In different parts of Canada.. you can actually get different kinda food.. but not very much here in my small town.  I wanted to try this for a long time.. this is Mexican Calzone .. but I donch like a lot of pastries and the “ang moh” and lil’ brat donch like spicy stuff ..  so i am gonna end up eating all of it myself.. and you know i can’t eat everything .. because I’m DIABETIC..!!!!!  what a bummer eh.. and i hate to waste food.  So what would you do if you were i..??


  1. kk

    hahaha i know exactly what ur talking about.. i dont eat pastries either but there are some things that always look interesting that I want to taste but too scared to buy as I hate to waste food.. perhaps try and get the boss to let you taste test like what they do with icecream, buy it as a little appetiser for when u have friends over and cut it into little pieces or convince the boss to make smaller servings like a degustation meal hehehe

  2. Mei

    If I was you, I would give the rest of the food to your customers (cut into small pieces). Or give them to your neighbour… Don’t eat Mexican food, but I’m sure they taste nice!

  3. kokoro

    Hi MB

    I’ve never had Mexican Calzone before but a lover of anything spicy and savoury, these Mexican Calzone looked very yummy! At first sight, they reminded me of those kaya puffs I used to eat back in M’sia. Did you end up eating them all by yourself?

  4. shirleyloo

    hmm..never heard of mexican calzone b4; only knew there were italian calzone. can’t finish food? usually i’ll just tapau (take-away) & then re-heat at home for another meal 😉

  5. JaC

    I have made my own calzones before but never with a Mexican flavor to it. That is interesting.

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