With Love From Down Under

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Before we left for our mini-vacation earlier this month, Chloe received a special package from down under from Auntie Vernessa.  In fact, we also have Auntie Jenny also from Australia to thanks because she mailed it out for Auntie Vernessa.  I’m sorry it took me so long to post this up.. it had been crazy since we got back from our mini-vacation.. the store was busy.. we had so many weddings and stuff going on here.  Seafest, the extended family in town .. and more doctor’s appt and then Chloe started on her Ready, Get Set Go Program for her new school.  So here we are at the end of July – but we did not forget .. and we are very, very grateful that you are so thoughtful.. and Chloe was thrilled with her gifts..  :)

Chloe and I are so blessed with so many kind folks out there.. and we feel so loved and so cared for ..  thank you for making my brat feel so special about herself. You all bring the best out of us.

The lovely package of goodies, so nicely wrapped up in a pretty pink bag.

STICKERS..!!!!!  woohoo..!! chloe’s favorites..!!

Very pretty hairbands.. that chloe wore during our vacation.

A story book – which of course is Chloe’s favorite too.

A hello kitty towel  – so sweet and thoughtful of Vernessa

And a very heartwarming letter from Vernessa..  i’m truly touched .. by your kind gesture.  I donch know how i can thank you .. and repay you for your kindness.

All the goodies.

Chloe modelling the hairbands for you.

Thank you so much .. Vernessa..!! bless your kind heart !

Sepet ( A Malaysian Movie) – Yasmin Ahmad

Priscilla Chan’s Live Concert (2008)

The Famous Poutine

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This is the famous Poutine.  You can find this dish all over Canada – but not anywhere else.  When I first arrived.. and saw this in the menu.. i asked “ang moh” what is this poutine about.  When he described what was in it -French Fries, cheese curds, covered in brown gravy – i knew i could never eat something like that.  But poutines are eaten by the young and old – and it is in a lot of fast food restaurants… and just about any eateries here in Canada. Originated from Quebec – the crazy french ppl up there.. hahahha..!!   I’ve been here for 9 years now. .and I haven’t eaten one of those.   I’m almost amazed everytime i see something eat this heart clogging dish.. and wonder why someone could make a snack or meal of it.  But to each his own eh..   :)  wanna try some?

Lunch @ Work For A Diabetic

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Lunch at work is a problem.. for a diabetic like myself.  Not only do i have to cook for Chloe – which means.. a somewhat tasty meal.. but also to pack my own lunch – it means.. cooking differently .. but yet the same.  I cannot afford the time.. to cook separate meals.. so i improvised .. and do away with stuff that Chloe would eat.. but i cannot.. and add cucumbers and tomatoes to balance out my own meal.

Unfortunately, even with the best intentions.. it sometimes does not go well with the body.. if certain things are not carefully watched.  Like too much rice and too little vegies makes one blood sugar go really high too. The only safe bet for my lunch is wanton soup with very little meat and lots of vegies with  one egg roll .. and my sugar level would be good.. after 2 hrs of eating.  Unfortunately, one cannot eat wanton soup and egg roll everyday right..??   And like a clever diabetic.. I try and test everything.. as much as i can.. to see what works.. and what doesn’t.. you can understand .. why sometimes.. my fingers are sore right..? The price of poor health.

Sayang Sayang 2 Episode 2

Team Of Miracle : We Will Rock You

Pursuing Dreams

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Like many of you .. I’m always busy but that does not stop me from pursuing an interest like my dear friend – who went for an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership .  I am inspired by her because she like myself is a busy mother who works full time and plays full time.  There is never a moment where it is left for idle, unlike most people that I know here – who make every excuse just not to do anything but stand outside a coffee shop and chat, smoke and more chatting.  Such a shame but I’m entirely different, I can’t wait to pursue my dreams.. and now that Chloe is older, I’m looking forward to sharpening my skills in web-designing.  The local college does have a course here .. but if i took an online course – that is from a reputable online university and its papers are recognised for future references, that would be the way to go for me.  Why..??   because we own our own business and we have a kid to watch full time, it makes it more feasible to do an online course instead of having to physically go to school at a restricted time with timetable.  For people who are discipline and focus like myself, and knows what they are getting into – online studies are really a good thing – but like everything i do and advise my friends – looking into every aspect of what you are getting into is very important.  So if you don’t see me updating as much, you will understand that I’ve found a course that I am happy in doing.  Wish me luck eh !

