Babie T sent this about 9 days ago.. and i only got to it today.  Sorry Babie T.  I didn’t forget.. just too busy.

Hi, MB! Today, my sister cooked quesadilla & nacho =) Mmm… it made me so full! Do you like mexican food?

I love Mexican food.. Babie T. , especially the re-fried beans and the churros.  It’s awesome to have sisters who loves cooking and making new food eh.

Wow..!! this is really healthy..!!!   i want some..!


  1. Lychee

    Wah, I haven’t had nacho for ages~ >_< I want some now…but there are no Mexican restaurants in my local area…

  2. Interdance

    The healthy breakfast look pretty good. I’m going to try that one day.
    I love to eat cereal. Hehe!

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