Where would you go again .. and again .. for some lunch.. ???  Doesn’t all the sandwich taste about the same..??  So why do some ppl go to a particular cafe or fast food restaurant on a daily basis..??  Is it really because of the food..?? or a particular coffee aroma..???

For me.. it’s the ppl who works in the cafe or sandwich place or the restaurant.. that would make me come back over and over again.  I’m not a really fussy customer.. but at times.. i could be wierd.. and asked for a half – half sandwich.  This sandwich cost the same.. irregardless whether i have all egg salad or chicken salad.. but you see at times.. a variety is good.. and i never asked for it.. when the sandwich place is busy.  Some would accommodate me.. but some would not.  And to those who does.. during non peak hours.. i’m forever grateful.  Since you all know that I come from a place.. where I can get just about any kind of food.. from Indian food to Chinese food or Japanese or Greek and even Swiss food..   or Malay food and the list goes on.

The employees are assets of the company.. but it is just as important that the employers empower the employees to try and go beyond the call of duty.. even if it was a simple sandwich.  And yes.. i got my first half-half sandwich.. and no.. i won’t be asking for another one like this for a long time.. becasue i know.. it is not right.  But sometimes.. a nice gesture from the gal over the counter.. can have a lasting impression.. and make a very home sick customer very happy.

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  1. Lychee

    Half-half sandwich? I never knew you could ask for it to be made like that for you…I’d be too scared to ask because I don’t like causing an inconvenience to the staff.

    But I agree, customer service can have a lasting impression.

  2. Mei

    Heheh, we can do half-half pizza’s here. Sandwiches can be bought with different fillings as well. I used to get half-half drinks coke and sprite, coke and fanta… And yes, customer service is the most important part of a business!

  3. tsuchiyama

    I do not know whether there is half half sandwich in Japan .There were half half pizza, pasta, mini set with 2 dishes etc In Japan. I just had a half half menu, a mini size tempura udon and a mini size kakiage gohan (rice) for lunch yesterday.Well, Japan is a service oriented country. It might be the other way roun?in this country. The service was just too good, well sometimes slightly over.Not easy to find a rude service line staff in Japan .Thanks for the uploading MB.

  4. hi Lina,
    1) I wan to introduce myself, I am a 45 year oldman
    2) My nickname is Uncle, and I like good taste food
    3) When I see the food that mama eats, always make fell very hungry.
    4) I am going to type 5 lines as I need to rush my project claims.
    5) Be happy and cheerful as always ^^

  5. ilovetvb

    i never heard of half half sandwich, but i am not much of a sandwich person. i usually make my own sandwiches. Jo, u r right that in Japan the customer service is excellent. It is not so in the States. People can be so rude especially the ones working in the fast food chains. It is sad.

  6. Lina

    OH YES! Customer service in Japan is ‘mo tak teng’! No where else can you find such excellent service. If wanna compare Singapore n Japan, it is like ‘man tong ngow bei’, no way near! If it is not due to the language barrier, i would have gone to Japan more often for my shopping trips other then HK 😛 Too many good stuff to shop …

  7. Pat

    here in milan instead, customer service is down the drain!! take for eg. a luxury store like louis vuitton (which I practically hate going but had to accompany sis-in-law cos she’s mad about it!) – salesgirls look at anybody that goes in from head to toe and if you ask 1 question more they’d give you the ‘look’ and do things halfheartedly. well maybe not all like that but almost 90% i’d say! sis-in-law told me LV in france instead they’ll bring you even coffee or tea before you buy anything.

  8. tsuchiyama

    If you were to come to Tokyo, I will accompany you to shop till you drop lah. Only to you lah. You know I am a slacker right.. I cannot walk too much and I will get?tired easily. No need to worry language barrier leh, Japanese with you mah.

  9. Lina

    Hey Jo, OK ON lah, u said so huh. I’ll definitely let u know should i plan to go Tokyo. I like that stretch along Shinjuku. So many nice stuff to shop n see 😛

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