If there was anything healthy that Chloe loves best, it had to be organic peas from her Grampie’s garden.  She can’t get enough of it.. and she turns silly when she sees them.  After her school concert yesterday, her grampie had picked his first bag of peas .. this season.. and you should have seen the joy on her face.  Yes.. !  she was so happy.. and sunk her teeth into it immediately.

By the time we got home, she managed to bargain her way .. to let us have it for snack and she quickly sat on the floor and finished it up.  But you can’t really blame her.. coz’ her grampie’s pea are really the best.. and the sweetest.  Chloe wouldn’t eat cooked peas.. only those from her Grampie’s garden.  This year.. we’ll probably get her to pick them up herself…. muahahahha!!!

Chloe doesn’t hug her grampie enough.. but for peas.. she would do just about anything.. muahahahhaha!!!  For those who are around Nova Scotia.. drop by.. and pick your own peas.. and eat them on the spot.

Kung Fu Chefs – The Movie


  1. Pandora

    chloe is so lucky to have such a nice grandfather. I would love to have fresh veggies all the time.

  2. oh…how sweet. I want to try some of those organic peas too 😉 Hey, Chloe looks so pretty with the pink hairband on her head. So she’s ok with hairbands and hairclips now?

  3. kk

    This pic is so warm! I love snow peas too but we eat the outside as well coz it looks like from the pic that Chloe only eats the insides? Organic vegies are hard to come by here and unfortunately my local organic store closed it doors last week…

  4. kokoro

    You’re so lucky that Chloe loves organic peas. Most kiddies would turn their little noses up at any greens. You’ve trained your daughter very well, MM. I would love to taste some of those fresh peas off the pods myself!

  5. ilovetvb

    It’s not easy to get children to eat their peas. Luckily my boys love peas just like Chloe. My parents also have an organic vegetable garden in the summertime. So every summer I am lucky, I rarely buy any vegetables. They grow tomatoes, bitter melon, winter melon, squash, peppers, cucumbers, mint, basil, string beans, cherry tomatoes, see-gua, eggplants and more. They don’t have a big garden, but always have many variety of vegetables. They look forward to spring each year so that they can start to plant and grow their out vegetables. I wished I had a green thumb just like them, but unfortunately I don’t. I’ll try to take some pictures the next time I visit them and share with everyone.

  6. Frances

    i love sweet peas, they are one of my favorite vegies, luckily my family love them too, so we eat them quite often. Chloe is so adorable in her little summer dress:)

  7. shirleyloo

    wow, i didnt know pea can be eaten raw hoho 😉 but those r organic so must be very clean n healthy …. chloe u really know wats best for ur tummy eh? 😉

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