Hey.. Michele,

Thank You for sharing about yourself.ย  We have another American born chinese here..ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  woohoo..!!! It is good not to eat too much meat..ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Traveling is also my favorite.. no books or any kind education is better than traveling.ย  I love sushi too.. but not chocolate though. I’m so happy to hear that you are fluent in Cantonese.. because most ABC don’t know a word of chinese.. or cantonese.. hhaha!!!


1. I am an American-born Chinese.
2. I am a total foodie. I love food and am constantly thinking about or drooling over food.
3. I also am quite a picky eater at the same time. There are many things I donโ€™t like to eat but will eat under certain circumstances.
4. I love traveling. I hope to go to all 7 or least 6 continents.
5. I like reading and watching chick flicks.
6. Iโ€™m a girly girl.
7. I can be very shy at times but talkative at other times. It depends on the circumstances.
8. I am very fluent in Cantonese.
9. I can read a little Chinese due to taking some classes.
10. I love watching HK dramas.
11. I get easily star struck. I remember a couple times where I ran into a couple movie stars and wanted to follow them but was scared at the same time.
12. I prefer summer over winter.
13. Sushi is one of my favorite foods.
14. Chocolate is another one of my best friends.
15. Ice skating is one of my favorite activities.
16. Bottled chocolate milk from HK is my all time favorite drinks. However, they no longer sell it. :(
17. I love shopping.
18. Shoes and purses are what I adore the most!
19. I love being busy with activities during the weekends.
20. I wish there was a transporter that would transport me anywhere I wanted without having to spend so many hours on a plane.
21. I love spending time with friends.
22. The most simple things can make me happy. For instance, if I see something I like at the store, itโ€™ll get me really excited even if I donโ€™t buy it. I usually work on buying it in the end though.
23. I wish I truly knew what field I truly exceled in and would enjoy doing. Itโ€™s such a maze and difficult process.
24. Sometimes I wish I can turn back time.
25. I used to be more of a meat eater but as I get older, I learn to eat more veggies and like them. Meat is not as much of a necessity as it was before.


  1. Princess

    Hi Michele. We have so much in common. Just to name a few. I love chocolate and can’t stop once I start. Absolutely love Sushi. Shoes and purses — which girly girl doesn’t love right?( I love them too). I don’t need to tell you, MB’s blog is so great. It’s such a great way to make friends here. MB is the BEST!

  2. tsuchiyama

    Hi Michele. Thanks for sharing. I am a girly girl too. The girlish style clothes are my favourite. I am a Jap but I am very fluent in my cantonese than my Japanese. If you are already in facebook, you can search for tsuchiyama jo and you could find me. bye.
    Thanks MB for everything.
    Lina, my finger numbness condition is improving therefore my comments lagi long again liao. (hahahahaha….)

  3. fiona

    vingear and ginger, that made me think of siu lung bow. Hai Fun siu lung bow is the best, it’s so juicy n delicious.

  4. Michele

    Hi Princess. Where are you from? I usually have a craving for lots of food. It’s either salty or sweet depending on what I already ate. ๐Ÿ˜› Also if I have food in front of me while I’m working, I find it hard to resist from eating them despite being full. It’s such a bad thing!

    Hi Lina! Thanks and hope your son is recovering well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Jo. I’ve been to Japan before and like their clothes too but I find it a little pricey. Thanks for providing your info. ๐Ÿ™‚ Try doing some finger exercises by moving them around so your numbness will go away.

    Ooh, I LOVE siu lung bow. They’re my FAVE!

    Thanks for posting this up, MB. I did not realize it was up till you told me.

  5. Michele


    Most people are pretty shocked to see that I’m so fluent in Chinese and that’s all due to watching tvb dramas. I’ve been watching since I was a kid. I guess I picked up a lot of lingo and stuff from it. My mom would always borrow the tapes and I’d be alongside watching as well. But now that I’ve grown up, I watch online on my own. My mom watches online when she has a chance. I think I’m more addicted to watching than she is now.

