The first time I had Arby’s in Halifax.. i was quite thrilled by it.. because they had so much roasted beef in them.. and they were so soft.. nothing like the ones we have back home.  But we keep missing Arby’s lately .. and finally this trip .. we did get a snack at Arby’s.  They had a promotion on for $6 – two roasted beef burger with cheddar .. with onion rings and fries.  Of course, we didn’t expect a regular portion of anything.. but for $6 .. jadi lah..  🙂

Not as much beef as one can get for regular beef burgers .. but still not bad .. but kind ugly looking color right..??  Nah.. i didn’t finished it.. i had half and 1 fries and 1 onion rings. Eating in moderation mah..  🙂


Sayang Sayang 2

Burning Flame III


  1. Lina

    Dont really fancy any kind burgers BUT during vacation, in order to save time i’ll just pick one on the go and continue with shopping …hahaha

  2. Tsuchiyama

    I don`t really like to eat burgers except rice burgers from Mos Burger .
    Thanks for the uploading MB.

  3. Frances

    I love Arby’s signature curry fries, they are so different than others hambuger fast food restaurants. Have you tried a GardenBurger yet? I had one at my daughter’s recommdation a few weeks ago and to my suprise, it was really good, so we bought them in frozen package at Costco Warehouse and make them at home whenever we have a burger craving!:)BTW, do you have Costco at your town? It is good place to stock up groceries and household supplies.

  4. shirleyloo

    looks simple lah (maybe coz of promotion)…

    Jo, talk about MOS burger… I oso loved them but nowadays cant find anymore here so sad ;-(

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