1. ilovetvb

    How disgusting is that! MB, we would starve together than to eat the live fish. The mouth was still moving on the fish…ewwwwww!

  2. shirleyloo

    really cruel loh!!! I would rather starve to death than eating these … stupid or wat them???

  3. Mei

    The mouth was still moving! And did I see snake being cooked in the beginning… Yeeeeeee “hau waht dat la”. The body parts were still moving eeeeeeee!

  4. bunessa

    whoa! these people are crazy!! they’re so fast.. i didn’t think that’s possible!

    i don’t think i would bee able to eat anything that is still moving when it’s served =T

  5. Lisa

    I remember watching this on TV. It’s a documentary on West Lake Restaurant, the biggest restaurant in China. The restaurants ran competitions for their in-house chefs and staff.

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