Thank you.. Shirley .. for sharing..  🙂 and yay..!! to mix marriages.. 🙂

We sure came a long way from our forefather’s time eh.


1. I’m an Asian, yes still in Malaysia (thinking of migrating to Dubai tho).
2. I’m married to an Indian guy here… yes we did had a lot of public attention back then.
3. Now that we have a 16 months old chindian boy named Kyle, we got even more attention!!!
4. My spouse and I always having problem with the household chores; can’t decide who do what. Ended up me will do them n him playing with kyle most of the time..
5. I used to cook alot for friends n family.. but not anymore coz now with my son around I just have time to do his porridge.
6. I still wake up once or twice in the middle of night to make milk for my son…so I dun really get much sleep, although it’s always exceed 8hours
7. I dun do facials coz I hate the pain of extraction.
8. But I love foot reflexology & pedicure…. anything to do with massaging.
9. I am not a fan of shopping (because thats wat my job is).. i’m a buyer. Warehouse sale is wat I opt for if I were to buy my son’s stuff.
10. Back at home, I dun have time for myself..everything is about Kyle (I cant even take a proper bath plus everything I eat he sure wanna have a share; which makes me have to think twice before geting any meal)
11.I love jap food, but not sushi with seaweed.. lucky my spouse is not so choosy (his family members dun even go near jap rest) ;-)
12. Ice crunching has been my habit ever since before my pregnancy. I actually saw 1 of my fren doin it, which makes me feel interesting to try out).
13. I prefer sandals than high heels.
14. I am too honest to be true most of the time (hence always got people offended).
15. I love TVB dramas (obviously every1 here does) – I dun subscribe to astro WLT or AOD coz my spouse dun watch them, so I can only get to watch the preview channel 302 at home; together with my son
16. My favourite show is Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewife (once a week I get to watch them, while my spouse sleep my son)..
17. I travel to my parent’s house once a week (my son gets to learn his mother’s tounge there)
18. I love my mummy & daddy better after I’ve had my own child.
19. I realise that I feel great everytime I got the chance to repay my parents’s hard work of bringing us to this wonderful world.
20. I like to go on vacations, so far I’ve been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau & China only.. my next destination will be re-visiting HK (to bring my son to Wong Tai Sin temple).
21. My dream is to go Milan, Italy to have their most authentic pastas & pizzas.
22. I’m a big fan of FACEBOOK, Crazy Chinese Woman & Icecubejunkie.
23. My biggest achievement so far is to be able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Hopefully God will bless us with another baby girl when the time comes.
24. At 1 point, I could be very whiny & moody. I could went berserk! haha
25. Everytime I pass by a dead animals, I pray to God to bless them.. Sounds stupid but thats wat I’ve been doin.. ;-)

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  1. shirleyloo

    yeah MB, mix blood gave us a pretty gud breed huh… now u got a cute gal, any plan for a smart boy??

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