Our very own cookie monster at home.. she can beat the “ang moh” when it comes to choose the best cookies.  She had this m&m’s cookie from subway .. when “ang moh” went to get a sandwich for lunch on Saturday.

Yummy – Yum.. she said..  hahaha!!  a very expressive gal and looks like someone needs the best appetite suppressant really soon .. hahhaha!!! if she doesn’t stop eating junk..!!  Wait.. i think it is “ang moh” who needs it more.. for his junk appetite.

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  1. tsuchiyama

    Little Chloe happy and contented smile dimpled her cheeks. I think she really love chocolate cookies. So cute leh.

  2. ilovetvb

    Chloe is so much more adorable than the cookie monster. Her smile just makes your heart melt. Who would walk away from a M&M cookie? I wouldn’t. Chole, go for it!.

  3. bunessa

    she’s so cute!!
    what’s her favorite kind of cookie? white chocolate cookies are soo good *slurp

    thank you for sharing mamabok!

  4. Mei

    Aww, Chloe is so cute! She must love her cookies so much to beat her father to it, hahahah.

  5. Lina

    Soooo cute, especially 2nd pics! As if she’s telling us, ‘nei nei nei nei bo bo, u cannot have it’ ..hehehe

  6. shirleyloo

    hmm… Chloe will grow up to be a ‘sik sun’ huh?? n I like the dimples on her face!! so pretty loh 😉

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