Father’s Day was a few days ago.. and the “ang moh” chose to eat at Jungle Jims.  Did we tell you we love Jungle Jim’s..??  yes.. ! the food is decent.. the ppl are awesome.. and no pressure at all.  We usually eat .. when the rest of the world is done with their lunch.

And I thought it would be nice to take a picture of father and daughter to remember this day by.. but as you can see..  the big one is a joker.. and the little one is a copy cat.

I had something healthy.. since i was watching my blood sugar.. tortilla chicken wrap with ceasar salad.. and dressing on the side.  I didn’t finished the tortillas .. had only 3 of them.  Finished the salad with a few drops of dressing.

Chloe had monkey fingers and fries.. and of course she finished the fries.. and not the monkey fingers.. which is actually chicken.

The ang moh had the fish, chicken wings, onion rings and fries combo.  As you can see he didn’t finished everything.. and not even the wings.. only the fish and the onion rings.  And look at the amount of BBQ sauce they had given him.  It was a good meal.. the brat even had a sundae with M & Ms.  And we love the owner.. who even ran out to return our towel that chloe left behind.

Maria’s Kitchen – 14/06/09

The Ultimatum


  1. Lina

    Ya, the tortilla chicken wraps looks yummy. Portion served looks big eh? Still considering sharing instead?

  2. ahh..yes i know you all love jungle jim cos you go there often 😀 Both PB’s and Chloe’s expressions are really funny. Yeah…the tortilla chicken wraps look so delicious.

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