Happy Canada’s Day

When you see something like that in the local supermarket, you kinda know or is reminded what is coming up next.  Yes – tomorrow is Canada’s day .. and yes.. we are open for business .. as per usual.  The summer months are usually quite busy for us at the store.. and there is really … [Read more…]

Muesli & Yogurt

So i’ve been eating healthy.. not because of my weight .. but because of my blood sugar level sky-rocketing way high .. beyond even my imagine.   But truly .. i donch mind the healthy stuff..  but for those who have eaten yogurt .. i’m sure.. that you know .. by the end of the tub.. … [Read more…]

Organic Peas

If there was anything healthy that Chloe loves best, it had to be organic peas from her Grampie’s garden.  She can’t get enough of it.. and she turns silly when she sees them.  After her school concert yesterday, her grampie had picked his first bag of peas .. this season.. and you should have seen … [Read more…]

Mexican Calzone

In different parts of Canada.. you can actually get different kinda food.. but not very much here in my small town.  I wanted to try this for a long time.. this is Mexican Calzone .. but I donch like a lot of pastries and the “ang moh” and lil’ brat donch like spicy stuff ..  … [Read more…]


Dear Mr Zhu was so accommodating when i asked for a plate of “yau choi” .. because of my health issue, bless his kind heart.   I love vegies.. as you all know.. and if i could.. i would eat it everyday .. and every meal.  But for some reason.. whenever i take a lot … [Read more…]

Fish Anyone ?

For those who are not aware of this.. i’m fighting to keep my blood sugar down since last week Thursday.  Apparently, it had shot sky high .. and i need to be on full dosage of medication – which is pretty ironic because a year ago, my family doctor didn’t wanna give me medication .. … [Read more…]

Daylight Robbery Rambutan

You can imagine how happy i was to see not too bad looking rambutan .. at the local supermarket.  Quickly i picked up 4 of it.. and went to pay for it at the cashier counter.  You guess how much it was .. for 4 miserable looking rambutans..???  ALMOST $4.00!!!!  OH MY GOD..!!!  daylight robbery … [Read more…]


One of the things i missed most from Margaret Drive Hawker Center on the corner of the 2nd floor is the Gyoza there.  Dipped them in vinegar and lots of ginger.. this store i never fail to go … whenever i get home from a trip.. and to meet up with some old friends.  The … [Read more…]

Pear Soup

As you all know.. i’ve been having a lot of soup of late.  Mr Zhu from the Chinese restaurant had been feeding me well.  Last week Staurday .. it was pear soup (Swit Leah) .. it was very sweet.. and i was instantly relief of my sore throat.  Swit Leah is said to be cooling.. … [Read more…]

Assam Fish

I used to love the mamak store.. and once every other week or so.. asked the zhe char store to cook Assam Fish Head for me.  It’s is a good source of everything in it.. with vegies.. and fish.. and something sour and spicy – i love it.   But of course, for the last 9 … [Read more…]