Top Chef Masters Season 1 Ep 1

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Found this rather interesting . .and thought you might like it as well.  Enjoy..!

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE : These links are provided and hosted from a third party server. Please be aware that i found this using a search functionality, helping you discover publicly available websites and their content. I do not host the movie nor is responsible for the content.

Episode 2   Episode 3   Episode 4   Episode 5

Momoya – Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The last day of our mini – vacation we had wanted to go back to Dharma Sushi, but i decided against it.. and chose to eat at Momoya instead.  I’ve been to Momoya before .. and the chef and owner I think is from Hong Kong.  They are quite different from Dharma Sushi .. but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Chloe was in love with her chopstick .. since using it the first time just a few days ago at Dharma Sushi.

Agedashi-tofu was ordered insted of chawanmushi and they were one of the best i’ve eaten. Silky tofu.. and sweet sauce.

Some cute decor at Momoya.

The “ang moh” had teriyaki chicken with rice.. and although the plate looks funny.. it was pretty good food. Chicken was soft.. and i had all the salad that he didn’t want.

Chloe turned into an expert with her chopsticks overnite.. as you can see in this picture.

The “ang moh” had always used chopsticks to eat .. whenever we are in a chinese or Japanese restaurant.  Funny lor .. to see any “ang moh” eating with a pair of chopsticks.

Chloe loving her udon..  and the soup as well.

When she can’t grab the noodles.. she uses the spoon instead.  She is smart like this.

California maki for me.. but they were disappointing lor.

She is pretty good eh.. with the chopsticks..??

The kitchen area of Momoya .. and the boss.  I haven’t been here for so long.. i bet he had forgotten me.  Momoya is located at Barrington Street, downtown Halifax.  You can’t missed it.. and they have better hours than Dharma Sushi.  I can’t remember the prices for the individual dishes.. but we paid less than $30 for the whole meal – which was pretty good.

Food Review : Taiwan Delicacies

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VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE : These links are provided and hosted from a third party server. Please be aware that i found this using a search functionality, helping you discover publicly available websites and their content. I do not host the movie nor is responsible for the content.

Lobster Sandwich From Mickey D

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Seafood | Sunday 26 July 2009 3:37 pm

During our mini-vacation a couple of weeks ago, I had a lobster sandwich from Macdonald’s on the way home.  It was already late at nite.. i think about 9pm .. and I was really hungry.. and didn’t want to eat any burger.  Lobster Sandwich is not for every Macdonald’s in Canada .. i think they only have it in Nova Scotia .. if i am not wrong.  The lobster sandwich is pretty expensive .. about $7.00 and the taste was alright lah.  Nothing to really shout about ..  since they were frozen lobsters.  The dressing were pretty sweet .. but surprising.. my blood sugar after eating them.. were pretty good.  So if there are any diabetics out there.. and wondering if they could eat a lobster sandwich .. i would say yes.  But i donch normally eat a lot of these.. for i feel not worth it lor.. for I can get the whole lobsters usually for $5 a piece from the wharf.

Jungle Jim’s Starving Artist Contest

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If you are wondering if the pictures your kids colored while you are eating at Jungle Jim’s every Sunday would win her/him anything, let me tell you .. that the coloring contest is for real.  A few weeks ago, after returning from our mini-vacation, we received a call from Jungle Jim’s – Yarmouth about Chloe winning the coloring contest.  Yes.. ! the above was drew by her and not a bit of help from us.  This gal of mine religiously colored everytime we eat there.

So they went into Jungle Jim’s .. and she picked the monkey from the few that was there for prize picking.  She loves her monkey.. but haven’t really named her monkey yet.


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I’ve already said before that this blog is about friendship.. good ppl and of course good food.  Julie from Hawaii wants some chinese songs for her wedding.  If anyone can suggest the song/singer/album .. or better yet, find the cd for me or several, i’m more than  willing to pay for them .. and postage.  A mixture of old and new . .she had requested.   Her wedding is in October.. so we have plenty of time here.. but lets act fast.. because she needs to go thru’ the songs too eh.  I’ll be forever grateful .. to anyone who can help – any suggestions are welcome.. feel free .. to leave a comment here.  Many thanks in advance.. and once again . .Congrats to Julie..!!  everyone donch forget to send good wishes to her too eh.

