This is home made by KK when she was sick.  I know pizza making isn’t as easy as ppl make out to be.. can you share your recipe .. KK..???  and the way to bake this..??  i’m sure it would be a lot healthier.. to make them on your own.   And I think it’s an awesome pizza .. KK.  Do tell us a little of yourself..  😉  afterall, this blog is about food and friendship.  So food we have from you .. what about the friendship..?  In the meantime, I figured you may enjoy some of the shows below.


Hi mamabok

Hope you are feeling better!
I’ve come down with bronchitis so I have to stay in doors. The good thing that has come out of it is that I’ve been watching alot of the cooking channels and being a newly wed, i’m terrible at cooking hehehe.. my mum comes over each week to help me out by stocking the freezer with food and soup.
However, I was inspired by the cooking shows that I actually made my own pizza for dinner. After 3 attempts, it finally turned out hehehe I got good reviews by the hubby but was contemplating whether to send it in to you. Its not as pretty as everything all ur fans have made but i’m improving! Didn’t cause the smoke alarm to go off this time at least LOL.
What do you think? Might be a case of my hubby not wanting to break my spirit LOL
kk xx

I Corrupt All Cops

Love Match

What’s New Today..??  Ssssshhhh..  !


  1. Mei

    I love pizza too! But can’t eat too much because of the cheese. A friend said, Chinese ppl can’t tolerate cheese. And I agree, hahahah.

    I find pizza easy to make (when I was a kid). The dough is the hardest to make, but over here we cheat as we can buy pizza bases. We add our own cheese, tomatoe puree etc, etc. 😀

    Get well soon KK!

  2. ilovetvb

    Mei, sorry to hear that you are not able to tolerate. I love cheese, all kinds of cheese. I can eat cheese everyday with anything and everything. That is my favorite part of the Pizza. I agree that the hardest part about making pizza is the dough. I also cheat and buy the dough from the pizza store.

    KK, Pizza looks great! I am sure it taste as good as it looks. Give yourself more credit – anything made from the heart tastes good. I am sure it was made with love.

  3. bunessa

    my boyfriend and i made a home-made pizza last week at home!! but it didn’t look as delicious as this one!
    lookin’ finger lickin’ good!!

    maybe we try to do it next time!
    …when my wisdom teeth are fully FULLY healed!! =D

    thanks for sharing!

  4. shirleyloo

    yes totally agree with ilovetvb!! the cheesier the better hahahaa… but me not so lucky loh, don’t have an oven at home so cant do pizza ;-( so wish I could make 1 … lucky it turns out ok KK.. at least u had a home-made 1 before 😉 keep it up ur gud work…success is on the way.. Also, take great care of yourself yeah..hope u get better soon!

  5. Mei

    That’s ok ilovetvb. I’m actually quite naughty and I will eat cheese anyway. Just now, I had macaroni cheese for lunch. Sometimes I can tolerate it, sometimes not.

  6. Karman Huynh

    Hi Mb,

    How are you?
    Just miss the good show from tvb!
    But you food blog is also nice! Hope to get the password soon!


    Karman Huynh

  7. keen

    Thanks KK for sharing! Your pizza looks delicious. Wanna have a bite. It’s tea time now and I’m hungry…..hehe!


  8. ilovetvb

    Mei, Good for you! Mac n cheese is my son’s favorite. Don’t be afraid to eat cheese. They are so yummy. My favorite kind is Asiago cheese. Do you have a favorite?

  9. shirleyloo

    Asiago huh?? never tried that before…mine is blue cheese aka gorgonzola 😉

  10. Mei

    Hi ilovetvb! My favourite cheese at the moment is vintage cheese from Marks and Spencer. It has a sweet taste to it and not a very strong cheese taste. Its great with salads.
    Cheese can cause constipation if you eat too much of it. So cheeselovers don’t eat too much!

  11. kk

    Hi MB, I’m so happy you posted my pizza up on ur blog! hahaha I had to show my hubby hahaha.

    Here’s the recipe for all you pizza lovers:

    Pizza dough
    1 cup of warm water
    1 teaspoon of honey, yeast and salt
    3.5 cups of organic all purpose flour
    2 tablespoons of light olive oil

    1 small tub of organic garlic and herb tomato paste

    2 organic chicken thighs cut into strips
    300ml of teriyaki sauce
    Mix chicken in sauce and set aside to marinate for 30 mins
    Stir fry chicken so its at least 80% cooked, set aside and let it cool

    Spread tomato paste onto dough, place chicken on top and sprinkle with cheese.

    I’m lactose intolerant so I tend to only use very minimal cheese coz I end up picking it off hahaha

    Once pizza cools a little, place baby spinich on top and shaved parmesan cheese to make it look pretty!

    Enjoy my friends

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