Charmaine from Australia made these for her daughter’s birthday.  Ain’t they lovely now..??!!!??  i love it..!!! and i’ve always admired mothers who can bake and make awesome cupcakes.  A mother’s love is the greatest.. and a mother like Charmaine, I wished my own mom was this way.  My mom never remembered my birthday .. *sigh*. Charmaine is an awesome person.. and sent me food during Christmas, and her gift brought me so much warmth.. on a cold winter nite.  Thank you again.. Charmaine.

Here’s what I baked for my daughter, Ashleigh’s birthday. She wanted cupcakes.



  1. Lychee

    Whoa, now THAT’S what I call cupcake…the shops never sell ones as nice as these…great stuff~

  2. Lina

    Oh wow oh wow…that’s lovely! Thanks for sharing Charmaine n also thank MB for the uploading.

  3. uj

    Cupcakes are the IN thing nowadays… 🙂 My fren booked specially made cupcakes for her bf. Each cupcake has patterns representing something about him (eg: his fav musician, his fav sports, his hobby, places he likes to go, ect) 🙂

  4. Rose

    I remember when it was my birthday my mom would just stop by Dunkin Donuts and buy 2 box’s of munchkins to bring to school to celebrate. My mom never like to bake stuff.

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