These were in the huge box that was sent to me .. by Tsuchiyama (Joey) all the way from Japan.  It sure had lots of goodies .. and we had been so busy.. we haven’t ate anything from the box yet till the other day.. we opened up this box of Mixed Berry – pocky stick like.  It was so yummy.. and you could smell the berry smell before you even put them in your mouth.  Thank you so much .. Tsuchiyama (Joey) .. chloe loves it so much.. and we still have one box left of it.. that we shared with the customers/friends that came into our store.  They were all so amazed at how good they were.   Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!!  as we unveil the food sent by various friends from all over the world,  fans of this blog can look forward to an intro to each of them as we use our new camcorders to record all the goodies we are cooking or eating. Tsuchiyama (Joey) was so kind to write on each package what they are.. and how to cook and use them.

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  1. bunessa

    ohhh those look so good!!
    the ones we have here are so expensive =3=
    i don’t buy them much anymore…i miss them
    tsuchiyama is so generous!!

    thank you for sharing!

  2. tsuchiyama

    Hi MB. Glad to hear that little chloe likes the pocky. MB You are most welcome lah. You have spent so much time and efforts in searching , putting up links and updating the blog etc , you definetly deserve more.And through your blog, I got to know very nice ladies like Lina, Belle, Fiona, Barb , interdance etc. Sharing jokes with Lina, sharing comments on HK drama with Belle , Fiona was fun. We might be living in different parts of the world but icecubejunkie connected us together. And this bond between us was built because of you mah. itsumo arigatou MB = Thank you always MB,

  3. ilovetvb

    It is great to know that there are so many GOOD people in this world. It is all thanks to MB of course. Through this wonderful blog, we see that there are so many generous people in the world. We were once strangers but now we are friends. MB, I can never say stop saying thank you to you. God Bless You and Your Family!

  4. Yok Yee

    Ooohh…yummy! We only have strawberry and chocolate here where I live. I’m gonna have to search for these when I go visiting to a bigger state.

  5. Lina

    Mixed Berries, Yummy! Jo, i want i want. Chloe loves pink, she’ll sure LOVE this yeah 😛

    Kei mah sure knows Kei lui well.. 😉

  6. shirleyloo

    yoooo… so good neh Jo u!!! I oso want can ah??? hehe…. Chloe sure have ‘hau fook’ eh 😉

  7. Chris

    You deserve to have wonderful friends. The effort that you put in for all of us… is beyond description. Thank you!

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