You gotta love it.. when you are in good terms with the Chinese restaurant owners..  🙂  he even gives 10% discount to my friends.. who dine there.  Donch believe me.. ??? ask Lynette.. hehe!!!

Well, Mr Choo from the chinese restaurant called up one day if i wanted some ginger/spring onion crabs… and who refuses food right..?  So I said yes lah..!!!  little did i know he cooked a box of crabs for me.. as you can see .. it was a lot.. and the “ang moh” and the brat donch eat crabs.. so i got to eat it all lah.

Yummy..! yummy..!! “ang moh” asked me.. how come I’m eating the shell.. muahahahhaha!!! the shell is the best part as we all know.. look at all the roes..!!woohoo..!!! the crab was great.. but a wee bit salty.. and by the time i brought them home.. it was kinda fishy smelling.  And like all chinese migrated to “ang moh” land.. we do what we know best – we improvised.

I wanted to use the crab paste that Alice sent to me.. but that would be kinda a waste .. so instead i used the sambal paste that Alice sent .. by Prima Taste too.. but in a smaller package version .. and not the box ones.  So i fried up the sambal first.. and then put the crabs into it.. and here i have a decent pot of crab .. for a few more meals.   Yummy..!!!  thanks to Mr Choo.. this is the first time.. i’ve had crabs.. since coming to Canada.. and I just made him some red bean soup today.


  1. cs

    Those crabs look good and make me want to eat some now. My two favorite crab dishes are dry instead of wet (sauce. One is with onions, green & red chili peppers, ground pork, vermecelli and fried it. The other one is salty duck egg yolk with crab. Delicious!!!!

  2. tsuchiyama

    Oh, MB you are such a awesome chef…The crab dish looks abosolutely delicious. I begin to miss the chilli crab from Singapore liao. I love Long Beach chilli crabs. Mama Bok, enjoy the dish with your family. Have a nice day, MB.

  3. Interdance

    Hi MB,
    The dishes look so yummy. You are indeed a smart lady! =) and a awesome cook. I just hope one day I will be able to cook like you.

    Update–I’m planning to enroll in cooking classes during the summer months. My first class will be Thai Cooking. Hopefully I do not burn the teacher’s kitchen.


  4. Lina

    Whoooh Crabs! I love seafood. Crab cannot

    MB, as mentioned, the way u improvise it with sambal is nicer in presentation then what you packed back 😛

    Tsuchiyama, another good place to go for Chilli Crabs is ‘No Signboard’. It’s highly recommended by food critics. Their Chilli gravy used is awesome especially with bread or fresh loaf!

    Yay, INTERDANCE enrolled in cooking class! Good news indeed 😛 No worries, you wont burnt down the kitchen, they’ll be fire extinguisher in the kitchen for, no offense yeah!)

  5. shirleyloo

    hmm, crab is my fav too!! Fans shuld try out salted egg yolk with crabs – FANTASTIC!! CS, we havin the same tastebud huh? MB, if I’ve known u earlier, I would be able to send u all stuff from Prima Taste hehe…coz I used to work with them. 😉

  6. Cass

    Hi MB! Oh my goodness, I could eat all that crab myself in one sitting! Just have TVB series ready and I will sit in front of the TV and devour the crab! It looks so good, especially after you added the sauce to it!

  7. Linh

    wow that looks delicious. Im also chinese and i would like to know how to cook those plates. I think im gonna go eat in the chinatown. The problem is that not the saison for crabs… $$$ 🙁 And my boyfriend likes seafood a lots so we always fighting for who is gonna eat the crab eggs. So ur lucky cuz u got all for urself. ok see ya next time. Ps if u know a good recipe chinese book or only a recipe tell me.

  8. lynette

    Mr. Choo and family are wonderful people. Just like you Mamabok and your family. I couldn’t ask for better friends. 🙂

  9. ilovetvb

    yum! looks good to me. Actually cooking crab is not so difficult, the prep work is the hard part. I am afraid that the crab will hurt me. I really find it difficult to pull the claws off the crabs. I usually have my hubby kill it and then I clean it. I love to steam crabs. I usually put hor fun on the bottom and place the crabs on top with minced garlic and scallion. It is really delicious.

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