Sorry .. i am so late.. *bow* .. but i didn’t forget.  I haven’t been feeling the best for the last 2 weeks.. giddy all the time.  We suspect it is high blood pressure.. and of course.. last weekend.. we had some commotion . .with the sitter’s peanut brain brother and his woman.  Long story, but if you wanna know more.. you can go to my personal blog for it.

Anyhow.. we have a tie for my birthday contest.. and firstly .. i thank you all for participating.. but there are some who are very enthusiastic.. and they came pretty close.  I narrowed it down to two .. and they are Bunessa and Tracey .   So who is gonna win this megavideo premium membership..???  Stay tuned.. !!!!  I’ll try and take a video of our lucky draw..  and post it up.   And of course, Chloe is gonna pick the winner eh.

Wats New?!?


  1. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. Hope you’re going to see the doc soon to check the BP. I was recently diagnosed with hypertension and am now on medication. 🙁

  2. tsuchiyama

    MB are you unwell???
    Please take care. Thank you for all the uploading. If you are unwell, pls try to rest more.

  3. Lina

    Aiyo, the word ‘GIDDY’ scares me! I’ve phobia seeing this word 🙁 MB, better take care ah!

  4. ilovetvb

    MB, sorry to hear that u r now feeling well. I hope u will get well soon. Please try best to take care of yourself.

  5. keen

    Hi MB!

    Pls. take care. If u r not feeling well, consult a Doctor. Rest and take things easy hor?

  6. Pat

    mb, take good care of yourself ok? tell hubby to chip in and pamper you with more tlc.

  7. shirleyloo

    MB… take care of ur health yeah..high blood pressure must cut down on salt intake k ….

  8. Mei

    MB, take care of yourself. Go for a detox – like a vegetarian day… I also think you need a big break from all your blogging!

    And good luck to Bunessa and Tracey!

  9. bunessa

    oh no! i hope you don’t have high blood pressure =T
    maybe you should take a break from all of this for a little while
    go to spa or something to relax =D

    yesturday when i was working at the clinic, i interacted with the first patient that was diagnosed with the swine flu at our office(thank god it was mild, so it’s not too bad)
    the swine flu is hitting super close
    i live in calgary, and if i’m right, mamabok, you and your family live in nova scotia? that’s really close =T please take care!!

    also, thank you mamabok for such a great opportunity for the membership!!
    good luck tracey and of course myself =P

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