One of the things i missed most from Margaret Drive Hawker Center on the corner of the 2nd floor is the Gyoza there.  Dipped them in vinegar and lots of ginger.. this store i never fail to go … whenever i get home from a trip.. and to meet up with some old friends.  The person who brought me there first was my sister – I think she was staying somewhere near Tanglin with her then boyfriend.   When i grew older, I visit with my girlfriends.. and boyfriends.  Most thinks I’m a bit crazy for wanting to eat in a hawker center instead of the Westin at Pregos .. but when you traveled as much as I did .. all you want is some good old hawker food.. cheap and good.  We have this here frozen.. but because I don’t wanna eat so much old.. so it turned out this way.  It wasn’t the best.. the vinegar here is different from the ones we have back home.. so i used the sauce they gave .. with some sambal oelek.  A pretty good snack .. if i may say so myself.


  1. tsuchiyama

    I like gyouza too. I do not eat meat except seafood and vegetables thus It is Not easy to find stores which sell vegetables or only shrimps gyouza. MB the ceasar salad at Pregos very delicious leh. And the chocolates in Long Bar was good. ya lah ,Mb I understand your feelings lah. No doubt I am not a singaporean , I was there for some 8 to 9 years, longer than my mum hometown HK. Therefore I miss the old hawker centre food like you too.

  2. Lina

    Yes, totally agree with Mb n Joey. Nothing beats hawker food, cheap n good! We usually order our version of ‘ala carte’ so that we can have different varieties. Pregos serves good pastas too. Btw Mb, why your Gyoza a bit ‘chow ta’? Didnt ‘watch fire’ eh? 😉 Stall u mentioned @ Margaret Drive 2nd floor still here. One of these days i go eat take pics make u drool ok…hehehe 😛

  3. Mei

    Wohh, MB, I think you read my mind! I’m going to be making these today! They are probably the easiest dumplings to make, although I will be using frozen dumpling wraps instead of making my own dough – and it will be the Chinese version too. Have you tried dipping them with sesame chilli oil and soy sauce? They do that in Wagamama’s and I love it!

  4. Pat

    gyoza is the must-have dish when i go to the chinese restaurant in my area.
    will finally overcome my laziness to make it mayself!

  5. Pandora

    i love gyoza too… making it from stratch and wrapping it takes forever, so I rather buy, cook, and eat it right away.

  6. fiona

    vingear and ginger, that made me think of siu lung bow. Hai Fun siu lung bow is the best, it’s so juicy n delicious.

  7. maia

    oooh i love jiaozi: steamed, cooked or fried… yummy!!! i also buy the skins and just add my filling. as dipping sauce, when i am lazy i just do chinese vinegar with ginger… but my fav is: vinegar, sugar, chillis and chopped scallion. got this recipe from a vietnamese friend. definitely miss hawker food!!

  8. Tyler

    Gyozas or Dumplings are ubiquitous in NYC Chinatown. Dumpling stores, just hole in the walls sells some really delicious ones. 5 for a U.S. $1. Yes, we are pretty spoiled down here. I guess it definitely helps that there is such a large diverse Chinese American population!

  9. mona p.

    ahhah, seems like this one was a bit burned…

    Same here, I love Gyozas, expecially the Japanese Frozen one: the skin is so thin and the Gyoza is so juicy! I always like to have them with home made sauce: Chinese dark vinegar + sesame oil + dry herb + little touch of chili. yum! yum!

  10. shirleyloo

    Lina u so bad.. luring MB sum more haha.. ‘yau tak tai moe tak sik’??? i love gyoza especially with japanese soya sauce yummy!! with ginger of coz 😉

  11. Linda

    These are delicious. We call them Grilled Pork Dumplings here in London. My dad used to make these when we used to own a restaurantin Scotland but he has sadly passed away. My two girls love these dumplings and would eat them everyday if they could.

  12. ilovetvb

    Gyoza is my favorite. They are much better then dumpling. I agree with Mona, the skin is so thin and the meat is moist and juicy. I also buy the frozen ones. It is delicious with Chinese black vinegar, ginger and chili. I think I’ll make some today.

  13. Frances

    Gyozas look so good in the photo, they just make my mouth watering and want to eat some of them right off my computer screen haha!!:0)

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