PS :  Keep the songs coming everyone..  !! and thanks to all who have left comments.. !!  you gals are awesome.. and you ROCK..!!   I’m gonna go to my outdoor chaise lounges and find more chinese wedding music for Julie.

Update from Julie herself :

Woohoo! So many good songs choice. Yippeee!

Alice — Thanks for the help. =) I’m a ABC so my Chinese (Cantonese) is very limited and I can’t really read Chinese especially the simplified one. There is no way I can look up the word in the dictionary. Hehe! Your recommendation are good. I went to a wedding where the theme songs was from Jolin and David. I thought it was so sweet. Oh! I think Jay Chou is pure amazing! Have you seen him played the piano? That guy totally rocks!
I’m pretty open to any songs as long as it is happy happy one. It can be either old or new. I have a mixture of elderly and some young people so I was thinking it would be good to play the songs during dinner time when things are a little slow. It could be a conversation starter as they remember so and so singer. I do not want to trouble you too much. You are too kind la. Going to CD shop. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. =)

Hi Yvonne — Thanks for your help. Jackie has one of the nicest voice I have ever heard. When I was growing up, my uncle used to traveled to Hong Kong every month on business trip and bring me back a CD. His main purpose was for me to learn Chinese. I remember the first time I listen to (Your name and my last name), I actually cried. That what I wanted. Someone to love and a fairy tale story. Hehe! I am such a hopeless romantic.
On another note, I do not know who is Wang Lee Hom, but I willing and open to any suggestion.
As far as what type of music? I really listen to a variety. Jackie Cheung, Andy Lau, Joey Yeung and Kelly Chan have not disappoint me so far. Oh! And Sammi Cheng before she disappear from HK Entertainment.

Hi Mei — Thanks for the help. I had to chuckle when I saw your list. You got the same taste in singer as me. I grew up listening to many of them and kind of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me.
Interesting to say, all I can remember about these singers are the heartbreaking songs. Do you know any happy or love songs that is good for wedding by these artist. Do not want breakup songs as my parents are traditional Chinese and I might be scold for it.

Hi Cass — Wow! I got a local in the HOUSE! How cool is that. I always love to meet new friends and thanks to MB’s blog I got to know quite a few of them. That so awesome! Anyhow, my e-mail is jchang808@gmail.com. E-mail me sometimes. Maybe we can go out for a meal or meet at Starbucks.

Hi Phoebe — Wow! Thanks for the songs choice. Yes! Yes! I agree with you. The songs choices are good. My mom actually really like your recommendation. Thank! =)

Hi Frances — Thanks for the good wishes. =)

Hi Snow — Thanks for the recommendation. Fairy Tale is one of my favorite, but I remember that the girl die in the end, right? Might not be a good choice for happy happy wedding song, but Kelly Chan is good. I enjoyed watching her concert especially the one that she announce her marriage to Alex. Such a cute couple and lovely songs la.

And of course, MB (Jan), the queen of this blog. Without your kind heart and time in getting this blog running, I would not be able to get so many responses. You are truly one of a kind. Thank you for everything you do for me. You went up and beyond what I expected. Wow! I am totally speechless.
You rock MB!!!
I think everyone on this blog can agree that we are truly bless and extremely lucky to have you for you have fill our lives with shows, movies, food and GREAT advice. Each and everyone one of us is busy with our daily tasks, but you never said no to offering help to any one of your gals. I am so honor to be your friend. And to do all of this without ever asking for anything else in return, that just one step above the rest.
Thank you, thank you…MB. I really really appreciate everything =)

-Julie (Interdance) Chang

For you Julie .. and your spouse – from Chloe (my brat)

This could be a dancing song for your wedding..?? for the older folks..?

Hey.. Julie .. try this wedding dance..?? sure make you the most popular wedding couple.. hehehe!!

Wendy’s Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings

Posted by mamabok | BBQ,Canadian,Fast Food,Western | Wednesday 22 July 2009 12:00 pm

When a customer who worked at Wendy’s came to tell me that I had to try this Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings.. because it was darn good and darn spicy..  i had to try it right..??  So i did .. !!! for about $5 .. 6 pieces of boneless wings.. it looks quite pathetic right..??  but nevermind lah.. i told myself .. just as long as it is good food.. no problemo lor.. !! but alas..!!!  it’s the most horrid sauce ever.. !!!!!! and not spicy at all..!!!!!  and the sauce was so horrid.. i couldn’t eat it .. !  as much as i hate to waste food.. you know i never waste my calories on bad food right..?? so yes..!! be warned.. if you think of getting the wings..  DONCH..!!!


Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,The Other Half,Vacation | Tuesday 21 July 2009 5:11 pm

The first time I had Arby’s in Halifax.. i was quite thrilled by it.. because they had so much roasted beef in them.. and they were so soft.. nothing like the ones we have back home.  But we keep missing Arby’s lately .. and finally this trip .. we did get a snack at Arby’s.  They had a promotion on for $6 – two roasted beef burger with cheddar .. with onion rings and fries.  Of course, we didn’t expect a regular portion of anything.. but for $6 .. jadi lah..  :)

Not as much beef as one can get for regular beef burgers .. but still not bad .. but kind ugly looking color right..??  Nah.. i didn’t finished it.. i had half and 1 fries and 1 onion rings. Eating in moderation mah..  :)


Sayang Sayang 2

Burning Flame III

Swiss Chalet – Sackville

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,The Brat,Useful Links,Vacation | Monday 20 July 2009 7:21 pm

The “ang moh’s” favorite place to eat up in the city was Swiss Chalet but lately, we haven’t gotten any good food from there.. so we didn’t planned to go to Swiss Chalet.  But the second nite in the city, and not knowing what to eat… we decided on the Swiss Chalet in Sackville and it was pretty good actually.  We had a waiter and the service was not bad at all.  The steak that i ordered was supposed to be medium well .. but it was quite burnt .. but still edible.. but you can definitely smell the burnt .. and the after taste wasn’t good truth be told.  I ate a lot as you can see during this trip, but i told myself, nevermind lah,  i can get the best diet pills after i get home from vacation .. muahhahaah!!!

The “ang moh” had his usual quarter chicken. .and it turned out pretty good or maybe he was just hungry enough – since he had Dim Sum only in the morning .. hahah!!  The extra potaotes were given.. because he didn’t want the salad… but he didn’t even touch the other potatoes.  He isn’t a huge eater.. but a junk food junkie.

The brat had chicken fingers and fries of course.. although she only finished 2 instead of 3 of them.  But the fries .. she sapu all .. immediately.  See lah..!! *slap forehead*

Brat wearing my sweater.. coz’ she said she was cold wor..  !! so hot.. !!!  in the restaurant..!  We had an overall good experience of course.

Harry Porter and The Half Blood Prince

China Town – Halifax

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Vacation | Saturday 18 July 2009 7:36 pm

A week ago, last Sunday, we headed out for lunch at a place called China Town in Halifax, located in Bedford Highway, you can’t miss it .. coz’ they have a very authethic looking gateway .. for an entrance.  I haven’t been to this restaurant before.. because we go to Zen Chinese Cuisine at Lacewood always, but we figured we should try something new this trip.  So we headed to China Town instead.  We ordered just a few dim sum.. because i know.. “ang moh” donch eat much.. he was there.. just to humor me.. and the brat.. ?? well.. she never eats.. as you all may know by now.

The Glutinous rice was the first item that came out.. it was ok.. nothing spectacular about the inside ingredient.. but definitely edible.  The restaurant wasn’t very busy either.. but you can see they have quite a few regulars there.  There were a few “ang mohs” there as well.. with their chinese g/fs.

I ordered some har gow, no siew mai because usually they are just a lump of meat.. and i’m not eating loads of meat at all.  We ordered the char siew pow.. because i missed char siew pau a lot.  And of course for the brat, we ordered some Shanghai noodles.

The har gow sure looked pretty eh..?? but alas, the skin was sticky and lumpy and too thick for my liking.. the prawns were crunchy enough.. but i couldn’t taste any prawn taste in them.. which makes me thing that they were probably frozen .. and thawed out in the morning before the restaurant opened.

The char siew pau was the greatest disappointment..  they were drier than my face and nothing inside just a patch of red meat .. very little.  I missed Teck Kee pau from home – they are the juiciest and the best i had eaten by far.

The Shanghai noodles were pretty good in fact.. alas, the brat wouldn’t eat it.. because there were greens in it.. she took a couple of spoonful.. and that was it.  So we ta-pau .. more than half home.  The “ang moh” ate some.. and i had some as well.. with lots of chrysanthemum tea.

