There isn’t many places that we want to go eat .. mostly because we already eat at the store everyday… so on Sundays.. we really like to eat at home. But we are torn in between cooking and just lazing around.  Sundays is Chloe’s day..  that’s what she calls them.. so we let her decide, plus, we needed to look for some iphone accessories , so we headed to the mall.

The “ang moh” of course had his boring fish and chips .. but that’s because this is the only thing ..  Chloe would eat, else she is gonna end up eating fries only.  But she did eat a scallop.. because i tricked her into believing that they were fish nuggets.. muahahahahah!!!!

Chloe has come a long way with eating.  But we still bring her own forks and spoons and her own water and juice.. if we do go out and eat.  Plus she is very well behaved when she is out in the open.. so we really don’t mind bringing her out for makan sessions.

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  1. Laura

    I love Fried Scallops too!! Actually I like anything that’s made with scallops! =)

  2. tsuchiyama

    I love fried scallops, fried prawns. anything seafood. Though I can`t eat too much high calories food .
    Thank you for the uploading,MB , Have a nice weekend.

  3. ilovetvb

    all children are alike – fried food are their favorite food. well, at least fried fish is better than fried chicken. of course french fries are the main course of the meal for them. Chloe is seems to be enjoying her meal. She is just adorable. MB thks for sharing.

  4. Lina

    I like fish n chips. Fried scallops lagi like 😛 Like Jo, any seafood also nice n shiok!

  5. kk

    I love hot chips!! Especially on cold wet days, curling up on the couch with the heater on and a girlie romantic movie! One basic necessity is gravy on the chips or as an alternative hot bread! Wish I could eat it now!

  6. keen

    Wanna eat, then eat lor! Like Lina said scallops lagi best. eating fresh scallops, fish n chops, fresh mussels and salmons almost everyday. Just take care not to over eat only.

    Tsuchimaya you are a discipline person. Be happy and stay healthy.

  7. Irene

    Hi, your photos look great. What brand of camera are you using?
    Cheers and keep up the great writing. Really enjoyed it.

  8. bunessa

    thank you for sharing =D

    did chloe like the scallop?

    the only good fish and chip place here is joey’s only =[ it gets boring tho…

  9. Hi MB & Lina, the pink dress looked good on Chloe! Its very sweet on her! Glad it fits her well. The photos look great! Plus the food too.

  10. tsuchiyama

    Hi Ms Keen,
    No Lah, I am not a discipline person. I have to force myself to be disciplinced in order to stabalize my health condition. I like french fries, pocky, ice cream etc . Well, mostly unhealthy food leh.
    My principal in life: Life is short leh. One Must live to the fullest and be happy. I am a lagi happy person and a joker. Ask Lina.
    Have a nice day.

  11. shirleyloo

    hmm…glad that chloe is well behave & can manage her own meal course… good gal 😉 at least papa n mama can eat well together then… 😉

    Jo, u sounds like ‘Chai kau’ to me when u said life is short hehe… eh Lina?

  12. Elaine

    Hi mamabok,

    Just commenting again as you requested in your email to me. Still waiting to receive my password. I’m in Secaucus, NJ.


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