Well, I’m finally done working on the webpage for Mr Zhu and his wife.  So you know why i had been so busy.  Do check out this new site.. and let me know what you think : www.newcenturyrestaurant.com.

On the same note – I have been receiving emails from folks that read this blog about working online.  Besides working on webpages like above.. i also help other bloggers with their blog hosting.   Some of you asked if it is a scam about some stuff you read online, so here is my take on it.

When I make money online, I am never asked to pay upfront for any fees.  What i paid for was the domain names for my blogs and my hosting.  The domain names are at $10/yr.. and hosting can vary depending on who you are using.  But the cost would be like only $5 bucks a month at most for most ppl.

So if you want to know if the ppl you want to work for is a scam.. you will know immediately if they asked you to pay a membership fee. .or whatever fees.  For example, if you wanna go flip burgers at Macdonalds, will Macdonalds ask you to pay a membership fees..?? or an entrance fees..??  it’s the same concept.  I hope this helps those who wants to work online.

Having said all the above, I want you all to know that if you hear that you can make millions online as an amateur blogger .. than you are mistaken.  Making money online takes time, effort and a lot of reading and trying out stuff.  Of course, if you are a pro blogger like John Chow – that’s another story.  Unfortunately, I am not in that league.  For those who wants to know how much one can make – I would say .. i make a comfortable amount .. but nothing that will make me rich.. nor can i not work at our stores for the rest of my life.  Working online certainly helped a lot in saving for rainy days and getting our bills paid but it does not pay for everything – it’s a supplement for me and a saving fund for my daughter’s future.  Am I a pro blogger..?? definitely not.. i’m just a little crazy woman.. who misses home. .and trying to look out for my daughter’s future.   Has it made me happier ..??  definitely !!!  i feel a lot more useful than just being an owner by association to my spouse’s businesses and most importantly, I have met good ppl who became friends online, they are a tremendous blessing to me.  Blogging is not only about money, working online is not only about money, it is about friendship – the invaluable and priceless warmth i feel from so many of you who visits my blog everyday.


  1. lynette

    hey mamabok, it worked for me today 🙂 you did an amazing job. i love the food there and the owners are wonderful people too. 🙂

  2. snow

    hello mamabok, nice website you’ve designed there. I like the chinese theme plus the joyful, cartoonish feel to it. not the plain old serious type of website

  3. Frances

    Wow,i checked the restaurant’s website, it looks really good, easy to read
    and understand. You really did a great job, MB. CHEERS:)

  4. fiona

    MB, it looks great. I like the modern feel to it but yet some chinese tradition. Terrific!

  5. Linda

    I can see that you have put in a lot of work on this website. You have done a fantastic job, well done!!

  6. shirleyloo

    wah really geng ah MB.. can be a designer hor? must have put up alot of efforts in thr yo? 😉

  7. Mei

    It’s a nice website, but can I add one suggestion (it’s a good one)??? 😀 Maybe you can add a picture of Mr Zhu outside his restaurant. Whenever I try to find a place, I have to recognise the outside of the place…

  8. bunessa

    whoaaa amazing website!! it’s so pretty =O i wish i can do that when my website?

    man mamabok, you added ,so much stuff on your blog!! i’ve been so busy lately, haven’t had the time to check back =[

    thank your for sharing!!

    ps. for mamabok and the readers that have been supporting david (my boyfriend) for the hypercube contest, the results are coming out tomorrow at 530 or 630pm!!! i’ll comment on mamabok’s page (if she doens’t mind) to let you guys know =D
    thank you for your support!!

  9. bunessa

    hi mamabok!!

    thank you for your support
    david and i lost tho =[
    we really appreciated your help with the contest!!!

  10. kk

    MB if only you were in Oz I could refer business to you! So impressive! Feel a little ashamed of my PC skills LOL

  11. shirleyloo

    aiyo.. sad to hear that vanessa… maybe u’ll hv better luck next time? 😉 tc oh!

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