This was meant for Chloe’s Kor Kor Gerald.. who had an operation .. on the wrist.  Sorry I took so long.. Kai Mah.. darn busy lah.  We hope this warms Kor Kor Gerald’s heart too and Kai Mah too lah.


  1. shirleyloo

    hoho…so cute! kai mah sure feel really happy .. & kai gor oso eh? Wish gerald a speedy recovery yo! take great care all 😉

  2. Lina

    Hey Jan, Thx soooooo much for this cute video. Chloe is indeed VERY CUTE n ADORABLE! She really ‘lum’ me 😛 If Chloe is 10 yrs older, this video will double or triple ‘lum’ my son … LOL. This video dont just warms our hearts, MELTED already 😛 Gerald is recuperating well, thx! However, 5 weeks from now, he will have to go back for another surgery to have the wire remove (currently used to stabilize his tendon n let the ligament grow) Once again, thx for taking up your precious time to come out with this knowing u’ve an extremely tight schedule.

  3. fiona

    awww, she’s so precious. Hope Gerald is doing much better. Please take good care of yourself too Lina.

  4. Mei

    Hi Lina, your son will do well! I have seen a lot of ppl who have had surgery to the hand/wrist. Some of them even need metal frames (but that’s more to do with serious fractures)… Take care!

  5. ilovetvb

    Chloe is just a cutie pie. Get well Gerald and good luck on the next surgery. Lina, look after yourself also.

  6. Lina

    Thx Vanessa, Shirley, Fiona, Mei n Belle for all your well wishes!

    Mei, U’re right, Gerald’s surgery, according to Doc, is consider a major surgery. However, when i accompanied him for weekly check ups, i saw one who was much more serious, 5 external wires supporting the thumb n remaining fingers. Super serious n scary!

    Know something? I’m more concern for Joey. “No sound no colour’ from her the past 2 days. That’s not her usual style. She’ll at least drop me an email or message through FB. Hope the numbness on her hands are not too serious. We’ll pray for her too yeah

  7. shirleyloo

    talk about Joey hor..yaloh, this time she no comment anything geh? well Lina, maybe she’s listening to u leh.. u scolded her last time for typing still using 1 finger remember?? anyway, Joey if u r seeing this but ur hand stil numb don’t bother to reply yo!! we will understand de 😉

  8. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina , Shirley
    Thank you for your concern. I miss you ladies too.
    Condition slightly worsen lah .I thought I am getting better a few days ago. Quite depressed lah. But don`t worry ladies, I will strive hard lah.(rehabilitation) .After all these days of training, I might become a one finger typist expert leh .(hahahaha..)
    Lina, don`t worry hor . Little Chloe is very lucky to have you as kai mah. You are right, she is so cute and adorable.Little Chloe brought sunshine to me leh. I hope your son could have a speedy recovery. Heard of phiten or not (magnet wristband)? Might be good for your son wrist. If Singapore is not selling phiten , send me your address, I will send to you a phiten wristband asap.
    MB thank you always for all the hardwork leh.

  9. Alvin

    Yeah, fully agreed with Lina, Chloe is indeed very cute. Would have fall for her if she is much older or I am much younger..haha.

    Hi Lina, it till take time for Gerald to recover. I had a fall and fractured my ankle abt 6 months ago, and just managed to be able to walk properly, less running.

    Speedy recovery to Gerald and all the best to all.

  10. Frances

    Hope Gerald will have a speedy recovery and good health to you, Lina and your family!

  11. Lina

    Thx Christy, Alvin & Frances!

    Alvin, u’re right, it’ll take quite awhile for Gerald to full recovery. After removing wire in 5 weeks time, he needs to go for physiotherapy. Currently, he’s given 3 mths MC.

    Re Chloe, u dont scare MB huh, ‘would have fall for her’…luckily she’s in Canada n U in Singapore…hahaha

    Shirley, i didnt really scold Joey leh. It was for her own good mah. Just wanna remind her that’s all. U can see for yourself, our seeing our comments here, one finger typing can type out 10 sentences leh!!! Now u get what i mean?

    Jo, u really got to take care yeah. @ least we know u’re going through rehab now or else ‘sum lor lor luen’ lah! I’ll email u

  12. Pat

    oh…chloe is such a dear..
    take care lina, here’s a wishing a speedy recovery to gerald also to you too joey.

  13. keen

    Hi MB! Your little darling so cute! Really wanna hug her…. so natural in front of the camera. I like the way she addressed her “kor kor Gerald”

    Hi Lina! I’m back since Wed. but my computer “Kaput”! So kennot get in touch with you earlier. Will be praying for Gerald to get well soon.

    Hi Joey! so sorry to hear your fingers are feeling numb. Pls take care hor! Here’s wishing you speedy recovery.

  14. Lina

    Thx Pat!

    CY, pc ‘kaput’ MUST replace new one FAST or else u’ll be missing alot of fun stuff here yeah 😛 Gerald is recuperating well, thx!

  15. tsuchiyama

    Hi Keen.
    My fingers numbness condition is improving. I could control my right hand fingers better now. Thanks for your concern lah.

  16. shirleyloo

    hmmmm… glad u r improving Jo. must rest more remember ah!

    Lina, i know wat u meant de.. wat i mean is u should REALLY sound Jo more often so that she wont curi curi go n type with 1 finger again hehe. must giv that 1 finger rest oso mah hor? 😉

  17. she is so cute esp when the way she pronounces in cantonese. i also wanna be chloe’s kai mah coz she can lum my heart!!! hehe!

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