The purple rose that Interdance was talking about.  She sent a picture yesterday.

Hey.. Interdance,

Purple rose..?? i’ve never seen one before, yer wanna send a picture of it to me..??  Hows the wedding prep coming along..??  Are you gonna be like jerry..?? having fun wedding favors to give out..??  Thanks for being a sport .. in taking part in this.. 🙂  I think Lina.. is gonna email you soon.


Hi MamaBok & friends. =)
Okay. Let me give this a try….

1. My name, Interdance, is a made up word of 2 of my greatest passion. The first being my major in college–International Relations and the 2nd is ballroom dancing. Hehe!
2. I have lived in 5 different places for at least 6 months or more. They are Malaysia (when I was a baby), Japan (right after college), New York City (stay there for 5 years working on Wall St.), Chicago (move there after September 11), and Hawaii (that’s home).
3. My favorite flower is the purple rose.
4. I am extremely thankful that I have such wonderful parents who unconditionally support me in whatever crazy decision I have, even if I wanted to move 10,000 miles away to pursue my dream.
5. I can’t cook and envy people that can. I once burn my future-in-laws pots and pans. Yikes!
6. Extremely lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend who is smart, patience and accept me for who I am. I am still a work in process with weakness.
7. Favorite hobby-sleeping.
8. Favorite places- New York City, Hong Kong, Japan and Paris.
9. Dream job- Director of Human Resources or owning my own business.
10. Love Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Korean, Vietnamese, and junk food.
11. Can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
12. Get so frustrated with golf, but still love the sport. Weird ya?
13. When it rains on the weekend, I just sleep in and enjoy a bowl of hot ramen. 3 minutes in the microwave and you’re set.
14. Love watching TVB, comedy show and Korean Drama.
15. Love playing video game.
16. I spend 2-3 hours every day reading the newspaper.
17. I’m a vampire. Stay up all night and sleep in the morning. I do most of my deepest thinking in the wee hours of the morning.
18. Love traveling.
19. Used to hate dogs, but since my boyfriend has a baby shi-tzu. I am in love. That puppy is just so adorable, but it take a lots of work in taking care of him. Love can really changed someone.
20. Cry so many times watching phantom of the opera. It was just too sad.
21. Dislike going to the doctor or dentist office.
22. Hate scary movie.
23. Enjoy playing with kids. They say the most funniest/ interesting things.
24. Hope one day I can speak, read and write Japanese fluently.
25. Getting marry in October of this year. Can’t wait. Yippeee!!

Getting to know you .. is what i am trying to do.  So are you ready to tell me 25 things about yourself..??  keept it coming now..  🙂  You can read mine here.


  1. tsuchiyama

    Well,I can say Interdance is exactly me except that my favourite flower wasn`t purple rose. I do not like video game ,cereal and I am married, I used to be a spoilt brat. I am a Japanese but I am not the stereotype ideal japanese wife. TV, skin caring, sleeping is my life.

  2. Lina

    Ah….’Interdance’ rings the bell! I remember the ‘screening process’ for MB n she’s one of them whom i’ve picked. Hmmmm..this shows my screening is not bad huh MB …lol

  3. Interdance

    Hi Tsuchiyama,
    Thanks for the comment. I am curious to know what your favorite flower is.
    Wow–skin caring. That something I need to learn how to do better. With the wedding planning, I am starting to break out quite a bit. Too much stress. What kind of product would you recommend for oily skin?

    Lastly, I am glad to have another friend out there that is similar like me. Hehe! We can share stories and learn from each other. Yippee!


  4. Interdance

    Hi Lina,
    Ah! You picked me. Yippee! That is so cool. Thanks. You’re awesome.
    I have read a bunch of your postings and they are really interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Interdance

    Hi MB,
    Thanks for allowing me to share the (25 things about me) with you and your friends. It interesting to learn what people like and dislike. Of course, it also GREAT to meet new friends.

    I’m trying to find some pictures of purple roses for you. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the flowers my boyfriend gave me. Never thought about that, but now I know to always keep a camera handy. Once I find anything of purple roses, I’ll e-mail it to you.

    As far as favors go…our theme is precious moments. We have selected a crystal favor with the engraving of a boy in a tux kissing his bride. It one of the older precious moments collection. I’m ordering 300 for the wedding. Let me know if you want one. I’ll be happy to send you one.

    MB, I’m heading to Hong Kong soon. Let me know what type of food product you want and I will be happy to purchase it for you. Pictures will be great as I can show the shop owner since you know, this ABC (American born Chinese) does not know how to read Chinese. Let me know. Let me know. (Hehe!)