Happy that we are done eating.. and ready to go.

Red and black decor and spacious is how China Town is .. and the staff are friendly.. albeit and non-impression male cashier.. probably the owner or manager..?

Shinjuku Incident (YouTube Version)

ButtonMan (2008) – Movie

Dharma Sushi – Halifax

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,Vacation | Thursday 16 July 2009 3:01 pm

By the time we arrived in Halifax, it was almost 7.30pm and we had to look for the right street to go to my favorite Japanese restaurant in Halifax.  I say my favorite .. because the owner and chef is also a Japanese .. and you can’t go wrong right..?

We ordered very quickly .. because it was quarter to 8pm .. when we arrived.  But alas, they took their time to serve us the food.  The sashimi came first.. but it was the udon that we wanted first.. because Chloe was very hungry.  The udon only came at 8.17pm.. took half and hour for the udon to come..*slap forehead*.  The sashimi was fresh ..  and as usual.. the octopus was hard and chewy.  But it was overall pretty good – this dish cost like $15 + tax.

The sweet potato tempura came out second.. but alas no udon still.. and chloe refused to eat the tempura.. even though she had it the last time we were up in Halifax.  It was alright.. the vegie tempura –  I cannot remember how much this cost.. i think $6 or $7.

Then the chicken teriyaki for the “ang moh” which was a wee bit spicy for his liking .. because of the ground pepper as you can see in the picture.  Edible of course.. and the chicken was very soft. Still no udon as of yet.

Then the chawanmushi came.. and still no sign of the udon .. and when i asked for it.. they said it was coming.  Not much customers by then.. so i don’t understand why the delay.  Anyhow, the chawanmushi had a huge stick of imitation crab stick, vegies and a huge chunk of chicken in it.  I didn’t get to eat a lot of steam egg if that is what you wanna know.  But i love chawanmushi.. and will take whatever there is.

Finally the udon with chicken came.. but alas we had forgotten to tell them not to put any greens in it.. else the brat wouldn’t eat them.  So while picking the greens out.. and chloe fussing because of the greens.. i ordered another bowl without the greens.  Chloe loves the udon .. and the chicken was very soft.. but she only ate one piece of it.

Using chopsticks for the first time.. she did very good.. and ate the full bowl of the second bowl of noodles.. and left the first one for me.  The chicken udon cost $5.50 and the plain one cost $5.00 .. hahhahaha!!

The “staff” of Dharma Sushi  had requested that i not post their picture on my blog on 12 November 2009 , there was no name to the email and i was debating whether it was genuine, but why go thru’ all the trouble right..??  *shrug* .. i am wondering if they know that they already have pictures all over the internet.. that was how i found their restaurant in the first place.  Anyhow, i took it down, outta not wanting to waste time on it.

It was a lovely meal.. albeit a wee bit expensive by the time we left – $60 tax and tips included.  I only had green tea.. and “ang moh” had water – chloe had her own water.  Dharma Sushi is located at Argle Street – Halifax.  They do not open on Sundays and this is as authentic japanese food as you can get in Halifax.

Rain Fashion Concert

Nanking, Nanking – City Of Life & Death

Looking For Jackie

The First 7th Night – Movie

With Love From William

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Food From Home,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 15 July 2009 4:35 pm

A few weeks ago, Chloe and I received a package from Vancouver, B.C – yes the other side of Canada, it was unexpected.. but definitely a very pleasant surprised from none other than Macy and her adorable son, William.  This handmade card was cut in the shape of a heart and wrapped around a Hello Kitty water bottle for Chloe.

Chloe was definitely thrilled with the handmade card.. and said.. “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” .. when she opened up the card.. and saw that it was heart-shaped.  So thoughtful of Macy & William.

So pretty right..??  must be expensive too.. since it is SIGG brand.. that army branded products.   I saw some in the city.. but none of Hello Kitty.. and they were like almost $30 tax included.  I feel so bad lah.. all of you spending so much money on Chloe and I .. i donch know how to repay all of you for your kindness leh.

Plus more food from home.. and what touched me most was that package of tea for my high blood pressure.  So thoughtful of Macy right..??  I feel so blessed.. and so loved..  :) Thank you very much Macy and Will..  !!  We heart you very much too…  :)  You are too kind lah !

