Our first stop for lunch was in Digby, we didn’t really know what we wanted to eat .. since “ang moh’s” tummy not feeling so good.. and Chloe is a fussy eater.  So we actually wanted to eat at Pizza Delight but looks like there was no Pizza Delight in Digby, so we settled to eat at this small but cozy place called Captain’s Cabin serving good old seafood since Digby is famous for its scallop.

Located at the end of Digby .. you can’t missed this restaurant.

Steamed clams for $5.99 !! cheap eh..??

“Ang Moh’s” turkey sandwich is made of real turkey .. comes with some coleslaw and mashed potatoes.  The turkey was kinda dry… had “ang moh” knew that they were these kind of turkey.. he probably won’t order it.. he likes the deli turkey .. and not this kind.

Fish and chips for Chloe .. she ate all her fries.. but not her fish of course… but the fish was really good.  This is from the children’s menu.

Garlic bread .. that comes with my food.  Not bad.. but huge portions.

Lasagna for me.. and they also have seafood lasagne – i couldn’t finished the lasagne of course.. but finished the side salad of course.. afterall, my doc said.. i might be obese .. muahahahha!!!  if i donch take care.

The inside of the restaurant.. and it does look like a cabin right..??  The restaurant was clean.. and so were the washrooms.  We did like it a lot.. but it does smell a lot like fish.. hahahhaha!! but what you expect right..??  Verdict..?? good food and great value.  Come hungry..!!

Chloe bored from the ride in the car.. but glad that there were fries to eat.


  1. Tsuchiyama

    Thanks for the uploading MB. I love seafood . Yummy.
    I really feel the volume of the food served in the states and Canada for each serving was very big. If you were to come to Japan you might be shocked. The serving might be a quarter of a normal serving in the West.(very little and expensive). Japanese are very health and beauty conscious therefore big serving might not be common.Majorities of the Jap girls are medium in size not superslim(might be the DNA) but the targeted aim weight was hard to attain(well ,the average weight of a 1.6m woman in Japan is around 48 to 52kg which is quite ideal but the targeted weight for most of the young ladies would be around 41 ~44kg.)Therefore if you ask Japanese young ladies to eat more, they rather die. (hahhahhh..). I am a beauty conscious individual too but I never go on diet.Eating moderately , working out regularly would be the best way to maintain the weight , proportion and to remain healthy. I think I wore the same design white puffed sleeve blouse like my kai lui yesterday . People with thin arms are suitable to wear such design. My kai lui is so sweet leh.But tired hor. Poor thing.

  2. Lina

    Goodness gracious, portion is indeed huge! I cant finish for sure. Nice clean ambience for dining eh.

    Jo, we’ve many things in common lah, LOVE SEAFOOD 😛 Also, formally were Girl Guides before yeah ;-P

    Harlow…if Kai Lui is not sweet…who is???!!! LOL

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