Thank you for sharing.  Looks like you know exactly what you like and dislike.  And good luck with your degree.


1. I am Asian. Born and raised in Sydney,Australia :) YAY!! i think i am the only who actually posted here that lives below the equator =P
2. Currently in uni, studying commerce with a combined degree in psychology
3. Love basketball. It is my sanctuary
4. Wants to travel the United States only to watch NBA games in each of my favourite teams home courts.
5. Part of a few charitable organization with my family. eg. auntie, uncles and etc
6. Currently working in oportos (fast food burger place in Aus). its terrible. buttt i need the money.
7. When i eat spicy foods my ears go red
8. Attention seeker
9. According to my dad my uncle in Singapore who works in the government somewhere used to be school mates with the current Singapore Prime Minister
10. Also according to my dad, my cousin who i think finished his arm services last year was part of the same platoon as the Prime Minister’s son. P.S i am not lying about either of these. really im not
11. Love reading blogs and watching video blogs, but never seem to be able to write or create one that is remotely interesting
12. Love taking long walks at night while bouncing a basketball at the park
13. Have never spent Christmas in the snow. Its depressing
14. Currently sunburnt from playing basketball almost everyday and my skin is peeling
15. Visiting MB blogs have become almost a daily routine for me
16. Watched episode 1-200 of Bleach in 3 days. And only managed to pick up two (technically one) japanese words, ichigo and baka. epic fail ==
17. Love watching TVB with the whole family and then talking about it xD
18. Love scrubs, how i met your mother, psych, the mentalist and house
19. Don’t really speak canto at home. mostly english. and my grandma always tells me off for that
20. Sushi > any other food
21. Entire room is covered in NBA posters, causing the walls to be pretty much black
22. Have an awesome dog called Jaydee. His a japanese spitz =]
23. Recently got out of a tough situation. And lost a very important person in my life (not dead, just cant see her) who i think about everyday.
25. Believes after every tough situation in life, you learn to cherish the things that are important to you

that is all MB :)

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  1. Interdance

    Hi Chris,
    I also love NBA too! What is your favorite team? I love Tim Duncan and the Spurs. Hehe!


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