McDonalds is giving away free coffee for a week or two now.  Did you get yours yet..?? i think it’s only for the breakfast.. if i am not wrong.  Usually I only get to eat Mickey Dees breakfast.. when we send Chloe to school.  I don’t eat it often.. but it was a nice surprised.. that they offered free coffee last week.  But this morning.. even though the sign was up.. they didn’t offer .. but “ang moh” ordered one for me anyways.. not like we are cheap charlies.. and won’t drink it if it wasn’t free right.  But I’ll give up coffee from anywhere.. if i can have a teh tarik from yakun.. anytime.. and anyday.

In the meantime.. i thought you might like some shows to go with your morning coffees.. or evening tea.

Forever Enthralled


  1. Interdance

    Hi MB,
    Yummy! Coffee. When I go to McDonald, I usually order the egg Mcmuffin with a large Ice Mocha. Hehe! I need the caffine in the morning or I will start to look like China National Animal–the panda.

    What is your favorite coffee? And how do you like it? Cream, sugar or milk?


  2. Linh

    I like mcdonald`s breakfast especially for the mcmuffin sausage with eggs. The coffee is ok, but my favorite is French Vanilla in Tim Horton!!! Is`t so good!!!

  3. Lina

    It’s been a long long time i last had McDonald’s breakfast. A cup of coffee in the morning is a must for me or else, ‘engine’ not warm up yet cannot work I’m contemplating getting the Nespresso Coffee Maker. Anyone owns one?

  4. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina.
    i am using the older model C 290 nespresso coffee maker. I do not drink coffee but my husband love coffee. It is very convenient , just slot in the capsule (you can add milk if you want to ). The quality was real good.

  5. sarah

    McDonalds free coffee? is this for all of canada? I’d take any coffee that’s free!

  6. Lina

    Hi Tsuchiyama, Thx for info. Looks like i’ll have to go pick it up early next week (weekdays). I dont like going to Orchard Rd on weekends, simply too crowded. That particular model which i was eyeing for cost less then 1k if i’m not wrong. They’ve other better higher price brands but i’m not prepared to pay for it, too expensive

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