For those who are not aware of this.. i’m fighting to keep my blood sugar down since last week Thursday.  Apparently, it had shot sky high .. and i need to be on full dosage of medication – which is pretty ironic because a year ago, my family doctor didn’t wanna give me medication .. for it.. and wanted me to control my diabetes with a strict diet.  So of course, i panic lah.. but fish is said to be good.. and because no one at home eats fish.. except me..  i have to consider the cost of just feeding me alone.

Truth be told.. i can eat fish everyday.. and i like baking them.  It’s pretty awesome..!!  but fish is darn ex here.. luckily the “ang mohs” father loves fishing.. i may have to resort to getting him to fish those fish for me.. muahhahahahaha!!! but not all fishes can be eaten.. and those caught needs to be cleaned and eaten immediately or frozen immediately.  But since we don’t go and visit so often now..  i can’t get good fishes from him.  I miss my “ang kor Li”  .. what about you ..??


  1. Frances

    I am very sorry to hear that you need to start using medication. I hope that you will get better soon!! I also love eating fish, and could probably eat it for every meal too! my favorite is steammed fish with scallion, ginger and flavored soy sauce on top, yummy!!

  2. keen

    Hi MB! We are all concerned for you…and your health too! Eating fish is good. The “Ang Kor Li” in this pic….is it called “red snapper” in English? Here in M’sia it is not exp… around RM22 for 1 kg.

    BTW have u tried juicing “baby bitter gourd” with green apples? My hubby knew this person who drank this juice daily (1 glass) and within a month his sugar level went down. Pls consult your doctor first if you need to try. OK? Meanwhile, take plenty of rest.

  3. Julie Chang

    Please take care la. I will be thinking and praying for you.
    Sorry that I haven’t been posting for a while–been busy preparing for the wedding. We finally decided on a florist. BTW, I will also be heading to Las Vegas in early July for 10 days to attend the IRS Convention.

    I hope by the time I am back in Hawaii, you will be a lot better.

    With lot of love,

  4. Lina

    My son n i loves fish. Hubby is very ‘chin chye’ on food hence it’s so much easier for me in the kitchen. Usually i’ll bake, steam, grill..depending on what kinda of fish. Never like to deep fry coz it’ll camouflage the freshness of the fish. Jan, do like like Pomfret? Usually i’ll get one which is big enough to de-done n cook them like ‘fish porridge’ style. Nice, sweet n healthy 😛

  5. shirleyloo

    steamed patin & teo chew style is my all-time favorite hehe… fish porridge eh? only my son will like it 😉 MB, my father-in-law also having diabetes & it’s quite serious. So he has been taking this aloe vera’s flesh to control the level – u may wanna try out??

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