When you see something like that in the local supermarket, you kinda know or is reminded what is coming up next.  Yes – tomorrow is Canada’s day .. and yes.. we are open for business .. as per usual.  The summer months are usually quite busy for us at the store.. and there is really no way.. the “ang moh” nor I can spare time off to be honest.  But if we can’t go for a break in the summer.. there is really no good weather .. to try and go either.  So money gotta earn.. but I gotta go take a break too.  But just not on Canada’s Day .. or Seafest.

Cakes like these are dirt cheap in Canada – for less than $7 .. you can get a huge cake.  No wonder .. one can put on weight really fast eh.  In my 10 yrs in Canada.. i doubt i have eaten a total of 1 full cake if added together.  I’m just not into very sweet stuff.   And now that my blood sugar is so high.. lagi lah.. cannot touch totally.. plus i only like cheese cakes.  So if i wanted to indulge.. i rather eat my cheese cake.  Afterall, my motto is .. i never waste my calories .. on bad food or any kinda food not worth eating.

Wats New Today ?


  1. Lina

    Looks pretty attractive but how does it taste? Good? It’s really very cheap though. I love cakes especially rich choc ones. Next will be cheese. Jan, i’m sure u miss Hilton’s cheese cakes eh? 😛

  2. tsuchiyama

    I don`t really like cakes too except chiffon cake and cheese cake.I ate such cakes before in vancouver. I think these cakes taste like those confectionery cakes in germany, netherlands, austria , portugual and other european countries. (very sweet). Well, I think cakes from France and Japan might be a better choice for ladies cakes lovers. (not too sweet, not too much fat with lots of fruits topping ). MB , I think you might like cakes from Japan . Because it is so tasty and healthy.

  3. Mei

    Happy Canada Day! The cakes just look so pretty. I wish I could eat a slice… Cheesecakes is no doubt one one of the best around. I tried making some the other day (tiny ones). MB, I will send you a pic.

    I agree with you Tschiyama, European cakes taste awfully sweet! Icing is very thick and the cream is way toooo sweet. I’m lucky to have Chinese cakes around plus a local Turkish bakery who does cakes that are so sweet.

  4. shirleyloo

    Looks cool eh!! a National day’s cake hehe 😉 I agree with Jo, i love Japanese cheese cake – not sweet & light enough..

  5. Frances

    Happy Canada Day! we here in the US celebrate July 4th as our National Big Day! Everyone get a break from work and enjoy the B-Day, lot of people plan to BBQ at their house and invite family and friends to join, lot of food and sweet desserts. American Cakes just too way too sweet for our taste, so i usually go to the Asian Bakery and order a summer fruits cake for this occasion, everybody loves it!!

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