Yesterday morning, while checking my email .. i received one from paypal.  A kind and generous fan who wished to remain anonymous donated $50 USD to a charitable organization.. of our choice at the end of the year.  You know who you are.. and it was by far one of the biggest donation besides the one Lina made !  Thank you very much.. and i also wanna take this opportunity to thank those who had send food and presents from all over the world for Chloe and I.  Thank you very much for all your love, kindness and generousity – you make my world a better one.

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  1. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina,
    You are like Rosy Business Tsueng Kyu leh. You have such a charitable heart. I really respect you. Serious leh. I don`t think I could be like you. I am not considered as a stingy person but I just feel troublesome to sign up or to disclose visa info etc(You know I am a slacker right) ,direct cash payment ,bank transfer might be easier for me. Yah hor, yesterday the amt saved on that D& G bermuda , you used it on charity liao.. God is watching lah.You deserved to be a good life madam lah.
    I`ve have to rush to school now. See u around. Lina. pai sei leh,.I did not do my part but I have been?contributing to many charitable association all these yrs be it finanicial or non finanicial , May you and your family be blessed with happiness always.

  2. Lina

    Hey Jo, pls dont say that! There’s nothing to be embarrass about PLS!!! I’m pretty sure there’s lotsa people out there wanna do their part for this charity donation but it’s just that they do not have a “PAYPAL” account to do so. In your case, you took effort to go to the post office to send your package to MB. Postage alone is already way above what i’ve contributed hence we cant compare n weigh such issues pls! Not forgetting u DID your part by contributing to many charitable association. We dont have to broadcast on this, as long as deep inside us, we did our part. I’m very sure MB will agree with me on this. By visiting n supporting her food blog, leaving comments, clicking onto the sponsors at the side of page, is in a way contributing n helping.

    Here in Singapore, i’m not sure if u’re aware that @ food centres, there’s lotsa less fortunate old men/women, handicap, partially blind, etc, going around selling tissues ie, 3 pkts for $1 to make a living. Many a times, when they approached me, i’ve never failed to give them my $1 w/out taking the tissues. If only u could see their ‘thankful’ gesture on their faces, u’ll be so happy that it’ll make u enjoy what u’re eating even tastier. At least my $1 makes someone HAPPY! 🙂


  3. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina.
    Yes I totally agreed with you. In order to?maintain this blog going. I did my part. (supporting food blog, clicking into sponsors etc)
    I think all faithful fans are doing that.
    Lina, I really like you.I like your character. That`s it. I don`t want to say much. I know you will understand,
    Wei, I have no time to watch Rosy Business lah.I have to work this afternoon. very xian lah.I hope I can find time to finish Ep20 first leh. I know Ep 21 was out. (weeping…..)

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