  6. fiona

    Hi Michele, I same person as Princess. Apparently I forgot what mine account was from another computer(old) therefore I set up another one which I go by Fiona. Somehow I was using it the other day.
    Anyhow, I’m from New York. Where are you from? I meant to tell you also, couple years ago I ran into Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow and Patrick Tam but didn’t approach them. When they saw I was looking at them they turn around and took a different route.

  7. Yok Yee

    Hi Michele,

    I”m an ABC too! I live in a state with more Vietnamese people than chinese so every chinese person that meets me is very surprised to discover how much chinese I can speak. Sometimes I’m very good at the Hong Kong “gangster” talk too! hehehe….

  8. tsuchiyama

    Hi Fiona.Thank you for your concern. I am getting so much better now. I can type with more than 1 finger now. (hahahaha,.)
    Hi Michele Thanks for your concern and advice. I like the bottle chocolate milk from HK too.It was One of my favourite drink during my childhood days.

  9. shirleyloo

    elo michelle… foon yeng foon yeng ๐Ÿ˜‰ 1 more frens online hoho… gonna get frens from around the world thru MB’s blog awesome!!! I like ice skating & sushi too … but not so on chocolates though (except if thry r dark n bitter choc)…

    Jo, dun be heroine – little bit okay oredy dun go so hard on ur fingers yet k? must take it slowly yeah …

    Fiona, i believe HK artiste r all like that, they scared of ‘fans’ hahaaa…

  10. Michele

    Fiona – I’m from Chicago. A long time ago I ran into Siu Mei Kei and Ekin Cheng when they were still dating. I got his signature too.

    Yok Yee – Are you from LA? Just a guess based on what you said.

    Tsuchiyama – Do they have the chocolate drink in Japan? I didn’t see it when I was there, but just curious.

    Hi Shirley. Thank you. Do you know any special tricks in ice skating such as skating backwards or sideways? I always wanted to learn but never got the chance.

  11. tsuchiyama

    Hi Michele.
    The chocolate drink I missed was from HK not from Japan.No doubt I am in law a Japanese (half Jap half hongkonger) I was brought up by my granny(my mum side). I spent my childhood days till 6 in HK.(not in Japan).

  12. Michele

    Jo, do you know how to read and write in Chinese since you spent some time in HK? Do you ever go to HK to visit?

  13. shirleyloo

    hi michelle… the last time i went ice skating was about 5-6 years back when i was still in college time hehe… n i was just learning on my own lah. so not so much on the tricks loh.. very basic only 1 know.hmm…sounds like u wanna master the sports eh? gambatei yo!

  14. Michele

    Hi Shirley,

    Sounds like you’re about the same age as I am. Are you in your late 20s? Where are you from? I would like to pick up a few tricks from it, but I doubt I can. I’m not taking classes or anything. It’s a little scary too if I injure myself at this age. Thanks though!

  15. tsuchiyama

    Hi Michele,
    I know how to read, write, speak Cantonese and Chinese .Go and join my FB, I can communicate with u in Cantonese.My pc could not type cantonese therefore I could only type cantonese chinese characters with Jap kanji.
    No doubt I am a Jap (half Jap) and I do not face any barriers in communicating in Japanese but my accent can never be like a 100% native Jap because I was not brought up in Japan. I will fly back to HK and Singapore once a yr or once twice a yr. I just came back from HK and Singapore a few months ago. I was there from Dec 08 to Feb 09.HK and Singapore are my second home. I know what you are thinking, I am a strange Japanese (hehehe..) I like to make friends with foreigners than my own people. Reason: My character and thinking are different from a typical Japanese although my face or image might be a 100% Japanese.

  16. Yok Yee

    Michele-No, I’m not from LA, but that’s a good guess! I’m actually from Oklahoma where there’s not alot of Asians but what we do have is all Vietnamese.

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