Who said diabetics cannot have Macdonalds…??? did you know that it is ok.. to eat an apple pie..  but not too much pecan pie..??  Pecan Pie has more sugar in them. .than apple pie.. and that’s the reason for it.   When we were on vacation, I had to make do with a lot of things.. that I don’t normally eat.  But you see ..everything in moderation is ok.  I had half an apple pie.. and half a McCafe Mocha with 0% non-fat milk.  My blood sugar was normal after eating – 2hrs.  So you see.. you can still eat sinful stuff when you are on the road like myself.. just in moderation.  We had to stop at McDonald’s because the brat wants to play in their indoor playground.  Next time our vacations will be all for Orlando vacations, as you all know they have all the play stuff for kids and adults.

But Chloe was so badly behaved when she was in this playground in New Minas .. that PB had to carry her out of the playground.. screaming and crying.  But that’s another story for another day.


  1. Lina

    Having sinful snacks moderately its fine. I’m sure u know your limits right?

    Awwww…Kai Lui manja ‘luo kei’ eh? One of those things Jan, she’s still an adorable young sweet cutie darling ….. 😛

  2. shirleyloo

    yeah … agree with the gals 😉 hey Lina, ur kailui is quite tall for a 5.5yrs eh I c?

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