You gotta love it.. when you are in good terms with the Chinese restaurant owners..  🙂  he even gives 10% discount to my friends.. who dine there.  Donch believe me.. ??? ask Lynette.. hehe!!! Well, Mr Choo from the chinese restaurant called up one day if i wanted some ginger/spring onion crabs… and who refuses … [Read more…]

CupCakes From DownUnder

Charmaine from Australia made these for her daughter’s birthday.  Ain’t they lovely now..??!!!??  i love it..!!! and i’ve always admired mothers who can bake and make awesome cupcakes.  A mother’s love is the greatest.. and a mother like Charmaine, I wished my own mom was this way.  My mom never remembered my birthday .. *sigh*. … [Read more…]