Captain’s Cabin – Digby

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Vacation,Western | Tuesday 14 July 2009 5:45 pm

Our first stop for lunch was in Digby, we didn’t really know what we wanted to eat .. since “ang moh’s” tummy not feeling so good.. and Chloe is a fussy eater.  So we actually wanted to eat at Pizza Delight but looks like there was no Pizza Delight in Digby, so we settled to eat at this small but cozy place called Captain’s Cabin serving good old seafood since Digby is famous for its scallop.

Located at the end of Digby .. you can’t missed this restaurant.

Steamed clams for $5.99 !! cheap eh..??

“Ang Moh’s” turkey sandwich is made of real turkey .. comes with some coleslaw and mashed potatoes.  The turkey was kinda dry… had “ang moh” knew that they were these kind of turkey.. he probably won’t order it.. he likes the deli turkey .. and not this kind.

Fish and chips for Chloe .. she ate all her fries.. but not her fish of course… but the fish was really good.  This is from the children’s menu.

Garlic bread .. that comes with my food.  Not bad.. but huge portions.

Lasagna for me.. and they also have seafood lasagne – i couldn’t finished the lasagne of course.. but finished the side salad of course.. afterall, my doc said.. i might be obese .. muahahahha!!!  if i donch take care.

The inside of the restaurant.. and it does look like a cabin right..??  The restaurant was clean.. and so were the washrooms.  We did like it a lot.. but it does smell a lot like fish.. hahahhaha!! but what you expect right..??  Verdict..?? good food and great value.  Come hungry..!!

Chloe bored from the ride in the car.. but glad that there were fries to eat.

A Diabetic Snack

Posted by mamabok | Diabetic,Fast Food,Snacks | Monday 13 July 2009 1:47 am

Who said diabetics cannot have Macdonalds…??? did you know that it is ok.. to eat an apple pie..  but not too much pecan pie..??  Pecan Pie has more sugar in them. .than apple pie.. and that’s the reason for it.   When we were on vacation, I had to make do with a lot of things.. that I don’t normally eat.  But you see ..everything in moderation is ok.  I had half an apple pie.. and half a McCafe Mocha with 0% non-fat milk.  My blood sugar was normal after eating – 2hrs.  So you see.. you can still eat sinful stuff when you are on the road like myself.. just in moderation.  We had to stop at McDonald’s because the brat wants to play in their indoor playground.  Next time our vacations will be all for Orlando vacations, as you all know they have all the play stuff for kids and adults.

But Chloe was so badly behaved when she was in this playground in New Minas .. that PB had to carry her out of the playground.. screaming and crying.  But that’s another story for another day.

Hello Kitty Pouch

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Japanese,Meet Up With,My Musing,The Brat | Sunday 12 July 2009 1:01 am

This Hello Kitty pouch is from Auntie Joey from Japan .. who is also Chloe’s second Kai Mah now.  This pouch is currently used to hold Chloe’s lunch when she goes to summer camp.  Chloe loves it.. !!! and thank Joey Kai Mah for it.  Chloe said.. she loves Joey Kai Mah very much..!

Looking For Jackie (2009) – Movie

Diabetic CheeseCake

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Diabetic,Food Review,Health,My Musing | Saturday 11 July 2009 2:23 am

I love cheesecake!  the more authentic it is .. the better for me.  But like all diabetic .. you and I know that I cannot have so much cake.  So we bought frozen ones instead. .that way .. i can cut a piece at a time.. to eat.. without feeling guilty that i might waste the food away.

Often ppl asked me, how come I can eat Cheesecakes.. but you see the key of eating as a diabetic is not to deprive yourself of the food you like.. but to eat in moderation.  Yes.. you don’t need to control the food you take.. just look at the nutritional information… and eat a little a a time.

Yes.. just this tiny piece.. for the whole week.  I never crave for it.. but if i think about it.. i would take a small piece.. and freeze the rest.  is there diabetic cheeseckes..?? i bet there is out there.. but wouldn’t it be simpler .. just to control the portion you eat..??  luckily i’m not a dessert kinda gal. LOL…!!  no i am not dieting..i’m just counting my sugar contents.. in the food i eat.  As you can see… it’s the “ang moh” who had to cut the cake for me.. because it’s frozen.. and i donch wanna kill myself.. muahahhaa!!

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