  6. tsuchiyama

    Hi interdance,
    Congratulations. I heard you are going to get married soon.
    I like small white daisy , blue daisy and tulips. Ya, I am a person who do not spend much money on cosmetics but I will spend money on skin care products. I do not put foundation because I have a sensitive skin but the sun screen protector is a must. Every year I will go to the skin specialist
    (kind of a plastic surgery) to check the conditon of my skin. (skin cells texture, glow , hidden pigments etc etc). I also attend skin care beauty classes in Japan. I have been maintaining my skin condition at age group 20″s all these years. I felt that a natural glow fair skin is better than any foundation . I am using some of the clinic brands (for sensitive skin ) in Japan and I have been using SK two signs treatment all these years. Obagi is also a good brand for spot whitening. Cosmetics sold in Japan is slightly different from that of US, Europe or other asian countries. There are many skin care products produced only for Japan market by many major brands. If you have oily skin, I think you should take care of your T zone area, you do not need to put foundation on every part of your face. Put a light foundation base(MAC,BObbi Brown,RMK) and touch up only on the T zone and areas around the mouth would be enough. If you need to cover your dark eye circles, put some moisturizer below your eye area,tap gently (like playing piano) then cover it with concealer (one tone lighter than your skin , do not draw concealer directly under the dark circle, slightly under the dark circle will do). To finish just tap a bit of loose powder below your eyes.
    To put on make up is not difficult, the most difficult part is: how to make up in a most natural way ,bring out the skin natural glow and radiant as if there is no make up. And don’t forget to maintain your teeth . White shining teeth will add radiant to your smile. I hope this information helps. I realized you are in Hawaii?? My husband and me love Hawaii. I think I have been to Hawaii a few times (7 times)before and my in laws are planning to go to Hawaii again next yr (Spring) . I might tag along too. bye.And yes, since you are going to HK , get some birds nests or Xue Yin or pearl powder for yourself. (good for skin).My mum is doing the chinese medicine , dry food stuffs import export business for the past 30 over yrs .(mainly between HK and Singapore). I am quite familiar with all those chinese stuffs. MB thanks for the uploading. Have a nice day.

  7. Lina

    Whooh..MB’s food blog is getting even more interesting now. Not only we get to see nice pics to drool on, we’ve recipes and now, make up cum skin care tips! Thanks Jo, for sharing your tips here. Whenever i’m in HK, i never fail to get “Lou Hong Ka’ birds nest. Its so much cheaper there compared to Sg here.

    Congrats Interdance! You must be real happy and looking forward to Oct yeah 😛 Feeling like cloud nine too i’m sure. Thanks for all the comments n uploading here gals! Hv a g8 day ahead….

  8. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina,
    How are u doing? I heard from my mom before that the import tax and regulatory etc between Singapore and HK differs thus resulting in a pricing difference for a similiar product(eg; thailand bird nests)
    Well, I am sorry I am not very sure. I am never keen in business. Or I should say I am not a capable person thus I am never good in this field.
    Have a nice day. lina. Today is a public holiday in Japan. I am going out soon to support my husband baseball team(company) game.
    MB thanks for the uploading.

  9. Interdance

    Hi Tsuchiyama,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What can I say? I am truly touched. Thanks for taking the time out to write and explain to me about skin care. Never knew there was so much “science” to this. I wash my face every day, but do not understand and get frustrated that I still have oil on my face. Where does it come from?

    I going to look for the products you mentioned in Hong Kong (might be a little cheaper). Do you have any recommendation on face cleaner? I have oily and sensitive skin and try going to the doctor, but they give me stuff that make my face peel.

    BTW, if you do decide to come to Hawaii. Please let me know. I would love to have a meal with you. What your favorite food? Or if you want I can drive you around the island and go site-seeing.


  10. Interdance

    Hi Lina,
    Thanks for the warm wishes and I agree with you–MB’s blog is becoming so interesting with all sort of different topic. Yippee!

    Yup! Yup! Yup! I am so excited about the wedding, but at times it is very stressful with so many decisions to make. I can’t wait to the end of October when the wedding is over and I can relax and enjoy the honeymoon. Hehe!


    I think you better let interdance into our passworded page eh..??

  11. tsuchiyama

    Hi Interdance,

    Do not overwash your face. If you wash too much,your skin natural resistance will drop and your skin pores will become big and dirt etc will go inside your skin resulting in pimples,black heads etc.And when you wash your skin, make sure that you stroke , move your fingers from jaw to cheek, (massage for the skin)
    Wash with a PH 3.5 to 4.5 mild cleansing solution.
    I think the doctor is giving you the acidic stuffs to let your skin peel off. (I think Lancome have this) I have never use such products before because I prefer to do skin caring in the most natural way, no injection, no plastic surgery. Such peeling acid will cause redness , soreness to your skin. Merit: When new skin comes out, the old skin layer (oily ) will peel off slowly. Demerit; During the process of peeling, your skin resistance is very low thus dirt etc will accumulate on oily skin easily causing acne problem.
    I am not sure which cleanser is good for oily skin. I will ask my sensei
    (teacher)and I will mail to u again.
    bye ladies. good day to all of you.

