Dear Lina, sent this like a month ago.. so that i can drool over it.  Did i tell you i used to work for the Mandarin Group of Hotels..??  Mandarin Hotel hor.. got quite a stylo malo accounting system one.. if you are management staff, you can sign for your food .. and they take it off your pay.  It’s like a credit card at the Mandarin .. and Management staff eats at 50% discount.  So why go elsewhere to eat right..??

Lina said :

We had this last night for dinner. Make u ‘lou hou shui’ or not? Chatterbox is one of my long time hangout restaurant since i was 7 yrs old. My dad used to bring me there for their Chix Rice. Now, after 36 yrs, i’m still there for it with my family. Time really flies, whenever we dine there, it’ll definitely reminds me of my dad. I missed him so much! He passed away 11 yrs ago.

Above is the famous Chicken Rice from the Mandarin Hotel.  The chicken is cold.. therefore, I still prefer the ones from Loy Kee or even those from the soup restaurant. But having said that.. the Nasi Lemak at the Mandarin is “mo tak ting”.

I craved for Nasi Lemak.. but fear of eating so much coconut in my rice.. so i never attempted to make them.. but Charmaine did sent some Sambal for Nasi Lemak to me .. all the way from Australia.. so i must try to make some eh.

The coconut ice cream must be yummy..!! i do love coconut.. but eat very little of it due to health reason.  Getting old.. those cellulites hor.. donch wanna go.. muahahha!!


  1. You mean you still have not cooked the sambal yet! Ai yo, how can you ‘tahan’ so long. It’s really yummy even without coconut rice.

  2. Alvin

    Was told that the ‘Mama Leong Chicken Rice’ at Space@My Humble House is equally as good as the one in Chatterbox.

    Tried it last Sunday, really quite good, and not ex. S$14 for half chicken. The ‘Claypot Rice in Consomme’ is very good, the consomme is very rich, solid man.

    The pictures for the chicken rice and claypot rice are in the link below;

  3. Lina

    Hey Jan, didnt expect u to put this up. Was thinking wanna make u drool over it that’s all Yes, i like the Nasi Lemak. Son n hub had Chix Rice. Know something? Coconut ice cream having promo, 1-1 foc 😛 That’s why i went for it 1st then worry later…heheheh

  4. tsuchiyama

    Lina definetely knows where to find good food. I love nasi lemak too. Why this nasi lemak no ikan bilis ? Never taste coconut before leh.

  5. Mei

    The food above looks good. Makes me want to find a really cool hotel restaurant, sit there and eat rich food. 🙂
    Lina, you know how to find good food!

  6. Lina

    Hey Jan, didnt expect u to post this up actually. Thot wanna show u only. U’re right, i went for Nasi Lemak, my all time fave!

    Jo, Chatterbox’s Nasi Lemak dont serves those ikan bilis but ‘silver fish peanuts’ @ the top left hand corner. Next to it is de-done fried fish wrapped with pandan leaves. Bottom left spicy chix drumstick n right, sambal prawns. Thin layer of fried egg on top of coconut rice before I ATTACK…..

    Good deal for coconut ice cream! 1-1 foc 😛

    Thx Alvin for the link. Will try that one day. Honestly speaking, there’s many places which serves good chix rice too. I went there often partly due to ambience

  7. Lina

    Mei, in Singapore, there’s nothing much we can do so we always go look for good FOOD as one of our fave past time 😛

  8. kk

    This looks so good, I like the fact they present it so well..makes the meal all the more enjoyable!

  9. keen

    Hi Lina, we Chinese always believe in “Sek Tak Hai Fook”. Right? I love nasi lemak. Nearby my Garden got a road side stall. Every morning office workers “Q” to buy. We know her so well, we order through her mobile and we just collect our order. Haha… She recognised our order ‘cos we always said ” sila tambah sambal dan ikan bilis ah” ….

  10. shirleyloo

    wow wow Lina u r making me drooling for chicken rice again (after so long I didnt have it coz cant find the rite timing)… hmm, the nasi lemak looks so yummy loh.. doesnt even cum close to my everyday nasi lemak breakfast (all in 1 bungkus looks like rojak)…hahaaaa!!

    finding new places to makan has not been a fav to me coz always ended up in wrong places – food sucks n lousy service… so most likely will prefer to head back to our regular place 😉

  11. Lina

    Hey Shirley, re hunting for good food here in Sg, we wont be like ‘chong mang kai’ go n try without any food critics recommendations. Those we’ve tried turned out to be pretty good though. Only setback is :- hate stepping onto the weighing scale to see how much weight i’ve put on hence many a times, act blur dont wanna weigh 🙂

  12. shirleyloo

    hahhaa… no pain no gain eh??? just whack the food – life is too short leh!! (like chai kau kor said hehe)

  13. anna

    the first picture (chicken rice) looks soo good :O i bet it tasted really good too!!!
    it looks really appealing ^^

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