So i’ve been eating healthy.. not because of my weight .. but because of my blood sugar level sky-rocketing way high .. beyond even my imagine.   But truly .. i donch mind the healthy stuff..  but for those who have eaten yogurt .. i’m sure.. that you know .. by the end of the tub.. it feels funny.. and taste even wierder .. but what to do right..??  one has gotta eat .. what is required.. to get healthy.   Any yogurt lovers around..??


  1. shirleyloo

    i used to love eating yoghurt in my younger days as my diet plan.. but not anymore coz nowadays I cant even get enough of my normal meal with busy work schedule ;-( well.. MB you can try look for those flavoured ones to suit your taste – like that you’ll love it 😉

  2. Cass

    Oooh, I LOVE yogurt, especially peach flavored yogurt. You can try making your own if you have a slow cooker – cheaper, and you know exactly what’s going in it. I have to try this out because my baby LOVES yogurt and it’ll be healthier, too.

  3. snow

    try eating small tubes/portions so that you will finish it before getting the weird feeling towards the end. As you get used to that, slowly progress to bigger portions. I normally add fresh fruits/raisins/nuts to my yogurt to distract me from the quesy feeling towards the end. =)

  4. kokoro

    I love yoghurt too. I could eat it everyday instead of rice. If you don’t fancy it so much, MB, you can try the flavoured ones such as blueberry flavour or peach flavour.

  5. Mei

    You should try strawberry wholegrain yogurt and pour it over some fruit! Also try natural yogurt with some honey and bananas, it’s like having fruit corner.. And try fromage frais!

  6. Lina

    I was crazy over yogurt at one time, will stock up all flavours in my fridge like a mini ‘cold storage supermart’ at home but not anymore now.

  7. Jerry

    Oooh, I love yogurt and my favorite still to this day is Peaches from Yoplait. Our fridge holds 10 at a time and I love every bit of it. I think the many flavors helps to trick your mind that it is not healthy.

  8. Fiona

    I remember having these yogurts! There are also those with fruits on one side and yogurt on the other 🙂


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