  12. Mei

    Waaaaah! The purple roses are “Hao Leng Ah!!!” How are they made?

    Interdance – if you’re going to HK to buy products, make sure you go to a popular store. Cheaper ones at the market places cannot be entirely trusted – as my aunt says. Try Clinique products, they are really good. Always tone and moisturise (use a light one for oily skin) after using a facial scrub. But as Tsuchiyama says don’t overwash!

  13. tsuchiyama

    Hi Interdance,
    Clinique, shiseido not bad, I am using Dr Ci Labo as well. (for sensitive skin).

  14. tsuchiyama

    Hi Interdance, By the way why do you call yourself interdance.?? I did not use any screen name . tsuchiyama is my real maiden surname. Bye.

  15. Pat

    first off, congratulations to interdance, wow, purple roses-how beautiful! hey it’s true this blog is getting more interesting by the minute…
    btw my sis-in-law frm s’pore just told me tt she’ll be heading to Hawaii for a wedding like around oct/nov umm..can it be so coincident??
    thanks also to Tsuchiyama, will steal some of your skincare tips.
    take everyone.

  16. cs

    WOW, the purple roses are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    MB, could you let me know the link to watch Rosy Business. Thanks CS

  17. Lina

    Hi Tsuchiyama, here’s how n why:-

    1. My name, Interdance, is a made up word of 2 of my greatest passion. The first being my major in college–International Relations and the 2nd is ballroom dancing.

    Hi Interdance,

    These purple roses are indeed beautiful n unique! Can be tiring n quite stressful running about for your wedding preparations. Pep up some vitamin C or better still, get yourself the Flu Vaccination. As you’ll be heading to HK soon, airport health checks may be strict in most countries. Do take care yeah! Email me @ Got some secrets to share share with you…hehehe

    Hi MB,

    We shall discuss further as to how to give the passworded page…:-P

    Gals, Hv a great day ahead!

  18. tsuchiyama

    Thanks Lina,
    Thanks for your tip. So interdance means international relations and ballroom dancing. I thought it was internatonal dancing.
    Thank you.
    Have a Nice day.

  19. Interdance

    Aloha Gals,
    Hawaiian Definition. Aloha–a Hawaiian word that mean Hello with love.

    1. Thanks Lina for explaining to Tsuchiyama what Interdance means. Yup! Yup! It’s a word that I made up. People been calling me that since college times–on MSN, facebook, even twitter. As my mom said, that why I’ve never miss a day of school. It was the dancing and the debating with my professors on International Politics. Hence, that why we got Interdance. Hehe!

    2. Tsuchiyama-Thanks for more update on skin care. I should be calling you my skincare sensei. Hehe! BTW, my real name is Julie.

    3. Mei-Thanks for the comments and the advice on where to purchase makeup in Hong Kong. I will definately go to a shopping mall and not purchase anything in the market (eg. Ladies Market). BTW, is there a shopping mall in Hong Kong that sell only skin care and makeup stuff? I search the internet and know that there is a large shopping mall in HK that sell only bridal related stuff. It call Golden Plaza. Thought there might be something for skincare too.

    4. Pat–thanks for the well wishes. Funny…your sister in law is heading to Hawaii for a wedding. Let me check with my boyfriend if he has any friends coming from Singapore. BTW, our wedding day is October 25, 2009.

    Thanks everyone for being so kind and thoughtful. You gals are the best.

    A big HUG goes out to MB for hosting this blog and bringing us all together. Without you, we would not be able to meet such wonderful friends.


  20. shirleyloo

    As we all aware of the swine flu outbreak nowadays, better take precautions like wat Lina said – Flu vaccine is a MUST now (altho we not sure whether it will prevent this H1N1 type). Interdance, Im flying to HK soon as well.. care to tell when you’ll be thr? maybe I can help out with the ‘cantonese language’??

  21. Interdance

    Hi Shirleyloo,
    Wow! You are just so awesome. Thanks for being a friend and being so thoughtful. I will be in HK from May 20 to June 6, 2009. We are staying at a hotel in Mongkok. If you are there doing that time, we can meet and definately have a meal together. Yippee!

    Yes. Yes. Lina is right. We all need to be careful. I am taking multi-vitamin and drinking lots of orange juice.


  22. Mei

    Hi Interdance, there are loads of shopping centres in HK. But try the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin ( If you go by rail, the exit leads you right into the shopping centre. There’s a lot of brand shops. Just don’t get lost, it’s massive and its linked to other shopping centres.
    Go to Central, Wan Chai, possibly Mong Kok (I think there are still brand names over there) also the airport when departing! I may have passed the Golden Plaza but can’t remember it.
    I’ve checked a few websites too… They say to go to Sa Sa ( or Bonjour shops ( They sell branded products for a cheaper price. And they are all over HK!
    Good luck and have fun!!!

