A week ago, last Sunday, we headed out for lunch at a place called China Town in Halifax, located in Bedford Highway, you can’t miss it .. coz’ they have a very authethic looking gateway .. for an entrance.  I haven’t been to this restaurant before.. because we go to Zen Chinese Cuisine at Lacewood always, but we figured we should try something new this trip.  So we headed to China Town instead.  We ordered just a few dim sum.. because i know.. “ang moh” donch eat much.. he was there.. just to humor me.. and the brat.. ?? well.. she never eats.. as you all may know by now.

The Glutinous rice was the first item that came out.. it was ok.. nothing spectacular about the inside ingredient.. but definitely edible.  The restaurant wasn’t very busy either.. but you can see they have quite a few regulars there.  There were a few “ang mohs” there as well.. with their chinese g/fs.

I ordered some har gow, no siew mai because usually they are just a lump of meat.. and i’m not eating loads of meat at all.  We ordered the char siew pow.. because i missed char siew pau a lot.  And of course for the brat, we ordered some Shanghai noodles.

The har gow sure looked pretty eh..?? but alas, the skin was sticky and lumpy and too thick for my liking.. the prawns were crunchy enough.. but i couldn’t taste any prawn taste in them.. which makes me thing that they were probably frozen .. and thawed out in the morning before the restaurant opened.

The char siew pau was the greatest disappointment..  they were drier than my face and nothing inside just a patch of red meat .. very little.  I missed Teck Kee pau from home – they are the juiciest and the best i had eaten by far.

The Shanghai noodles were pretty good in fact.. alas, the brat wouldn’t eat it.. because there were greens in it.. she took a couple of spoonful.. and that was it.  So we ta-pau .. more than half home.  The “ang moh” ate some.. and i had some as well.. with lots of chrysanthemum tea.

Happy that we are done eating.. and ready to go.

Red and black decor and spacious is how China Town is .. and the staff are friendly.. albeit and non-impression male cashier.. probably the owner or manager..?

Shinjuku Incident (YouTube Version)

ButtonMan (2008) – Movie


  1. Lina

    Ha..very seldom see Chloe with (we’re done eating) smile! So sweet n happy 😛

    Teck Kee’s char siew pao standard seems to drop lah Jan. Not as juicy as before. Can u remember many yrs back, along Scotts Rd, there was a restaurant cum night club called ‘TROPICANA’? Serves Tim Sum during lunch n night, it’s a night club. Their Char Siew Pao was superb. Gd ones can still be found @ Shang Palace (Shangri La), Jiang Nan Chun (Four Seasons Htl), Golden Peony(Conrad Htl)etc, just to name a few. Got to go to typical Canto Restaurants to have good quality tim sum here so when u’re back next yr, i’ll bring u there ok? 🙂

  2. Tsuchiyama

    My kai lui is so kawaii .
    I remembered I had tim sum at a chinese restaurant in Luzern (Switzerland)before , it was the worst tim sum I had before in my life.Good Food is in Asia lah. Fly back to ur hometown next year , you definetly can eat heartfully there. Then go to Guardian and get some slimming pills after that lor.. (hahhhaha..) Let me know your schedule. I cannot promise because i have my jobs here too but I may fly back to my second hometown too next yr (just to see my kai lui and my buddies lah)

  3. shirley loo

    lil chloe looks sweet eh? like cant wait to go home like that hehe 😉 all the dim sum really ‘looks’ yummy leh .. if not becoz of your comments, sure alot of customer kena tipu liao hor?? The only char siew pao I fancy in M’sia is actually the vegetarian type (with wholemeal flour)… but couldnt find the stall anymore dunno y ;-( … so, Jo & MB visitng Singapore next year?? sure Lina will be looking forward eh??

  4. Mei

    The restaurant looks nice. Too bad about the food. I prefer the big char siu bao, they have the sweet honey put on top of the bun. Plus I like the pyramid looking “jong” (without the yellow beans)… Come to China Town in London! I don’t think you will be too disappointed (although it is a bit pricey)!
    Chloe looks very happy there too! Sweet.

  5. Wendy

    You should definitely visit Vancouver, the Dim Sum and Sushi are the best that you can get. Better than most in Asia. Let me know if you do visit and I’ll steer you to all the right places.

  6. Frances

    It is always a treat to eat Dim Sum in Chinese Restaurant. I love to go there on every Sundays with family and relatives to enjoy food and catch up conversation with others and we never fail to see friends there also!
    Love that smily face on Chloe, i bet she love Dim Sum too!:)

  7. snow

    The food actually look delicious but then maybe its on purpose so that can con more ppl? Chinese food in Scotland is not bad but I still miss the authentic smell that I get at home.

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