I used to love the mamak store.. and once every other week or so.. asked the zhe char store to cook Assam Fish Head for me.  It’s is a good source of everything in it.. with vegies.. and fish.. and something sour and spicy – i love it.   But of course, for the last 9 yrs .. since arriving in Canada.. I haven’t had any till a week ago.

First off.. donch know how to cook without “ang kor li” lah. Down here.. no “ang kor li” ok..   got haddock, got cod fish, got salmon .. and got some other kind of fish – but most importantly .. don’t have the paste to cook assam fish.  Barbara sent some.. like 6 months ago.. and there is another sent by Charmaine in December.  So i finally braved up.. and bought salmon (darn expensive !!! )   and cooked it.  It was awesome lah..!!!!

Now that i’ve cooked it once.. i can’t wait to try it with more fish and ladies fingers.  Yummy .. yummy..!! thanks.. Barb.


  1. Lina

    Yummy yummy! From pics it looks nice n i’m sure it taste good too. Cod, Salmon n Haddock is rather expensive here. Dory is cheap.

  2. Jan, looks yummo! I asked my hubby who is a keen fisherman what’s a good fish to cook assam. He suggested halibut, if you can get it in Yarmouth. I think that’s the fish we used when we were in Portland. But salmon is good as well, I guess with assam style any fish is good, esp if served with lady fingers or okra.

  3. i love assam fish too but can never get delicious ones in Singapore, do you know where to get good assam fish in Singapore ??

  4. samantha

    mama…. the swit lei soup look real nice, jus like how we cook it here. I do like to share with you.. green papaya, sweet corn, carrot and sweet e (snow fungus) soup. Its very sweet and nice. You could add meat and some red dates if you have.
    And you assam salmon looks delicious too.

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