Sad to say, we don’t own a sugar bowl.  Why..??  because we rarely use sugar in our food or drinks.  A packet of sugar weighing 2kg can last us for 3 years or even more.  For my cooking, i use very little sugar and baking i am not very good at it, so we usually end up with a ready mix.  Even then… i rarely want something with lots of sugar.  As a matter of fact, I don’t like to see “ang moh” eating sugar either. But every home has have to have a sugar bowl, so i figured it is time to look for one.  I found the above at $69 .. and am in love with it.   I bet the sugar in there .. can last me about 10 yrs.. muahahhah!!!

This charming sugar bowl makes for a happy little addition to the home. Stores sugar or, should you wish, spices, herbs, etc. Set comes with a plastic spoon that fits neatly under the lid. The gorgeous cedar wood is fastened together with carefully chosen slices of sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) bark. You’ll absolutely love this artistic and practical piece.

Product details

  • completely hand-crafted from Akita located in northern Japan
  • diameter: 9.5cm (3.7″) ; height: 6.5cm (2.5″)
  • lightweight, yet remarkably strong – made to last for years.
  • hand-wash with warm water and soap and store in a dry cool place
  • do not microwave

Magewappa is a marvelous 400-year old traditional craft that originated in Odate City in Japan’s northern Akita prefecture. It is painstakingly created by thinly shaving perfectly straight-grain cedar wood, specially planted on the eastern side of the Shirakami Mountains, a present-day World Heritage Natural Resource site. This complex procedure involves boiling the shavings, and repeatedly bending and fastening them together by hand with carefully chosen slices of sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) bark. Only cedar wood that is 100 years old or more can endure this demanding process.

A finished Magewappa creation is remarkably lightweight and bears a naturally faint aroma that magnificently compliments Japanese food and drink – especially sushi and sake. Sushi-bachi plates are further treated with a gorgeous red lacquer to aid preservation and presentation. A true feast for the eyes and a sure conversation-starter when entertaining friends and guests.

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  1. bunessa

    the sugar bowl looks so pretty!! i want one =[
    but it’s s o expensive for a sugar bowl =3=
    where do you find these mamabok?
    online? or someone sent you information on it?

  2. I don’t have time to do a lot of baking, and we have a sugar bowl, but the sugar has been in it for years. A bag of sugar lasts a good long time. I am usually out for a long while, before I remember to get a new bag. Usually around christmas. I think the sugar bowl you picked out is lovely.

  3. ilovetvb

    i have been trying to find a nice sugar bowl myself. the sugar bowl looks amazing, but kind of expensive. i will use it for my sugar in the raw. I like the sugar bowls with a spoon, but it not easy to find one that looks good and inexpensive. But this one is really nice. I love it also, but I am not willing to spend that much for it. I’ll continue to shop around for something else.

  4. tsuchiyama

    I think this sugar bowl is classy . Such bowls(for salt, sugar, green tea leaves etc) are used in more expensive Japanese eating places or Japanese onsen motels .It is not so commonly used in the household kitchens. Normally one touch open plastic rectangular containers are used for sugar and salt in Japanese household kitchens (durable and space savings).
    Thanks for the uploading MB.

  5. Lina

    Nice classy sugar bowl, the price even classier 😛

    I dont use sugar at home other then rock sugar n the rock sugar i use will be grind to powder form which i usually use for making fresh lime juice.

  6. shirleyloo

    wow…so much info on a little sugar bowl MB… bravo leh!!! but the bowl is sure cute & kawaii loh but of coz like wat they said earlier…it is sure very expensive leh. Me I just use sugar when im making tea to drink .. tats oso like once in a month??? haha…so my sugar bowl is just a cheap plastic container.

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