Wood Ear or Wood Fungus as they called it is good for cooling the blood, arrest bleeding, prevent blood coagulation after injury or giving birth.  It is said to relieve hemorrhoids as well .. and relieve vaginal bleeding.  Ok.. so we know all the good stuff about the Wood fungus/ear .. “mok yee” in cantonese but i want to let you all know that “mok yee” is very hard on the digestive system.  Why do i say that..??  a year ago, after my major operation to remove my  huge fibroids.. weighing like 3Kg (size of a new born baby) and a full hysterectomy..  I had complication after eating steamed chicken with mok yee.  When i was puking for 6 hrs.. all the mok yee came out .. none digested.. if you know what i mean.  I haven’t had mok  yee for a year now.. and yesterday.. i had some vegetarian food.. and had mok yee again.  So guess what happened..??  yes..  the mok yee doesn’t wanna digest either this time.

Just for general info.. in case .. you had a bowel obstruction .. or feel constipated all the time.. mok yee might be the cause of it.  I’m gonna stop taking mok yee for now, so that I don’t get into any trouble.  I thought i would share some of my personal experience with you.  If anyone got tips.. or general info.. please share, share eh.

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  1. S.S

    Oh.. I didn’t know black fungus was the main reason for indigestion.. that’s pretty serious..

  2. ilovetvb

    I know that black fungus is good for lowering cholesterol. I have used it to make soup with pork and red date to help lower cholesterol. My hubby has high cholesterol and I made the black fungus soup for him. He drank for 2-3 weeks and it really lowered his cholesterol. He did not change his diet in anyway. I am not sure if it causes indigestion or not. I don’t think I have ever use it for cooking. I use cloud ear in vegetarian dishes. It is a little different than the black fungus.

    MB, if it really causes indigestion for you. Just stay away from it. Hope you feel better.

  3. shirleyloo

    wow!! so much of benefits..but if it really causes indigestion y wanna consume it rite? probably do soup like ilovetvb & just drink the soup enough lah haha… but i’m ok with it coz i had quite alot of black fungus during my confinement ..

  4. Lina

    Hey Mb, u better STOP taking this then. Cant be so coincidental.

    Belle, i’ll email soon re soup u made for your hubby. Need your advise on this soup since it could help in lowering down high cholesterol.

  5. keen

    Hi MB! I don’t eat “Mok Yee” although my mum said it has many good food values. Each time I eat I got gastric pains but no constipation. Good for lowering high cholesterol but ppl with low blood pressure must not consumer too much leh!


  6. bunessa

    when my mummie eats too much wood ear, she gets stomach pain =[
    maybe that’s why!!

    thank you for sharing mamabok!

  7. lgh


    i see a very qualified TMC doctor. I suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But my TMC doc said it is ok to drink wood fungus drink about 4-5 times a week [ie water boiled with wood fungus]. But he advised that I should not drink sancha [hawthorn] drink too much. It is to dilute my blood like aspirin and I should drink it only twice a week.

    Hence,if you want to drink wood fungus or hawthorn drinks, please see a qualified TMC doctor first.

  8. lgh

    Sorry, I forget to add. Wood fungus is NOT to prevent blood coagulation.It is to lower HBP. Hawthorn [or sancha] is to prevent blood coagulation! It dilutes blood like aspirin. It is important that the facts are right. Otherwise, readers may be mislead by the information posted. IT IS BEST TO SEE A QUALIFIED TMC DOCTOR TO CLARIFY PURPOSE OF HERBS.

  9. prithum

    they say that you need to boil mok yee for 8 hours to prepare the soup use for blocked arteries and heart problems . this is a very tedious job What if you cook it for shorter period say one hour ,will it be effective or nor?

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