Hey.. Kammy,

Thanks for sharing..!!!  I love Karaoke too.. but cannot marathon lah..!!  You must miss HK alot.  Dream job is to do with show business..??  you are not from TVB are you ..??? muahahahah!!!  Big fan of Leslie too…!!!!   40 not too old..  i had Chloe when i was 39 .. so still can try eh. And yes..  our children do make us better ourselves and think before we act eh.  And nope.. “ang moh” not my first b/f.  Lina will be contacting you soon.


1. I moved from HK to Toronto since last August with my husband and my 3 year old son.
2. I never cook in my life until my son is borned, now, my husband thinks I’m the best cook ever.
3. I love karoake and I can sing 12 hours non-stop, Jpey Yung is always my all time favourite.
4. I am extremely thankful that I am borned and raised in places where I can have enough love, and food.
5. I am a great fan of Leslie Cheung…. I watched all his concerts since 80’s but I have never met him in person. (sigh). Gee, I miss him a lot!
6. I wear glasses since I was ten years old and I did Lasik last year in HK. Gee, life without glasses is just wonderful.
7. Like most people, my favorite hobby is sleeping too.
8. My dream job would be anything related with HK show business…..
9. Love antique furnitures and hope I can have a 5000 sq ft home one day.
10. Idiot in sport, anything involves balancing i.e. biking, skating….(No way)
11. Just love watching TVB shows, and all kinds of movies.
12. Believe in God but still not yet becoming a Christian… need to look for a church very soon.
13. Missing the typhoon day off in Hong Kong so much, you just can’t get extra holidays like this in Canada.
14. Never liked any video game until ‘cooking mama’ comes…
15. Spending at least 3 hours a day browsing internet.
16. I love pugs…would like to adopt one.
17. Love playing with kids now….they’re the purest and whatever they say is so straight and simple, and funniest.
18. When I day dream…. I want to open up a pre-school too.
19. Cry easily when I watch sentimental movies….
20. So jealous when I see people have the whitest teeth… Mine can never be that white???
21. I want my son to speak native English… so here I come to Canada.
22. I love going to Kuala Lumpur…lots of good street food!! yummy!
23. I want to have a daughter, I guess 40 is a bit too old for baby, eh?
24. My husband is my first boyfriend. (shhhh, he doesn’t know)
25. Same as Mamabok, my son is my life and I also become a better person since I have him. Thanks Justin.

PS :  Keep those 25 random things coming .. if you want to be a friend of this blog.  But only for friends ok.. those who wants to be enemy .. please go somewhere else.  This blog is about food and friendship.. kindness.. charity .. and all things good.  We have no time for evil ppl .. and evil thoughts.   Live the good life .. by sharing goodness.. agree..??

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  1. ilovetvb

    Hi Kammy,

    Hey, I m from HK also. I miss HK alot too. 40 is not too old, you can still try to have a daughter. I have 2 boys and always wanted to have a daughter but I am not brave enough to try for a 3rd child. I don’t want to end up with 3 boys. 2 boys and a hubby is a handful for me. U and MB r right, our children mean the world to us. We are better because of them. They continue to amaze me everyday.

  2. K

    tks ilovetvb… so are you living in canada too? missing all the hongkongsters’ stuff.. the list is too long. of course, shopping in fa yuen street is one of them.. haha.

  3. tsuchiyama

    Hi Kammy,
    Thanks for sharing.My name is tsuchiyama, I am a half Jap half hongkonger. I am by law a Japanese but I can speak, write Cantonese fluently. I am like you. I love karaoke and pugs (would like to adopt one puppy in future). I can sing non stop for 7 hrs.
    My favourite singers are Janice M Vidal ??, Joey Yung ???(she has the same name as me, my chinese real name is ???my jap real name , english name, cantonese name is the same. I am the pioneer ???, Fiona Seet and many others. I have met?leslie in person before. ???????(???????. I was a big fan of Leslie , Alan and Anita Mui before . I will fly back all the way from Vancover to HK just to attend a concert. Bye.
    I just sent you a mail on facebook but it did not go through sucessfully. I will write to you again. Don` t worry. there are many hongkongers on this blog. I am one of them (no doubt i am only half) . I understand what you miss. I have lived in different countries before and I have met many nice folks in different countries before. I miss everything that grew up together with me. I am Thankful to MB . She links us together on this blog. I knew some very nice folks on this blog. So when you are lonely,just click onto the blog and chat .

  4. tsuchiyama

    Oh sorry , the ??? are all cantonese characters. My pc could not type cantonese and chinese characters. I am typing cantonese characters with Japanese kanji but it did not work on this comment board.
    Well, the ??? were chinese names of the singers.
    And I have met Leslie in person before.The ??? in cantonese said : He was very young looking and needless to say VERY HANDSOME.

  5. ilovetvb

    no i live in the boston area in the US. Shopping at fa yuen street is my favorite. i love the street food and the shopping especially at the import/export shops…lots of brand name items for less. after living in the US, the style of clothes from HK is not good for me. i also love to shop at the japanese dept stores…like justco, sago & uny. i can go on and on about HK. hehe

  6. K

    Ms. Tsuchiyama: Yes I would do exactly what you did, just went HK just to attend concert… I’m a concert maniac!!

  7. tsuchiyama

    Hi Ilovetvb ,
    All those japanese dept stores which you have mentioned were located not very far away from my house(my parent home) therefore I was always there. I am living in tai hung, chun fai rd. Therefore I am quite familiar with causeway bay , northpoint(childhood old place), tai koo shing.
    i like the sport shops at fa yuen street. Well, besides Italy, I love shopping in HK too. In terms of variety and design , I have to say Japan is the best. Japan has everything from almost every part of the world. But shopping in Japan is not cheap. Therefore I love to shop in HK and of course Italy. I think you should know the shop selling milk pudding at causeway bay. My husband loves it. I can talk on and on with you about HK. Not only HK, I can talk on and on with you on Singapore and Europe as well.But I may not be able to answer questions regarding cooking. And hey your english name means “beautiful” in french. I knew this word very well because french like to use this word (in praises)
    Thank you MB for all the uploading.

