadgets.
6. I watch BBC news and Myth Busters for fun.
7. I cannot cook.
8. I always buy one year open tickets to asia, just-in-case I have to go home for emergency.
9. I learnt chinese through learning chinese songs and watching TVB series ;-)
10. I pay 60% income tax so it depresses me when I see my pay cheque.
11. I love durian and salted fish.
12. I chase my angmoh around trying to kiss him after I have eaten salted fish. :-) He gets terrified.
13. I am a fan of American Idol.
14. I am like durian, people either hate me or love me.
15. My feet are the same length as my bf’s hands.
16. I drink 5 cups of coffee a day.
17. If I had to pay for coffee, I would drink 2 cups and save the money instead.
18. I am forever trying to get on a fit regimen.
19. I have been mistaken for being japanese, twice even by japanese people.
20. I lose my ability to bicycle when I have to do it on public roads here. The traffic scares me. Outside of this, I bike alright.
21. One of my dreams is to travel through the Silk Road.
22. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol and have never taken bad drugs, yet I feel unhealthy most of the time.
23. I once sleep 15 hours straight.
24. I am a fan of Anita Mui.
25. I cried watching Little Mermaid

25 Random Things About Jen

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Around The World,Meet Up With,My Musing | Thursday 23 April 2009 5:53 pm

Thank you .. Jen..!! jen was the first .. to leave a comment!!  awesome..!! and i can tell that you are gonna succeed.. in your endeavors.. 😉

first to bloggggg

my names jen !

25 random things about me =)

(01) I’m an Asian that’s born in Canada. Which makes me a CBC
(02) I’m turning 21 this year and still in college
(03) I love to eat. Japanese food is my all time favorite
(04) I like to be very organized with my life. Plan everything ahead of time
(05) I’m currently majoring in Hotel & Resort Management
(06) I already have a Five years plan of my own. Crazy huh?
(07) I have a loving boyfriend that I’m gonna get married with in 2years. You might think that I’m crazy, but it’s just all about planning
(08) I absolutely HATE school, though I do go because of a better career
(09) I have a family; dad, stepmom, brother, & stepsister
(10) Life was rough in my early years, but now it’s all brightened up
(11) I hate immature, mindless, careless, messy, rude, ignorant people
(12) Sometimes I just don’t get my friends, how they don’t have goals or a plan in life. It frustrates me
(13) I am VERY VERY whiny, but only to boyfriend only.
(14) I still don’t feel like I’m 20 yettt. I still feel like a little kid at time
(15) I love to read about other peoples life. How their life works and the interesting things about it, because I learn from it
(16) In the future, I would probably like to have ONE kid? I’m not sure about two, because it’s too much work
(17) I’m a very very very lazy person.
(18) I love sleeeping. 12hrs a day is good for me!
(19) I hate hate hate winter. I hate wearing so much cloths!
(20) I love shopppppppping. Like any kind of shopping! Grocery shopping, cloths shopping, shoe shopping. Just any kind of shoooping.
(21) I like perfection, though not everything is perfect but I strive for it.
(22) I’m not very talkative
(23) I love TVB dramas. I watch them every day! BUT megavideo suckssss.
(24) I love eating junk fooooooood. Yums, but kinda limiting myself to it.
(25) I would like to expand my business one day. I sell those mini cellphone/keychain acessories now. Heres a link to it. Check it out =)

Mamabok, thanks for sharing with your info with us. I read all your blogs. Pretty interesting. Hopefully you get to go back to your hometown and enjoy all the food you can. Why don’t you and your hubby take a trip back with your daughter? That be a nice vacation for you =) anyways, check out my accessories and tell me what I should improve on it. Email me thanks !

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