Joey from Japan sent another box of goodies for Chloe last week, I haven’t had the chance to take a picture of all the stuff.. because Chloe was sick last week .. and we had a really hectic week.  But we made 2 videos .. the day we got the box of goodies.. with pocky of strawberries and chocolates in them.. and hello kitty lunch boxes and fork and spoons and hair band and pouch from hello kitty too.  Chloe was thrilled .. and even when she was ill she was excited.

This video was short .. because she was having a temperature already that day.  But we cannot thank Aunty Joey enough for her generousity and her thoughtfulness.  Chloe is darn lucky to have a aunt all the way from Japan.  Thank you .. Joey..!


  1. Lina

    Oh…Chloe is so cute n sweet as ever even when she’s running a temperature! Jan, she’s good eh, she wont ‘teh’ u when sick.

    Chloe was eating the limited edition berries pocky when taking this video to tempt all of us here huh? Jo, i want also, how ? 😛

  2. tsuchiyama

    MB . Little chloe was having a fever, it was really not necessary for her to take any video. I love kids. I love chloe. As long as I knew she was happy, that was enough. Anyway Thank you MB, Thank you little chloe, I am glad that she enjoyed the pocky. But I really felt she should rest instead of taking this video for me. I know you got heart lah, MB. That was enough liao.
    Lina, that was not mixed berries pocky. that was another limited edition desert chocolate pocky . Lina , no need to ask i want how lah. just send me your address, I will send you the pocky in a flash.

  3. Alvin

    Ha ha, Chloe is so cute. I like the very last part of the 2nd video after she said ‘bye’.

  4. Lina

    Oops, thousand apologies! Eyes big overlooked cant differentiate CHOC n BERRIES pocky..hahaha. Jo, i was only KIDDING! This is a “Kid’s Video Post’ mah, no kid no fun right? 😛

  5. tsuchiyama

    Hey Lina. hahahahaa.Lina., you are like me lah. eyes too big , sometimes cannot see objects in front of me. serious leh, if it is for you, anytime also can.
    Mr Alvin . Are you the MR Alvin G or MR Alvin Lee or MR Desomond or MR Jeremy (sorry, cannot remember the surname ) who send mails to my facebook? I had ignored the repeating mail requests (one or two gentleman or maybe same person mentioned about MB blog on the mail ). I am a half Jap,Do I know you? What can I do for you , Sir?

  6. shirleyloo

    hoho…lil Chloe doesnt look like sick to me eh? she’s just full of energy lah MB 😉 hmmm..aunty Jo so kind n love kids huh? Maybe lil Chloe can have a 2nd kaima?? hehe

  7. Alvin

    Hi Joey, I am the Alvin Lee who only sent once to ya facebook to add as friend. Know that you are half Jap thru MB’s blog mah and you write like a Singaporean, I mean the Singlish part.

    Relac leh, dun have to call me Sir leh. Just wanna make friends only lah.

  8. tsuchiyama

    Hi Mr Alvin. Thanks for your mail. I spent my secondary school days in Singapore .My mum is a hongkonger and my family has emigrated to Singapore some 15 to 20 yrs back(residing in both HK and Singapore). Therefore no doubt my blood line might be from Japan , I am more to other countries. I did not open the file therefore I did not read all the messages. Sorry about that. My english is not very good, therefore I cannot remember all the surnames lah. You are MB blog fan? So ON lah. We are friends lah.
    And I like to use Singlish(for fun mah), only with Singaporean leh. And Ms Lina is my Singlish teacher lah.
    Lina. now then you know. hahhahhahaa..

  9. Alvin

    Hi Joey, so ON huh, I sent invite to Tsuchi Jo in facebook liao. Remember Alvin Lee hor, haha..

    BTW, there is another Tsuchiyama in the facebook, are you related?

  10. tsuchiyama

    Hi Mr Alvin.I don`t click in to my facebook often because I have no time to return or write mails on FB.
    No point you become my facebook friend lah. All MB blog fans can communicate on this icecubejunkie blog lah. I will click in to this blog only everyday in order to support MB mah.
    My surname is Tsuchiyama. I had shorten my surname to tsuchi . There are many people who bear the same surname as me in Japan.

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