1. tsuchiyama

    Lina kai Mah. Envy you lah. Your kai lui so cute and adorable.Your boy also a fine young man. Wei, take me as kai mui (sister) lah or kai lui also can. (hahahahaha….)

  2. Mei

    Oh Kai Ma Lina, I must tell you my favourite food too 😀

    We should buy loads of jelly beans and chocolate for Chloe!

  3. Frances

    Chloe is so cute 🙂 love that smiley face and Lina you are very nice Kai Mah, too!!

  4. Lina

    Ooooh Wow, envying me leh…hehehe. So happy! Yes, truly blessed n lucky to have an adorable sweet lovely Chloe as Kai Lui. Thx to Jan, or else i dont think i’ve the courage to ask 😛

    Jo, Kai Mui still possible lah, Kai Lui makes me darn old lah u! As if u dont know my age meh? I’m only 5 yrs your senior hor…hehehhe

    As what Shirley commented in FB’s link, Chloe’s video, ‘lum sei kai mah lo’:-P 🙂

  5. fiona

    Oh Lina, how you get so lucky to have such a wonderful, smart and sweet kai lui? I envy you.

  6. kk

    So cute, MB out of interest have u taken her back to ur hometown? Im sure u’ll have plenty of star gazers throwing contracts at u! 🙂

  7. hahahhahaha….i can’t help laughing when I watch this video. Chloe looks so cute when she moves her head around 🙂 Kai Mah will be sending chocolates, chinese mushrooms and chicken? hahahahaha

  8. shirleyloo

    wwoooohoo… lil chloe havin her own concert eh? how great!! MB, must upload the show oh 😉 remember!!

  9. Lina

    Barb, Chinese mushrooms, chocs, jelly bean still can lah, Chicken, tou-fu, ham how to send huh …hehehhe

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