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25 random things about myself to share with MB :)

1. I am an Asian but currently residing in the UK
2. I came to the UK also for the love reason :P
3. My Mum is the best gift God has given me in this life :)
4. I realised that I love fashion only after graduating from University with a technical degree
5. I can survive on eggs and eggs alone
6. I can spend loads on clothes/shoes, but not on Food (no matter how tasty they are)!
7. I enjoy reading blogs but I cant write one
8. I hate hypocrites!
9. I am blessed with wonderful parents that I never had to do any housework before moving to the UK
10. I wished I have more real/true friends
11. I used to have very low self esteem, but meeting my partner changed it all~
12. I cure ‘homesickness’ by going on holidays as often as I could afford them….
13. I can’t hack people who delay everything in their lives
14. I don’t enjoy cooking, thus, my partner does most of it.
15. I love big dogs, but hate cats
16. I have fear of height, feel dizzy even looking down from a overhead bridge
17. I always hoped for a tall bf, and I got one! He is 6? 3?
18. I wished for a big sister who would share my ups and downs
19. If I could turn back time, I will definitely do a different course at University
20. I am training to enter a charity run
21. I don’t drink coffee or tea, but love milk :)
22. I enjoy shopping alone!
23. Love is all about accepting, and forgiving, love has no boundaries
24. I am bored with work – but no choice, economy crisis is hitting hard – gotta hold on!
25. I spent 25 minutes thinking up 25 random things about myself!

One question for MB – what are your other blogs? Any websites to share?


  1. mona p.

    Hi Mon, I am Mona. Nice to know the 25 things about you.

    Like your #23 about love. agree!!

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