  8. Pandora

    Hi Kammy,

    6. I wear glasses since I was ten years old and I did Lasik last year in HK. Gee, life without glasses is just wonderful.

    I would also like to get Lasik surgery done. Had glasses for about 15 years now and I’m quite blind -9.00 on both eyes 🙁 Is the surgery scary?

  9. pat

    hey kammy, yes, pls do tell us about yr lasik experience. i’ve a total of -9.00 on both eyes too and have been contemplating lasik but no guts.

  10. fiona

    Hi Kammy,
    I am also a big fan of Leslie too. When my friend called me and told me the news, I was so loss the entire day at work. I didn’t want to believed it. Missed him much. 🙁

  11. Lina

    Hi Kammy, Welcome to MB’s blog! Thanks for sharing. You may wanna email me @ slinpang@gmail.com

    Hey Jo, ‘ta kong kou’ here huh? Looks like your comments here longer then Kammy’s 25 random thingy leh. U not ‘pai sei’ meh LOL

    Hi Pat, i think you must missed my msg/comment i left for you to contact me on your very own ’25 Random Things’ page. Check that out when you r free yeah. I’d advise that u check or else u’ll realise what gd stuff u’ve actually missed eventually 😛

  12. ilovetvb

    Kammy, I would also like to know about your lasik experience. I have had to wear eye glasses since I was 10 years old. My friend is an eye doctor and she doesn’t suggest doing it. She said that it is still too early to tell if this is good for the eyes long term. But I would like to ask about your experience.

  13. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina.,
    Sorry lah, I talk too much, comment too much. My comment like 26 random things hor.. jin pai sei lah. Sorry ladies.

  14. bunessa

    Kammy seems like she lives her life to the fullest!!
    I tried doing the 25 random things about yourself thing on facebook before, but that didnt work out XD i couldn’t think of 25 things to write about!
    you’re like my mummie, what a super big house XD

    hope you and your family stay healthy this season!! take care!

  15. K

    Dear girls,

    My lasik experience was wonderful – I did at the HK & Sanatorium Hospital.

    Day 1 – Eye check up, it took you three hours for this full check up, and they will give you an assigned doctor (random) who will later do the lasik for you. They will charge few thousand (HK$)extra if you request for a specific doctor to do the surgery. At the end of the day, you will have a chance to meet with the doctor and he / she will advise you whether you are suitable to do the lasik.

    Day 2 – Lasik day – This could be just few days or any time after your first visit if you meet the requirement to do lasik. You must need someone to accompany you for the lasik. The whole lasik only took about 10 minutes and no pain at all. Then doctor will recommend you to take rest at home for one night.

    Day 3 – It’s the next morning after the lasik, you should already have perfect vision by then. And you need to go back for a check up as well.

    The lasik comes with a package and you can pay with credit card by 6 instalments, I think the total was about HKD 23000- (approximately). It also includes 3 checks up in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after the lasik is done.

    Afterall, I think Sanatorium has the best facility for Lasik and I’m highly recommend to you their service instead of other clinics. BTW, guess who I saw in the hospital when I did the check up? Li Ning – the guy who lighted the Beijing Olympic Torch last year!!


  16. K

    Oh… btw, I was nearly blind i.e. -9 for both eyes too and the whole process was not scary nor painful.

    And… Yes, I would never forget Leslie and up to now still remember the shock on April 1 2003’s evening.


  17. shirleyloo

    thanks for sharing so much Kammy… my husband kept urging me to do lasik treatment as well (mine is -7.00); but Im just too scared like Pandora & Pat… scared that my eyes will go blind if the tip of the machine poke into the eyes accidentaly haha… but now u said it’s painless, I might wanna try out after gather enough courage lah 😉

    Yeah Jo, u sounds like promoting Jap more huh?? 😉

  18. K

    shirley…. the whole process is automatic and they put protection on your eyes and won’t ‘poke’ la…… don’t be funny:)!!! the doctor just served the role of monitoring the whole process…..


  19. Pandora

    kammy – Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    shirleyloo – haha… I agree with the poking thing.

    Being able to see is very important to me – I would trade anything to have able to see. Saw the procedure online and it scared me >__<

    My parents told me how they read on the newspaper article that some people went blind, eye sight got worse, or they can’t look at bright lights.

  20. ilovetvb

    thks kammy for the info. My eye doctor friend told me briefly that the lasik eye surgery to correct vision is still consider ‘new’. She suggest that I wait b4 considering to do this type of surgery.

    I m just as afraid as shirleyloo & pandora. but i m not young, so if i wait any longer i’ll need to get bifocals also.

  21. K

    Dear girls,

    For Biofocal, the doctor will adjust and won’t do perfect vision for you. They’re professional and know our problems. Lasik is not any new to me, as far as I know, even the equipement has been at least 7-8 generations already.


  22. ilovetvb

    From what I know research for lasik eye surgery has been for a long time. However, it is not until the 1970’s that it was done on human. It was not until the late 1980’s that it became popular in the U.S. So I still consider it quite ‘new’. There are still risks involved and side effects from it. I heard that you can get dry eyes and sometimes the vision is not totally corrected. I have not done extensive research on it, but I am still hesitant to do it.

    Anyway, Kammy, u r quite brave. I admire that!

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