Thank you .. Mei.. for sharing.. and I’ll be sharing something deserving with you too.


:) Done this before and it gets harder to the end…
1. Love CURRY – vegatable curry, chicken curry, Japanese curry… Curry!
2. Love TVB, Taiwanese dramas, Korean dramas… And Japanese Dramas
3. Favourite colour – red
4. Drink and eat a lot of Chinese food – my dad’s an ex-chef, but my mum is pretty good too at cooking. :)
5. My late grandfather was a chef and my aunt is one too
6. Go to HK every few years and shop like hell (mostly stationary, bags, clothes… Cute stuff too)
7. Born and bred in London + work here too in hospital admin
8. Have one brother
9. Hobbies: reading, cooking, knitting
10. Love Hello Kitty
11. I’m afraid I have to say I love the winter weather and I love the spring weather too
12. Classical music fan – seeing Yuja Wang (search on YouTube – look for House of Flying Fingers) in May!
13. Don’t like smokers and moany people
14. Addicted to some American programs (Heroes, Ugly Betty, Lost…)
15. Love the Backstreet Boys
16. Just started to like going to musicals – I have only seen The Lion King so far :D Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is next!
17. I have worked in McDs before – it’s hard work. Thankfully I have made a lot of great friends and still keep in touch with them
18. I cry when watching rom-coms. I’m so ashamed when I cry in the cinema
19. I want to travel the world
20. Oh, I love spicy food too.. The only person that hates it in my family is my brother
21. Favourite Chinese dish: crispy noodles with seafood (Tasty House Takeaway version)
22. Started to make sushi rolls this year. It was hard at first, but I’m getting used to it now.
23. I’m a gossip queen (well, used to be). But still love a good gossip
24. I think I’ve mentioned this on another page – my weakness is cake (with a good cup of tea or coffee). I had one yesterday that was home baked, and it was not good :(
25. Need to start learning Mandarin, but find it difficult as I learnt Cantonese first.
Xie Xie MB! ;)


  1. mona p.

    I loveeeeeeee musical too. The 1st one I saw was Lion King. 2nd one was Phantom of the Opera.

    My eyes always get tears when I see and hear the music. I was in choir in HK and I always admire musical.

  2. mona p.

    O, I speak Cantonese too. To learn Mandarin, my suggestion is to listen to music in mandarin.

    That’s how I learn my mandarin. Now just need someone to practice with me…><…

  3. Mei

    I forgot I have watched Phantom of the Opera a few years ago. I have to watch it again.
    I listen to a lot of Mandarin music: Jay Chou, FIR, NQM, Da Mouth and HK singers who can sing in Mandarin, but still my Mandarin is very limited 🙁

  4. snow

    watch mandarin dramas with mandarin subtitles. relate the words on screen to their pronounciation. that’s how I learnt mandarin DIY

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