Hello, Yok Yee..!!   thanks for sharing with us a little about yourself.  As you know .. this blog is about friendship.. and because you just shared.. you will find many wonderful ppl here .. and you will definitely enjoy their friendship.. i can assure you.  I like that you are gonna make your kids watch tvb too.. to learn chinese.. muahhaahha!! that’s too cute.  Are vietnamese boys… more sensitive than the chinese boys..??  i had a classmate who was Vietnamese too when i was in college.. his name was Varapan .. and he was so cute..!!!! hahahhahaha!!! everyone had eyes on him..  😉

Have you sent me some food pictures yet..?? if not you should try. . 😉  so that Lina can give you an email.


Hi Mama Bok…Here are 25 things about me that I hope you find interesting.

1. I am an American Born Chinese living in Oklahoma
2. Although I’m not exactly dating an “ang moh,” I’m dating a Vietnamese whose cultures are somewhat different from Chinese-does that count? :)
3. I’m becoming a caffeine addict b/c I drink hot coffee in the morning, iced tea during the day and hot tea at night.
4. I’m also addicted to chapstick but I’m trying to kick that addiction
5. I love scary movies but hate watching them too.
6. Fave TVB series: Ten Brothers, Eternal Happiness, and Blood of Good and Evil
7. Hopefully I will be forever done with school in 2 years
8. I can’t decide if I like chocolate cookies better or oatmeal cookies
9. Favorite hobby: reading and sleeping
10. Addicted to watching american reality tv shows
11. I have good intentions to exercise but always find an excuse not to.
12. I love looking at dogs but am scared to play with them.
13. I wish I knew how to read more chinese
14. Favorite foods: chinese, vietnamese, italian, and japanese
15. I am the biggest procrastinator on Earth.
16. I’ve been dating the same boyfriend for 5 years and hope to be married in 3 years.
17. I am very sarcastic
18. I wish I knew how to curl my hair and make it look nice.
19. My boyfriend says I have a black thumb since I kill everything he gives me. :(
20. Raymond Lam Fung is the hottest hottie in TVB right now and I love his songs!
21. I listen to Pandora.com every night while I study.
22. I got pulled over by a cop while I was taking my driver’s test.
23. I am going to make all my children watch TVB so they can understand the chinese street lingo.
24. I wish I have a better memory but everything goes in one ear and out the other.
25. I want to go to Europe for my honeymoon or on a cruise from California up to Alaska.

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  1. ilovetvb

    Hi Yok Yee, I have never met anyone from Oklahoma. Do you get a lot of tornadoes there? Is there a large Asian community there? I’ld like to go there one day.

    It is funny that u say that u will make your children watch TVB drama, because that is exactly what I m doing. They learn so much Chinese from watching it. I don’t allow my boys to watch regular American TV except for some reality shows. I think most of the American drama are age appropriate for my boys. The TVB dramas can teach them so much about Chinese culture. My younger son use to refuse to speak in Chinese, but recently he started to watch more TVB drama with me and he picked up the Chinese really quickly.

    Like MB said, this blog is not just about food, but about friendship. I have met a lot of wonderful ladies from the blog. Thanks to MB of course. MB you’re the BEST!

  2. Pandora

    2. Although I’m not exactly dating an “ang moh,” I’m dating a Vietnamese whose cultures are somewhat different from Chinese-does that count?

    I find that Vietnamese and Chinese culture are pretty similar. My husband is also Vietnamese. Have you learnt any Vietnamese yet? I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and can’t understand a full conversation but can pick up some words here and there 🙂

  3. Lina

    Hi Yok Yee, thanks for sharing!

    Hmmm…Vietnamese eh, that reminds me of one of my fave HK actor-Simon Yam. He’s half Vietmanese if i’m not wrong. Handsome n cool looking too huh 😛


  4. shirleyloo

    hey Yok Yee…welcome to the ‘friendship blog’ 😉 well..we hav few things in common yo – caffeine addictor, love dogs but scare to go near them & i am puting on TVB channel everyday for my son now haha.. he so loves the opening n closing songs of every dramas 😉

  5. Yok Yee

    Hello everyone! Thanks for the wonderful comments!

    Ilovetvb- We actually do get alot of tornados here! Funny you should ask b/c I was helping my dad with some gardening this past week and it was sunny and hot but all of a sudden the clouds started to get darker, wind began to blow furiously and we hurried to finish up the gardening so we won’t get hit by the tornado. Good times in Oklahoma!

    I’ve found that the hardest thing dating a vietnamese guy is the language barrier. My siblings and I grew up watching TVB so we know alot of chinese slang and sometimes when I talk to my b/f I want to say something but I don’t know how to express myself in english! All I want to do is break out in hong kong gangster talk! Hahaha

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