The Famous Poutine

This is the famous Poutine.  You can find this dish all over Canada – but not anywhere else.  When I first arrived.. and saw this in the menu.. i asked “ang moh” what is this poutine about.  When he described what was in it -French Fries, cheese curds, covered in brown gravy – i knew … [Read more…]

Pursuing Dreams

Like many of you .. I’m always busy but that does not stop me from pursuing an interest like my dear friend – who went for an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership .  I am inspired by her because she like myself is a busy mother who works full time and plays full … [Read more…]

China Town – Halifax

A week ago, last Sunday, we headed out for lunch at a place called China Town in Halifax, located in Bedford Highway, you can’t miss it .. coz’ they have a very authethic looking gateway .. for an entrance.  I haven’t been to this restaurant before.. because we go to Zen Chinese Cuisine at Lacewood … [Read more…]

Dharma Sushi – Halifax

By the time we arrived in Halifax, it was almost 7.30pm and we had to look for the right street to go to my favorite Japanese restaurant in Halifax.  I say my favorite .. because the owner and chef is also a Japanese .. and you can’t go wrong right..? We ordered very quickly .. … [Read more…]

Captain’s Cabin – Digby

Our first stop for lunch was in Digby, we didn’t really know what we wanted to eat .. since “ang moh’s” tummy not feeling so good.. and Chloe is a fussy eater.  So we actually wanted to eat at Pizza Delight but looks like there was no Pizza Delight in Digby, so we settled to … [Read more…]

A Diabetic Snack

Who said diabetics cannot have Macdonalds…??? did you know that it is ok.. to eat an apple pie..  but not too much pecan pie..??  Pecan Pie has more sugar in them. .than apple pie.. and that’s the reason for it.   When we were on vacation, I had to make do with a lot of things.. … [Read more…]