HN sent this .. chicken rice .. all the way from Europe.  And if you get to know HN .. you will know that she is the sweetest lady ever… with a really cute son.. and i think she is pregnant again.. no..??  Anyhow.. look at all nicely the plate of chicken rice look.  Mine..??  i just dump everything into the plate.. and can’t wait to dive into it.. muahhahaha!!! ya.. i’m that greedy for chicken rice.  And yer know what..?? when “ang moh” was in Asia for 5 weeks.. all he ate was Chicken Rice and Satay.   And guess who sent Prima Taste Satay mix..??  Yes.. Alice..!!! so i told “ang moh” .. that was for him.. he has gotta BBQ the satay in skewer and all on charcoal.. muahahhahaa!!!   Thanks for sharing .. HN..!!

Hey Mamabok, this was what I have eaten last week … Not very pretty looking but also will post about the recipe in my blog soon… Enjoy!

Have a nice week ahead!!!

I hope you enjoy Just Love 2 Preview 2.


  1. Lina

    Give this plate of Chix Rice to my other half, he will say, ‘shiok’ anytime but for me, i prefer Chatterbox’s (Mandarin Hotel) coz they de-bone and de-skin the drumstick (Upon request). Presentation is nice n appetizing so is the price 😛

  2. Annie

    ii wishh ii can cook like that ! you got some very good skills ! keep up with the good work on this blog 😀

  3. Pat

    thanks to my sis-in-law, i made my very 1st chicken rice last week with prima combo, my hubby and 2 kids gobbled it up – what satisfaction! and to think that i’m not a great cook.

  4. elaina

    The dish looks delicious!! I feel like eating it right now. I’m very lazy when it comes to serving food too. I just throw everything on the plate.

  5. Joseph

    Wow… Looks very professional… Makes me miss all the chicken rice back home… Sigh….

  6. Wow, thanks for posting this MB! I got the recipe from here:

    The outcome:
    1. The chicken is very tender and juicy! Not dry at all! The rice is not as fragrant as those sold outside but it is a healthier version! The Homemade chili is great!!! Worth giving this recipe a try!

    I followed exactly the recipe, except for a few steps:
    1. I rub salt all over the chicken 10 minutes before stuffing chicken with spring onion, ginger and garlic and poach it in the hot boiling water.
    2. I did not plunge the chicken into cold water, as I prefer my chicken served warm. However, it will definitely taste and looks better (with skin nicely intact when you cut it later).
    3. I did not rub the seasoning (sesame, salt, pepper and light soy sauce) all over the chicken once the chicken is cooked. I usually chopped into pieces, served nicely on a plate, then only pour the sauce over the chicken. I would add some chicken stock into the seasoning too!
    4. The chicken stock from cooking the chicken earlier on is VERY useful. I normally use it to cook the rice, make the soup (by adding in some chinese cabbage) and mix some in the chili sauce!
    5. Oh yes, about the rice … Although the recipe do not call for butter.. But I do add some for a more flavorful rice:)

    I love the roasted version of chicken rice also… but I did not succeed to make a good one.. After doing much research, I came to know that those sold on the hawker stalls are actually Fried maltose marinated Chicken. Just in case, you wanna give it a try, here’s the best recipe that I have discovered so far:

    Happy Cooking and have a nice weekend!

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