When Alice sent this picture .. and where she had eaten.. i really wanted to cry.. because Li Bai at the Sheraton Tower back home was my favorite restaurant. I love the Sheraton Hotel ALOT..!!!  and even the coffee house is the best .. i’ve been to back home.  It can be casual yet romantic.. and Li Bai ..yummy yummy cantonese food.  You can bet on that eating spree .. Alice.  For those who donch know Alice.. she was the one who sent me a huge box of food from home.  i still donch know what i can do for Alice.. to return her kindness.

Hi Jan!
Here’s another pic to share. A very “fusion” appetitzer, roast duck and minced prawn ball with mango. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday, so we went for dinner, it was a five-course chinese/cantonese dinner at the Li Bai restaurant at the Sheraton Towers. I am sure you remember Li Bai, it is still one of the best in the town.
When you come back to Singapore, let’s go on a “eating” spree. Boy, I just love to eat!
How’s Chloe?  Hope she is in good health and helping you “run” the store.
Cheers!  Take care!
In the meantime, keep those awesome food pictures coming.. and donch forget to tell me where i can eat them. … for i know .. alot of the readers here would love to know.


  1. Lina

    Yes! Typical Canto will definitely knows where is Li Bai. Shang Palace is also another restaurant which i like to go for their Tim Sum.

  2. Lychee

    That combo with mango? Hmmm, never had it with mango, must try it out sometime. That reminds me, last night I had a mango ice bubble tea – yeeeah that was good 😛

  3. Interdance

    Wow. The food look really good. Never knew you can have it with mango. Mango is one of my favorite fruit. =)

    I definately would like to try it out one day. Do you know if there is also one in Hong Kong? What is the address?

    Thanks. =)

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