  23. Interdance

    Hi Mei,
    Thank you for taking the time to write and let me know about the shopping mall in Hong Kong. This is definately a good help!

    I will take your advice and remember to visit those shops while I am in Hong Kong. BTW, is there any outlet mall in Hong Kong?


  24. Mei

    Hello Interdance,

    To tell you the truth, I can’t remember any outlet stores because everything is already cheap – non-branded stuff that is. Anyway, I did a little research for you :)… There is only one outlet mall in HK: Citygate Outlets in Lantau ( Never been there, but try it out. Most websites say you should go to Causeway Bay as well.

    If you get a chance for food as well and if you like seafood, go to Sai Kung! Get the 299 bus from Shatin – New Town Plaza, but anywhere and everywhere is good by my standards! 😀


  25. Interdance

    Hi Mei,
    Thank you. Thank you. I checked out the website at citygateoutlet and it look pretty interesting. There is also HK Disneyland and the largest Buddha nearby. I am definately planning a one day field trip out there.

    Yup! Yup! I love to eat. I going to take your advice and go to the seafood place. Do you know what is the name of the restaurant? Is it in a mall? Do you have any recommendation for dim sum restaurant. My husband to be love Chinese dim sum. =)

    Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate it very much.


  26. Mei

    Hi Interdance,
    🙂 Have fun!
    There was a seafood place I went to with my uncle and family. It was quite posh and the seafood was fresh! But I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. Sorry. It was near a big parking lot. Most restaurants dim sum are very similar, it’s best to pick and try. They usually serve it in the morning and on trolleys… Go early. The best food is usually served around 6am or 7am I think. All the old folks are there by then. 🙂 You’ll know the popular restaurants if there are loads of people!

  27. shirleyloo

    Hi all, sorry for such late reply.. I dun online during weekend as I’ve a baby boy to take care at home 😉

    Lina – I’ve drop u an email…look forward to sharing ur secret yeah 😉

    Interdance – Wow, u’ll be havin a great break at HK for that long of holiday my dear .. hmm, I wont be thr till Sept. So, I think will most likely waiting for ur recommendation when u bek from thr? 😉

    Mei – u really have loads of travel tips at ur finger tips huh?? Tks for sharing so much gud tips with us here.. so useful especially for us that is not so familiar with HK.. I will definitely take a tour to Sai Kung for seafood as per ur recommendation 😉 hopefully not so far from our resides hotel (in Mongkok also).. I believe the Cuepower in King of Snooker oso in Sai Kung rite? dunno it exists onot haha.. as for the dim sum we will also will pick n try (those with loadds of ppl hehe)…

    Thanks all for gud sharing tips… have a gud day! 😉

  28. Mei

    Heheh. I’m always revisiting old places as well as new places in HK. My family and I have been lost a few times. And yeah, Cuepower was in Sai Kung, but I don’t remember seeing that cafe before.
    To get to Sai Kung from Mong Kok, take the underground (MTR) to Kowloon Tong, then change for Diamond Hill. From Diamond Hill get the bus 92 to Sai Kung. Get an Octopus card (ba dat tong card) from any MTR – its cheaper than paying for individual tickets. Its a long journey because its mostly hills with small villages. Plus its popular because its near the sea and there’s a country park and it was near the old airport.

  29. shirleyloo

    wah mei, u really can remember the route so well!! haha..I think I shuld bring u along heh? I’ve used the octopus card before, very easy n cheaper yes. but I just worried about taking bus there..heard u have to have exact fares for each trip rite?

  30. Mei

    Hi Shirleyloo, yeah you have to use the exact fare unfortunately. The driver/machine doesn’t give any change. The octopus card can be used on all buses. You can even use it in certain shops like 7Eleven. Buses and taxis or if ppl have there own car can get to Sai Kung. I can’t remember all the bus routes, but SK is where my father’s family are from. I think there are mini-buses you can take from Diamond Hill to SK as well- they are cheaper and more frequent (you can use Octopus card on these too!).

  31. shirleyloo

    great octopus card huh.. really is ‘bat tat tung card’ eh? mei, u hv email maybe we can chat over there huh? 😉

  32. Mei

    Hi Shirleyloo, yeah octopus card is great. In the UK we have an oyster card which is similar but can’t use it everywhere (only London) and freely as in HK. Is it ok if I can ask Lina or MB to foward you my email address?

  33. shirleyloo

    Oyster card?? hmm interesting name huh … 😉 ok then I’ll try get from Lina…ok with u Lina? 😉 Have a sweet Mothers’ Day to all mummy out there!!

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