Anyone had crab porridge before..?? if you haven’t you have to try it.  It’s awesome..!! i donch know how Mr Choo from the chinese restaurant cooked it.. but it didn’t have any fishy smell to it at all.  But there were bits of ginger in it too.   I have been eating crab so much lately, guess who is gonna need some acne treatments soon.

But how does one refuse food from home.. when you don’t get food from home at all here.  So if someone offers to cook it for you .. and free at that.. you never refuse right..??  So even if it is too heaty or “poisonous” .. as the chinese say crabs are..  you just eat it.. and die later kinda attitude right..?? muahahahha!!

A hole crab leg .. for a bowl of porridge.  Although messy .. and i normally won’t eat them at home.. Asia.. i didn’t feel that messy eating it here.. because beggars cannot be choosers lah.

Plus he gave me the rest of the crab that didn’t go into the porridge/congee.  How can not like Mr Choo right..??  So what i did..?? bought some skin care .. by Botanics for his wife lah.  Cannot lah .. always take right..?? must give back too.

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  1. fiona

    wow! that’s look sooo gooood! I never had this before.
    I would imagine Mr. Choo probably steam the crab first then chopped them up and put in the congee? because the congee looks so good without the crab’s juice and all that stuff.

  2. Lina

    Yes MB. I had this before n even tried cooking myself (cook any o how also it turned out GREAT!) hahaha. My version of crab porridge is not so whitish, mine was slightly pale orangey colour, due to rich roe…yummy! I put the whole crab (thoroughly wash/clean) to boil with sliced ginger till it’s cooked. I used the crab water to cook porridge. De-shell cooked crab n dump inside porridge when it’s done. Add a little salt n that’s it. That’s my version. I’m not a great chef hence if i can come out with this huh, consider good already u know…hehehe

  3. tsuchiyama

    Wow, that really looks delicious. I love crabs and I love congee too.
    Thanks for the uploading , MB.

  4. ilovetvb

    yummy, it looks great! just telling Lina today that I love congee. I have never triedy crab congee. I think I will try to make it one day. Lina’s version sounds good and simple to make. Tks for sharing MB.

  5. Michele

    I put my comment in the wrong post earlier, now it’s right.

    Hi Lina,

    Just wanted to say welcome back! Glad you’re feeling better.

    Side note: I think ginger with anything is good. It’s a real good ingredient for flavor/marinate.

  6. seam

    Wow! What a reception. Greeted by the delicious crab congee picture!!! Could almost smell it. Aahh!!! When you said that you’re quitting the blog, I had always been hopefully that you are going to make a comeback. Thanks!! Shall visit again and hopefully will be able to make some contribution in the near future. Thanks for the email!!

  7. Pandora

    I love all type of crabs… but crabs in my congee – that i have never tried before.

  8. bunessa

    Wow, I wish there’s good chinese restaurants in calgary..most of the restaurants here aren’t authentic and good tasting chinese food =[

    I had crab congee here once at one of my favorite chinese restaurants, but there were a lot of crashed shells in there, so we had to bee really careful when we were eating it =[

    I get lazy when I eat crabs =[ all the shells =P

  9. Frances

    Yum, that looks delicious! I have not tried Crab Congee yet, but I will have to try it one of these days. Thank you so much for the posting, and hope to hear from you again soon!

  10. shirleyloo

    crab is my fav!! but never come across my mind to eat it this way!! must try must try 😉

    Lina, welcome back!! Looks like your appetite is back huh?

    take care all…

  11. Pat

    wow, aren’t u lucky MB to have found Mr Choo! the crab congee sure looks great – a feast for my eyes!

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