Hey, Fiona,

Thank you for sharing.. sorry i’m so late in posting this up.. but work prevails.. and so does that lil’ brat of mine.. who got beaten up in pre-school today.  But that’s another story for another day.

Yes.. i hate ppl who are two face too.. with a PASSION..!!!  if you know what i mean.  And thank you for your support.  Lina will be contacting you soon eh.. 🙂


25 Random Things About Me…
1. I love watch TVB dramas, which brought me to Mama Bok’s site, thanks a million! Very grateful for what you done.
2. Absolutely love Japanese food.
3. Love sweets, too bad for health, got to cut that down.
4. I am a coffee junkie, not so crazy about tea except just for one type green tea.
5. Try to eat as healthy as possible, working hard on it.
6. Just like Mama Bok, love fruits — any kind of fruits especially the sour ones, it just wakes you up.
7. I hate people who are “two-face”, you know what I mean.
8. I dislike people who are extremely selfish.
9. I don’t tolerate with people who are rude to me.
10. I love kids, they just have this innocent look, sooo cute!
11. My friends thinks I am an organized freak., I hate things that’s not in place.
12. Spring time is the best of all out of the four seasons.
13. Love gardening, I will try to put more time in it this year.
14. I enjoy reading this blog of course.
15. Huge fan of Leslie Cheung, how sad he is not with us.
16. I learnt my cantonese from watch dramas, and chinese radio.
17. People think I have a funny acent because my mother language is Hokkien.
18. I am not a computer expert, but good enough to search for what I need.
19. I envy people whose good at socializing, I am working on it.
20. Love to read news on the internet.
21. Hopefully my next trip is to HK, visit my relatives and enjoy the food there.
22. Laundry is my least favorite thing to do, thank goodness for my other half.
23. Love my other half, he’s patience is better than mine.
24. I enjoy cooking when I get a chance to do so, especially on the weekend.
25. I like to get together with friends who enjoy the friendship!

In the meantime, here is Hannah Montana The Movie for you or for those who are wanting to watch Orrrr… relax and enjoy a preview of the up and coming Just Love 2.  Enjoy!


  1. Interdance

    Hi Fiona,
    I’m a coffee junkie too! Where do you go for coffee and what your favorite?
    I usually go to starbucks because of it’s location. There is one on every block in downtown Honolulu. My favorite coffee is either the Strawberry Fappuccino or Mocha.


  2. Lina

    Hello Fiona, nice to meet you here. U’ll definitely improve Canto by watching more tvb drama series HERE in MB’s blog yeah…welcome welcome 😛

  3. fiona

    Hi Interdance & Lina,
    Nice to meet you both.
    I get my coffee from Starbucks most of the time. My favorite for hot drink is Vanilla Latte, and cold drink is Caramel Fappucino. My backup place is Dunkin Donuts. Looking forward to check into other dramas 🙂


  4. fiona

    Hi MB,
    OMG hope Chloe is okay. Hope nothing serious. I can’t believe.
    take care:)

  5. fiona

    Hello Interdance,
    Congrats to you. It’s so stressful planning a wedding. Do you have anyone to help you out? When I got married(yrs ago)I came down with a fever the night before my wedding, unluckily I was fine the next day. I think it was from the stress.
    Good Luck!

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