Thank you .. Jen..!! jen was the first .. to leave a comment!!  awesome..!! and i can tell that you are gonna succeed.. in your endeavors.. 😉

first to bloggggg

my names jen !

25 random things about me =)

(01) I’m an Asian that’s born in Canada. Which makes me a CBC
(02) I’m turning 21 this year and still in college
(03) I love to eat. Japanese food is my all time favorite
(04) I like to be very organized with my life. Plan everything ahead of time
(05) I’m currently majoring in Hotel & Resort Management
(06) I already have a Five years plan of my own. Crazy huh?
(07) I have a loving boyfriend that I’m gonna get married with in 2years. You might think that I’m crazy, but it’s just all about planning
(08) I absolutely HATE school, though I do go because of a better career
(09) I have a family; dad, stepmom, brother, & stepsister
(10) Life was rough in my early years, but now it’s all brightened up
(11) I hate immature, mindless, careless, messy, rude, ignorant people
(12) Sometimes I just don’t get my friends, how they don’t have goals or a plan in life. It frustrates me
(13) I am VERY VERY whiny, but only to boyfriend only.
(14) I still don’t feel like I’m 20 yettt. I still feel like a little kid at time
(15) I love to read about other peoples life. How their life works and the interesting things about it, because I learn from it
(16) In the future, I would probably like to have ONE kid? I’m not sure about two, because it’s too much work
(17) I’m a very very very lazy person.
(18) I love sleeeping. 12hrs a day is good for me!
(19) I hate hate hate winter. I hate wearing so much cloths!
(20) I love shopppppppping. Like any kind of shopping! Grocery shopping, cloths shopping, shoe shopping. Just any kind of shoooping.
(21) I like perfection, though not everything is perfect but I strive for it.
(22) I’m not very talkative
(23) I love TVB dramas. I watch them every day! BUT megavideo suckssss.
(24) I love eating junk fooooooood. Yums, but kinda limiting myself to it.
(25) I would like to expand my business one day. I sell those mini cellphone/keychain acessories now. Heres a link to it. Check it out =)

Mamabok, thanks for sharing with your info with us. I read all your blogs. Pretty interesting. Hopefully you get to go back to your hometown and enjoy all the food you can. Why don’t you and your hubby take a trip back with your daughter? That be a nice vacation for you =) anyways, check out my accessories and tell me what I should improve on it. Email me thanks !


  1. mona p.

    what a gal! my mom must like you since she always said my room is too messy…..

    I made my own accessories too: necklace, bracelet, earrings…. Need a channel to sell them though…. maybe I can visit your facebook link @ home later to learn. 🙂

    Getting married @ 23? wow….. congratulation!

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