Dear VVN,

Thank you for sharing..!   Your parents own their own food store..?? wow..!! that must be awesome..!! where are you located..??  its always good to have dreams..  🙂  and you make cheesecakes..?? wow..!!! can share some recipes or not..?? Send me some food pictures where you are from.. and a picture of your kitchen .. pretty please..??


25 random things about me^^

1. I have a sister that’s 9 years younger than me, I am more of a mom to her than my mom
2. I only look several years older than my sister, that drives her crazy
3. I love purple, but i never dare to wear purple until this year
4. I have gone from a size 5 to a size 13, now back down to a size 7
5. I love to backe, currently taking some cake decorating classess from Micheals
6. I love to read chinese books, any kind, once I opened a book, I cannot put it down until I am done
7. I love ur site, been here almost everyday since I find out about it, totally appreciate the effort u have put into this site
8. My parents owns a food court store, so I am always around chinese food
9. I just had my laser done last year, cause my retina is falling into pieces, yucks
10. I am super addicted to shopping on ebay
11. My friends say I am the reality check giving, always bursting their bubbles in their romance department
12. I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for almost 5 years now, currenly in a long distance relationship right now, cause he just left for hk this morning, I am counting on ur site to keep me busy^^
13. I make hong kong style tea and coffee in my parent’s place all the time for customers, yet i have never tasted milk tea or coffee ever in my life before
14. I don’t touch any food with milk in it, it’s not because I am allergic to milk, but because my preschool teacher made fun of me on the first day of class, you see, i was holding a bottle of milk, she called me a baby in the front of the school…..>_<
15. I absoutely adore any kind of white flowers, especially the lilies
16. I am not a bad driver, but i get into a car accident almost every year since I’ve gotten my license
17. I can’t have sushi cause whenever I eat raw food, I would get a tummyache, but i always go for japanese food with my friends, cause they love it
18. I collect perfumes, but I don’t wear them, just love to smell them from time to time and look at the pretty bottles
19. I have a whole shelf full of stuff animals, my favorite ones are a dim sum cat call nyanko and stitch from disney
20. I am a very organized person with work but my room is a huge mess, it drives my dad insane
21. I would do anything for the people I love, especially my friends and family
22. I was born with this special condition call G6PD, rare in female babies, it makes me allergic to a lot of medicine and chinese herbs
23. I have huge feet, I wear shoes ranging from size 39-41
24. I also have huge calfs, which makes it hard for me to find boots that will fit me, especially those knee heights boots with zippers at the side
25. I love to cook for my friends and family, I made cheesecakes and mousse cakes for my friends’ birthdays, because I love to cook, my boyfriend’s weight skyrocketed from 150lbs. to 215 lbs.


  1. Pandora

    1. I have a sister that’s 9 years younger than me, I am more of a mom to her than my mom

    Similar to your situation. I have two sisters and I’m the middle child – we’re all 6 years apart. I act more like a mom to my younger sister than my mom too. I would always tell me my mom not to spoil my sister, how she teach her, and stop lending money to her.

    Sometime I feel like a mom to my mom lol

  2. Mei

    Heheh, I’m like you VVN. Same shoe size and can’t fit into knee high boots. Have to stick to ankle boots and trousers. I’m also very organized at work and messy at home. 😀 And same with the sushi and number 11. Try unsweetened soya milk instead of milk to increase your calcium intake (it doesn’t look like milk, so ppl won’t notice).

  3. Lina

    Thx for sharing VVN. It’ll be good if you could send in some pics on CHEESECAKES or MOUSSE CAKES to MB to share with us? Preferably with recipes too…lol


  4. kk

    Hi VVN, I’ve got a tip for boots. Try to get boots that has an elastic extender on the top of the boot where the calf is. The shoemaker can actually cut into this area and extend it out so that the boot fits like a tea. I think they move the zipper or something but it works perfectly, you just need to make sure you go to a good shoemaker. Lots of luck

  5. bunessa


    thank you for sharing =D

    what were your symptoms when you found out your retina was falling?
    my mummie is suspecting that her retina is falling too..
    how were your eyes after the surgery?

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