Dear Mr Zhu was so accommodating when i asked for a plate of “yau choi” .. because of my health issue, bless his kind heart.   I love vegies.. as you all know.. and if i could.. i would eat it everyday .. and every meal.  But for some reason.. whenever i take a lot of vegies.. i feel so bloated.. and uncomfy.  So although the vegies were great.. and my blood sugar went down.. it certainly didn’t make me feel overall good.


  1. Wing

    Try ginger suger water (a hot drink)
    or add more ginger with yau choi (for both boil and stir fry)
    My sister and Grandma live on ginger.
    Take care!

  2. the bargainermom

    I think you really need those plum balls MB! I’ll be sending some your way!


  3. shirleyloo

    looks yummy leh – simple & fresh!! MB, maybe u r allergic to certain nutritious in veges; like me mine is whenever i drink cold tea my stomach will get bloated….so i can only consume hot tea 😉 take care!

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