You can imagine how happy i was to see not too bad looking rambutan .. at the local supermarket.  Quickly i picked up 4 of it.. and went to pay for it at the cashier counter.  You guess how much it was .. for 4 miserable looking rambutans..???  ALMOST $4.00!!!!  OH MY GOD..!!!  daylight robbery right..??  i went back to the box and took another look at the price.. and found that it was for $9.99/lb .. !!!! more expensive than buying lobsters..!!!  lobsters are only at $5.39/lb.  Yes..!!! i put them back.. and didn’t buy it.  I haven’t had rambutan since i came to Canada.. besides the canned ones.. i get in the city..  but at $1.00 a piece.. it’s crazy..!!  if it was durian of course .. i wouldn’t mind.. but RAMBUTANS..??!!!??  i get them from our garden at home.. and we plucked them off the tree.. when we were kids.  Would you pay a buck a piece for a rambutan..??


  1. Michele

    For some reason, those rambutans are very $$. I recall buying some in Hawaii and they were about the same price as you mentioned. They taste like lychee. Is there really a difference?

    Just curious, MB, but do you have a camera phone you use to take pics? I notice you always do it where ever you go. I don’t think it’d be convenient to have a regular camera around. So you use your camera phone?

  2. Pandora

    i love Rambutan but they are so expensive. I only eat them when my mother in-law buys them for me.

  3. super expensive. its only rm3 per kg over here in KL.

    btw, mamabok, i used to visit ur site but i couldnt go into ur site. i went into albums but i couldnt find anything that tells me to enter the password which barbara has given me.
    i only see some list of tv shows, and discount perfume. after discount perfume, there is nothing for me.
    u can verify with barbara about me, Wen/Wendy


  4. fiona

    I love rambutan as well. Whenever we head up to Toronto, I’d get some of it and a ton of lychee and logan because they are so inexpensive in Toronto.

  5. Mei

    Love these. But I also find them expensive over here. If you’ve watched Ugly Betty Season 3, they called them “tico berries”. The new hot fruit around. Definitely similar to lychees but of course bigger in size.

  6. Frances

    Rambutan is also quite spendy in the US, i rather buy Durian instead to enjoy.The only problem is my son, he just hates the smell of Durian when i store it in the refrigerator, so we try to eat the fruit as soon as possible without him of course:)!

  7. Michele

    Hi Mei,

    You’re right. I do recall seeing that episode with ‘tico berries’. I had no idea they were these. So GOOD though!

  8. tsuchiyama

    I think I ate this fruit in Malaysia and Singapore before. The meat was white in color and the seed was quite big.
    Lina, Is this the fruit for that Ah Ming in the zoo??Cantonese pronouce as hong mou tan?? Or ang gu kueh?? I know foreigners is known as ang moh nan. And I am ni bun nan. And your husband is ni ee ang (hahahahaha..)

  9. Like you, I also miss rambutans, haven’t had any for many years. They are available here in Sydney, but too expensive. The rambutans here comes from Far North Queensland – Cairns.

  10. Mei

    Hi Michele, it was a funny episode when Lindsay Lohan threw all those fruits into the lake… I thought, that is such a waste!

  11. Lina

    Jo, u’re right. This is ‘hong mo tan’ (canto), ‘ang mo tan’ (hokkien) Not ‘ang gu kueh. “Ang gu kueh’ is will peanuts, red/green paste, ‘ling yong’ inside as fillings.

    Re Ah Meng in Zoo, i’ll email u.

  12. keen

    Hi MB! $4.00 for 4 rambutans is too expensive! Luckily you put back. Here in M,sia rambutans are seldom found in the city area, it is mostly in the outskirt. Our supermarket here is now selling 1kg for RM$3.00 and it is more than 30 pieces.

  13. shirleyloo

    HAHAHAA… im not gud in hokkien but hoho ‘ang gu keh’ is definitely not rambutan eh 😉 i dun quite like this fruit coz its flesh always get stuck in between my teeth loh… hmm sum more it’s sooo darn expensive thr huh? ‘guai mai’ meh!!

  14. Lina

    Hoi Shirley, u laugh so loud over “ang gu kueh’! I also dare not laugh out so loudly ah …hahahaha. I know, vast difference between ‘ang mo tan’ n ‘ang gu kueh’, pardon Jo lah, she’s learning mah…heheheh

  15. shirleyloo

    yes yes.. just kidding oni leh 😉 she’s consider very gud jor (at least she know wats ang mo tan – me i dunno b4 this haha)…

  16. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina. shirley
    Don`t worry lah. small thing lah. want to laugh , laugh lah. all of us just joking mah. no joke no fun leh.
    BTW that Ah ming still living or not? very cute orang utan??

  17. kk

    We don’t get them very often in Oz, but as an alternative we get lychees and logans but they are still pretty pricey at AUD$25-30kg.. I hear however that oranges are good in US??

  18. I had a similar experience with mangosteen in UK. I was delighted to see some in the local shop, then realised they were going for £1 each!! eeks!! Gorging on tropical fruits at home right now. Heh.

  19. Lina

    Oops, Jo, forgot to tell u. Ah Meng gone for good liao. Dont ask me when hor, i forgot, think last yr or 2-3 yrs back 🙁 She’s more famous then any of our Ministers here…hahahah

  20. jessi

    wooooo, I love that fruit! remember eating that in HK was soooo good, we get that once a long while here in Chicago, but no juice at all:( good to talk to you again mama Bok. Jessi

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